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  • 8 Best Hazelnut Oil Substitute That Will Make You Surprised
    Oil is the key to creating many delicious recipes. Many famous chefs prefer hazelnut oil for cooking because of its nutritional value.  However, hazelnut oil is not easy to find and quite costly, so it is not suitable for daily cooking. For that reason, we are going to suggest you a list of hazelnut oil […]
  • 8 Best Wood Ear Mushroom Substitute Will Make You Surprised
    The recipe you are cooking requires wood ear mushrooms, which you do not have in the kitchen? No worries, since you can use other wood ear mushroom alternatives in the kitchen for the recipe that requires this mushroom! 
  • 5 Best Green Peppercorns Substitute – What Can Replace Green Peppercorns?
    If you find a pile of dry, circular seeds among spice stock, you may have met peppercorns. Contrary to common belief, green peppercorns are one of the most used ingredients in Asian cuisine, and their popularity is slowly growing in the US and European countries. 
  • 15 Best Sweet Potato Substitute Will Make You Surprised
    Sweet potato is such a delicious sweet-tasting tuber that packs a lot of nutrients. Besides, sweet potato is an excellent source of carbohydrate, coming from starch, followed by fiber.
  • 6 Best Lemon Thyme Substitute Will Make You Surprised
    It’s summertime, and it would be lovely to have a glass of cool lemonade under the bright sun. No one can deny that lemon and its siblings, including lemon thyme, are essential ingredients to cool off the hot weather. There are many foods and drink recipes that you can twist with lemon thyme because of […]
  • 12 Best Papaya Substitute Will Make You Surprised (Ripe & Green)
    Papaya is a fruit commonly used in many dishes, especially for coloring and sweetness. Due to its unique taste, finding a substitute for papaya can be quite challenging for some.
  • How To Reheat Carbonara? 4 Best Methods To Reheat Leftovers
    If you are a fan of Italian cuisine, you must be familiar with carbonara – one of the best sauces that you can have on pasta and spaghetti. Due to its creamy and tasty flavor, you can frequently see carbonara in restaurants’ menus. It’s pretty simple to cook carbonara once you follow the instructions, but […]
  • What Does Smelt Taste Like? A Delicious Fish You May Miss
    Like tilefish, smelt is considered one of the least fishy fish because of its small length and lean meat. With a humble length and little in weight, it is hard to believe this fish can be a strong ingredient in a wide range of famous recipes in the world, specifically in North America and East […]
  • How To Steam Spinach In Microwave? 7 Detailed Steps With Pictures
    Many of us love spinach, but the busy lifestyles make us prone to eat leftover spinach rather than fresh, on-the-plate meals. So, how to steam spinach in microwave your daily meal? We guess you often use a microwave!