The Best Cheese Slicer For Your Dishes – 2017 Edition

Sometimes you get home late after a busy working day, or you are preparing everything for a perfect picnic, and you think of some snack like reheated fried chicken or other things with cheese. It is when you need a convenient item to help out with slicing cheese.

Although some people enjoy using a traditional knife, most people find it better to have a cheese slicer in their kitchen. Therefore, we are here to give you an insight into this device and reviews for the best cheese slicer in 2017, so that you could choose a slicer that suits you best.​

History of The Cheese Slicer

The cheese slicer was invented by Thor Bjørklund (1889 – 1975) in 1925 in Lillehammer (Norway). This Norwegian master carpenter built up the cheese slicer because he could not stand with the problems of using a knife to get nice slices of cheese.


Thor Bjørklund constructed the first cheese slicer after being inspired by a plane at his workshop. Although cheese slicers have been changed and developed over the years to meet users’ demand, the original principle of this device has remained unchanged.

The Importance of Cheese Slicers

It is obvious that cheese slicers, especially the best cheese slicer, would enable you to cut your cheese nicely to have an appealing cheese plate. Unlike many typical knives, cheese slicers could allow you to control the shape of your cut cheese.

Also, the convenience of cheese slicers is of importance. You might not have to wait for a long time to warm up your cheese and cook your meal if you could cut cheese thinly by controlling the thickness of it effectively. This could be made with a cheese slicer.

Here is a video that demonstrates how to use a cheese slicer:

Types of Cheese Slicers

There are three common types of cheese, depending on the slicing mechanism. They are ‘plane-like’ cheese slicers, rolling cheese cutters and wire cheese slicers.

Cheese Planes

This kind of slicers has the original shape of cheese slicers invented in Norway. They are also considered to be Scandinavian cheese slicers and play a vital role in these cultures.

Regarding the design, a hole is put above the blade of cheese planes, which is embedded in the metal surface base, to let cheese slices pass through easily.

Cheese planes are best used to cut a large block of hard cheese such as hard goat cheese into very thin slices of soft cheese, which could be placed in sandwiches or served as an appetizer.

Rolling Cheese Cutters

Like the design of cheese planes, that of rolling cheese slicers highlight its compact shape as well. They consist of a solid handle that splits into T-shape, a roller and a wire which serves as slicing mechanism of this type of slicers.

The wire of rolling cheese slicers is made of stainless steel to enable you to cut the cheese in variable levels of thickness. This wire could be replaced when being broken and, sometimes, the replacement could be found out in your purchased package.

Rolling cheese slicers are best used for soft or semi-hard cheese. To slice soft cheese, you should do it when your cheese is still cool. With harder cheese, it is suitable to be sliced at warmer or room temperature.

Wire Cheese Slicers

Taking up more room than mentioned slicers, wire cheese slicers usually include a cutting board, which serves as the container of your cheese as well, and an attached arm with a wire to cut cheese smoothly and evenly.

The most significant characteristic of this kind of slicers is that it could enable you to cut great slices of cheese, which are neat and straight, effortlessly.

This kind of cheese slicers suits soft and semi-hard cheese the best. However, you could also find it beneficial when use it to cut harder cheese easily.

How To Choose The Best Cheese Slicer

Choosing the best cheese slicer is important because it would exert an impact on the efficiency when you prepare for your dishes. To purchase a suitable slicer, you should take into account the following factors.

The Adjustability and The Ease of Use

​Having an adjustable slicer, which allows you to cut your cheese to different levels of thickness, is ideal. However, not all the models of cheese slicer have this feature, so that you should consider buying one if you find out it.

Although controlling the thickness is nice, you should not choose a slicer that is so complicated that you could not make use of it easily since cheese slicer needs to be a help for you, not making you struggle with cooking.

The Ability to Clean Easily

As cheese could stick to the wire, cutting board or blade of cheese slicers, it is important for you to choose the models that allow you to clean your appliance quickly and safely.

If you concern about the sharpness of the cheese slicer, you might wash your tool by hand and wipe it with a cloth instead of using your dishwasher.

The Safety

The best cheese slicer needs to offer you the safety when you use it. Due to this, you should choose the slicer with a non-slip handle, a non-slip cutting board with rubber feet and well-secured wires.

The Durability and Warranty

To save the cost, you should buy the best cheese slicer that is durable. It should be heavy duty to withstand the pressure when you slice cheese.

Also, it should be made of the material that prevents rust and corrosion. To meet this condition, cheese slicers made of stainless steel or zinc alloy could be the right fit for you.

Another feature that helps you to extend the life of your appliance is a long warranty. Although it is the best to have a slicer with a lifetime warranty, the one-year scheme might be good enough for your regular use.

Top Best Cheese Slicers In 2017​

Via: Amazon.com

Bellemain Adjustable Thickness Cheese Slicer is one of the most popular cheese slicers in the market. The first valuable characteristic of it is a replacement stainless steel cutting wire, which could be used if the original one is broken.

The most significant factor that attributes to the popularity is the adjustability of this product, which enables you to cut your cheese to different levels of thickness. The slices of cheese could be up to 0.25 inches thick when you adjust the slicer.

The manufacturer offers you a one-year warranty with this slicer, which is reasonable as being made of zinc alloy could enhance its durability.

The complaints about this product mainly come from the original wire as it could be broken after a short time. Another negative feedback is related to its performance when used with hard cheese. You could find it difficult to slice hard cheese smoothly with this cheese cutter.


  • Good adjustability to cut cheese in thickness ranges from 0.25 inches to 3.5 inches
  • Offering a replacement wire
  • Durability and a reasonable warranty


  • The first cutting wire seems to be broken easily
  • Difficult to slice hard cheese into smooth and even slices of cheese
  • Some people find the wire a bit off center

Via: Amazon.com

Prodyne BB-120 End Grain Beech wood Butcher Block Cheese Slicer is a wire cheese slicer with cutting board made of end grain beechwood and slicing arm made of chrome. It could be used to cut both soft and hard cheese and could be effectively used to slice cheddar cheese.

The design of this product is a positive feature although some people claims that the parts of this wire cheese slicer seem to connect loosely to each other. They need to be adjusted or fixed before being used for the first time.

Another advantage of this slicer is the feature to ensure the safety when you use this slicer. It is its non-slip feet. This feature also prevents your tabletops from scratches.

If you choose to buy this product, you would be offered a lifetime warranty. It means that your wire could be replaced whenever it is broken. However, you might not enjoy such warranty policy too much as it takes you a little bit long time to get the replacement.

As having a cutting board, it could not be cleaned by the dishwasher. It is important for you to clean it by hand unless you want to see a broken slicer after being cleaned by your dishwasher.


  • Good to cut both soft and hard cheese
  • Nice design with replaceable cutting wire
  • Having non-slip feet to ensure the safety
  • A lifetime warranty


  • Not well-connected parts
  • A long-time replacement of cutting wire
  • Not convenient to clean

Via: Amazon.com

Westmark Germany Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Wire Cheese Slicer Angle Adjustable (Grey) is a cheese cutter made in Germany. It belongs to a reliable brand of kitchenware, which could guarantee the quality of the slicer.

Regarding its design, this slicer consists of an ergonomic cast aluminum handle, a stainless-steel roller, and a stainless-steel cutting wire. The adjustability of this slicer comes from the adjustable angle at which you hold the slicer. That could enable you to slice cheese with different levels of thickness.

Although you would not be offered a lifetime warranty if you choose to buy this cheese cutter, you might not be worried about it much with a 5-year warranty. More importantly, many users said that they did not call for help from this policy as the durability of the product is great.

The complaints you could find the most about this slicer is that it seems to discolor too quickly, especially when cleaned in the dishwasher. To avoid it, you could consider to clean it by hand sometimes.


  • Made in Germany with trusted brand
  • Good performance with many kinds of cheese
  • Great durability
  • Good design


  • Discoloring a bit quickly
  • Not adjustable automatically, but adjustable thanks to your way to hold the slicer

Via: Amazon.com

Norpro Stainless Steel Cheese Slicer is a cheese plane made of stainless steel with a solid filled handle. Another noticeable feature of the design is the ring at the end of the handle to help you hang it easily in your kitchen.

Thanks to its sturdy construction, it could cut hard cheese fairly well. Especially, it could work well with a small and narrow block of cheese. Additionally, although it is not adjustable, you could hold this plane in variable ways to cut the cheese in varying levels of thickness.

The users seem not to enjoy the fact that after being cut, some cheese could not pass through the slicer and stick to it instead. Also, they claim that using this kind of slicer might not enable them to have even and smooth cheese like when they use other types of cheese slicers.


  • Nice design with a ring to help you hang the slicer in the kitchen
  • Good performance with hard cheese, especially narrow blocks of cheese
  • No worry of broken cutting wires


  • Some cheese could stick to the blade
  • Might not be able to cut cheese into even and smooth slices.

Via: Amazon.com

Elite Premium Product Stainless Steel Cheese and Vegetable Slicer is a cheese plane made of stainless steel. It, like another cheese plane, works well with hard cheese. Also, it could help you to slice softer cheese.

It is easy to use because the manufacturer adjusted the right angle to allow cheese pass through smoothly. Additionally, this product is not affected when cleaned in the dishwasher.

Although it has good design and works well with relatively hard cheese, some people did not enjoy using it too much because it could cut your cheese in too thin slices.

Sometimes using this product could make you uncomfortable if the blade is not sharp enough or a bit slippery so that it could not slice your cheese quickly as you want.


  • Nice design
  • Work well with relatively hard cheese
  • Easy to clean


  • Cut cheese into too thin slices
  • If the blade is not sharp enough of a bit slippery, it could not slice your cheese quickly as expected.

Conclusion – Which Is The Best Cheese Slicer

I believe that the best product would meet all the important conditions of the best cheese slicer and be offered at an affordable price. In my opinion, Westmark Germany Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Wire Cheese Slicer Angle Adjustable (Grey) would be the best choice for your slices of cheese.

However, if you are looking for a more affordable cheese slicer, Bellemain Adjustable Thickness Cheese Slicer would be better.

Norpro Stainless Steel Cheese Slicer and Elite Premium Product Stainless Steel Cheese and Vegetable Slicer would suit you best if you need slicers that work well with really hard cheese.

Finally, although it could not be a part of the thing you need for a picnic, Prodyne BB-120 End Grain Beech wood Butcher Block Cheese Slicer is better if you want to get more smooth and even slices of cheese in your kitchen.

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