8 Best Amchoor Powder Substitute Will Make You Surprised

Starting out as a traditional ingredient in India, Amchoor has now spread beyond its borders and is a well-known ingredient on the global culinary map. Just think about how many dishes you can make with amchoor: from stews and soups – all the way up through curries or even chutneys. 

Still, have you ever wondered what you will do if you don’t have any amchoor powder on hand? Don’t worry! Because we’ll give you some ideas on amchoor powder substitutes in the next section. Let’s dive right in!

What Is Amchoor Powder?

Amchoor powder (or amchur powder) comes from India, a country famous for its authentic base and strong-flavored ingredients. This is an indispensable ingredient in many traditional dishes of the South Asian country.

The major ingredient of this spice is green mango powder, which is finely ground into a powder after drying. Therefore, it has a slightly sour and aromatic flavor, very prominent and characteristic of green mango.

This dried mango powder also provides the body with indispensable nutrients. In every 100 grams of amchoor, you can find 360 calories, 3 grams of sodium, 20 grams of calcium, and 12 mg of vitamin C. 

This spice is especially low in sugar and protein because of its plant origin. We consider amchoor as an excellent option for people looking to shed weight or eat healthily.

However, if you’re wondering, “what can I use instead of amchoor powder” we have the answer right here in the next section.

8 Ingredients Used As Amchoor Powder Substitute

Amchoor Powder Substitute

Our advice is that you should still buy genuine amchoor powder if possible because the amchoor powder alternatives may not have the same taste. Still, in cases of force majeure, or you are simply looking for a new taste for daily meals, amchur powder substitute is still a good choice. 

1. Tamarind Powder

Tamarind powder is an excellent substitute for dry mango powder because it has the same lemon flavor and texture as the original amchoor. 

Because tamarind juice is a tropical fruit with a hint of sweetness, its powdery will be slightly sweet as well. We don’t think this has much of an impact on the overall flavor of your food, but if you want to raise the acidity and decrease the sweetness, add in a little lime juice.

When using tamarind powder as a substitute for amchoor powder in recipes, start with a little at a time and season consistently. If you put too much in the pot, your food will eventually become unappealing.

2. Tamarind Paste

The tamarind paste differs slightly from the powder form. This amchoor substitute is prepared from 100% tamarind fruit, including seeds and fibers.

Tamarind paste has a tart and sweet flavor. Since the flavor is not affected throughout the crushing process, you can taste a deeper sweetness and a more enticing scent.

Nevertheless, your dish may alter slightly from the recipe in the booklet because of the variation in texture. Try it out and see if you can’t come up with a new meal with a much more distinct flavor.

3. Anardana

Pomegranate is thought to be one of the healthiest fruits. It can aid in the prevention of potentially fatal diseases such as cancer and heart disease. Luckily, all these benefits appear in Anardana.

Because of its sweet and savory flavor, many cooks recommend this spice as an excellent amchoor powder replacement in most circumstances. 

With amchoor powder, you should only add it towards the end of the cooking process when the food is almost done to avoid creating a bitter taste. Yet, this doesn’t apply to pomegranate powder because the longer you cook it, the tastier it seems.

4. Loomi

When it comes to the unique cuisine of the Middle East, Loomi is an amchoor powder substitution that you cannot overlook. Its main ingredient is from Persian lemons that have been salted and dried. After a while, it turns black and has a strong fruity sour taste, quite similar to amchoor powder.

Loomi is a popular alternative for amchoor spice due to its similar texture and acidic flavor without the sweetness. You can use it in your amchoor powder recipe without fear of changing the flavor. Still, the color of these two powders may differ somewhat.

5. Lime Or Lemon Juice

Lemon juice is a must-have component in numerous meals worldwide, particularly salads and couscous dishes. It has a naturally sour taste, which can be a little too sour compared to amchoor powder, but it can still be a good choice if you need the flavor immediately.

Although not comparable to amchoor powder in texture or depth of flavor combinations, lemon can excite taste buds, making the dish more delicious.

One minor point is that you should only add lemon after the dish is almost done cooking. Otherwise, you will cause it to be influenced by heat and turn bitter.

6. Chaat Masala

Masala is a spice blend that is mostly used to create foods in Northern India’s Punjab area. 

In fact, there is no standard Masala recipe. Chefs will build their own based on personal preferences and regional tastes. However, most Masala will consist of amchoor powder, black salt, chili powder, and other herbs.

Because chaat masala is basically amchoor powder, it is an excellent substitute. The difference here is the amount of hot seasoning that each chef has included in the Masala’s composition.

Home cooks need to taste a certain degree of spiciness to get the most satisfying final product. 

7. Sumac

Another spice substitute for mango powder and also from the Middle East is Sumac. As most of our suggestions for you throughout this post, it’s also fruit-based: that’s sumac blossoms with finely ground berries.

With the characteristic mild sour taste of berries, along with the striking color, sumac can be a great ingredient in your dishes. 

Sumac is also well-known for its extremely beneficial health qualities. Although not commonly seen in American kitchens, this spice has been utilized as an antibacterial from the time of the Roman Empire to ancient Greek medicine. 

There is no reason why you should not try using this fantastic ingredient as a dried mango powder substitute in your next cooking session.

8. Citric Acid Powder

Citric acid is a weak organic acid. It is a natural preservative and is also used to add sourness to foods and soft drinks. You can find this substance in a wide range of fruits and vegetables, mainly those of the genus Citrus.

Although not ideal, you can use citric acid powder as an amchur substitute when needed. However, you might want to consider it a bit. As citric acid is often sold in crystal form, you will have to grind before using it. To us, this can be an exhausting and time-consuming process. 


What Is Amchoor Called In English?

In English, Amchur is called dried mango powder. This comes from the Hindu word, where “am” stands for “aam”, which means mango, and “chur” means crushed. 

Is Amchur Powder Bad For Health?

Definitely not. Amchur appears to be a beneficial substance for the body, helping to reduce oxidative stress and increase metabolism. This spice is also rich in vitamin C and low in carbohydrates, which is very beneficial for the body.


When it comes to amchoor powder substitutes, you can use any of the substances listed above. Each of them has a distinct flavor with a few twists and turns that will make your dish much more fascinating.

We hope you enjoyed this cooking post and hope to see you again soon.

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