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The Best Japanese Rice Cooker – How to Cook Grains Perfectly Every Time

Are you looking for the best Japanese rice cooker that can help you cook perfect rice for delicious meals? Are you tired of burning your rice every time you try to cook it? Do you want to cook rice and warm up the leftovers from the last night at the same time and in the same unit?

If so, a Japanese rice cooker is what you need. There is a variety of models coming from different brands on the market recently. We researched many of them, and today we’re proud to share with you the list of 5 best Japanese rice cookers. Let’s check it out!

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How To Choose The Best Omelette Pan For Your Kitchen (2017 Edition)

What is An Omelette Pan?

An omelette pan is a kitchen appliance which is specially designed for users to flip a well-stuffed omelette cleanly, unlike the other regular frying pans. An omelette pan might has a hinge that offers an airtight seal when you flip your omelette, so eggs are not likely to spill out of the sides. Besides, the handles are also contoured for a secure grip while cooking.

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