A Thorough Guide on How to Make Avocado Toast with Honey

Toast is no stranger to our daily life. It is the most flexible food combination that you can find in your kitchen. A great benedict egg on top of well-toasted bread is a delicious way to start your morning.

At those times, a freshly made toast with whipped avocado and sweet honey is the best choice for a yummy and quick meal. It may sound easy, but it can be tricky to get the best out of this dish. Let’s find out how to make avocado toast with honey with our step by step guide and tips to store them overnight to save your time.

Does Honey Go Well With Avocado

Honey has been a common sweetener in cooking for a long time. This natural substance can be a great sugar substitute due to its natural sweetness.

Besides, honey also contains various nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, which help lower your blood pressure, improve cholesterol, prevent heart attack, and strokes. That’s why many people love to use honey as a food combination to create sweetness.

However, this sweet ingredient can be toxic if you don’t know how to use it. Research shows multiple bad combinations of food, leading to digestion problems and toxic consumption that involve honey and ghee, honey and hot milk, honey, and non-vegetarian food.

The reason is that some food can have similar qualities to honey, which increases a particular Dosha in our body.

Also, heating honey can remove the enzyme factor, which loses its nutrients and can create a delirious effect on our body.


Therefore, the sweetness and natural flavor of raw honey can enhance the deliciousness of your dish. Avocado can also combine with milk, fruit, Greek yogurt, or Nutella.

How To Make Avocado Toast With Honey

Avocado Toast with Honey
prepare avocado with honey

Now that we know avocado and honey are safe to consume, let’s start with our tupelo honey avocado toast recipe. As the name has already covered the concept, this dish is about well-toasted bread with mashed avocado on top and drizzling honey.

Some other avo toast ideas can be avocado toast with bacon and honey or avocado banana breakfast recipes.

Sounds easy?

Sweet avocado toast is a simple dish that doesn’t require a long time and complex cooking methods. The most important part is the preparation step as it determines the dish outcome.

Prepare Ingredients.

A great tasty dish requires fresh and fine ingredients to create amazing and exquisite flavors. For this dish, you need to take into account the freshness and stage of these ingredients.

A great avocado can leverage this dish to a whole new level. As we will have raw avocado to get the most nutrients, avocados should be ripe but not too ripe.

If the fruit is too ripe, the nutrients are not as much as the ripe stage. Besides, the taste of over-ripe avocados can be too wet and funky.

When picking avocados, you should look for those that don’t have a hardcover. It should have a gentle squeeze that indicates ripeness.

When preparing them on toast, if there are brown bits, you should remove them before mashing to avoid bitterness.

Another ingredient that you need to consider is slices of bread. You can choose many types of bread, but it is recommended that you choose thick, whole grain and sturdy slices to combine with creamy avocado.

Sourdough bread, oat bread, grain bread, killer bread, French bread, or 100% whole wheat bread are the most common choice for this avocado toast.

Here is a detailed ingredients list for avocado toast with the honey recipe:

  • Two ripe avocados
  • Four slices of bread
  • Half a teaspoon of red pepper flakes
  • A teaspoon of tupelo honey
  • 1/4 teaspoon of black pepper

Step By Step To Make Avocado Toast With Honey

Step 1: Make avocado toast

1. Toast your bread with a toaster. If you toast a lot of bread for your family, you can use the oven instead of a toaster.

2. While toasting it, use a sharp knife to cut around the avocado seed and divide them in half. Remove the seed and use a hard spoon to scoop the avocados meat and add in a medium bowl.

After the avocados are all in the bowl, use a fork to press and mash them well. It is best to leave some nice chunks to add some texture.

While mashing, add red pepper flakes and mix them evenly.

3. When bread is toasted, put them on a large plate and input the avocados on each piece of toast. Spread them evenly and generously on every slice of toast with a butter knife. Then sprinkle black pepper on top.

Step 3: Put On Honey

Then add one teaspoon honey and start to drizzle it quickly on top of the avocado toast in a Zigzag movement. If you don’t have honey, you can use golden syrup or maple syrup to sweeten the dish.

How To Store Honey Avocado Toast

An avocado toast with honey is a tasty and healthy dish for your everyday meals. You can use it as a quick breakfast, healthy lunch, or a fresh appetizer for dinner.

For avocado toast lovers, it might never be enough toast for you to have. Therefore, you can store your toast for further usage by refrigerating it or freezing it.

Before putting it in a fridge or freezer, you need to seal the toast in a sandwich bag, vacuum sealing gadget, or an airtight container.

Storing honey avocado toast in the fridge can keep it for 3 – 4 days. For the freezer, it can last up to a month.

When you want to take them out, you can refreeze bread in an oven or microwave.


Avocado toast with honey is a great choice for a quick breakfast. Smelling the warmth of freshly-toasted bread, tasting the grassy and cool taste of mashed avocados, and enjoying the drizzle of honey, you can escape from your sleepy state and prepare for a busy working day.

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