5 Best Beet Leaves Smoothie Recipes For A Healthier Diet

When the world is going through many tragic incidents, people have an odd opportunity to reconsider their lifestyle. With severe and even novel illnesses happening, we start changing our life and opting for better habits and healthier diets to maintain our health.

The current uprising trend is eating mindfully and drinking more juice to supplement vitamins. Do you know that beet smoothies, along with bean recipes, are the new widely recommended drink for its healthfulness?

Hence, in this post, let us introduce you to a few beet leaves smoothie recipes so simple, even novices can follow with ease.

Beet Leaves – What Are They, And How Do They Taste?

beet leaves smoothie recipe

What Are Beet Leaves?

Beet leaves are widespread and have been enjoying a significant growth in popularity recently. These vegetables are so famous for the sweet taste, tender texture, and easy to grow and harvest while packing a lot of nutrition.

Many greens are used in the culinary world to supply nutrients, like lime leaves, spinach, kale, swiss chard, etc. However, the beet greens are still most preferred most of the time.

How Do Beet Leaves Taste?

In general, the plant is soft, mellow, and blendable. Beet greens taste similar to spinach with vegetal and earthy flavor, but not significant.

Some people may worry whether the beet leaves are bitter; the answer is similar as above: they are, but not too significant – and that’s also why beet greens smoothie is so beloved recently.

Who doesn’t want to consume healthy drinks, right? The biggest struggle for most people, especially for kids, is the bitterness of vegetables like kale, swiss chard.

But for beet leaves, the extracted juice tastes quite neutral, mildly bitter, and sweet, so anyone should be able to enjoy it without any difficulty.

Given these facts above, the beet leaves are easily blendable to any ingredients. Any fruit like mangoes, bananas, apples, etc., can mix well with the beet leaves, and you don’t have to worry if the taste of the mixture is weird. Let us elaborate further below.

Nutritional Facts

Break down the nutrition facts; these leafy greens contain high amounts of vitamins and minerals. In 100g serving, there are only 22 calories, making it appropriate for weight loss diets.

The carbohydrates only account for 1% of the nutrition; meanwhile, more than 50% of the beet leaves serving are vitamin C, A, D, E, K, and folate.

Additionally, there are more than 117mg Calcium, 70mg Magnesium, iron, phosphorus, sodium, and potassium.

And, you know what the most excellent point about beet leaves is? They contain only 0.1g fat in 100g serving. Such an excellent source for eating clean diets, right?

Besides, the beet leaves are suitable for vegan recipes because they provide enough vitamins, minerals, and calories that we need.

5 Best Beet Smoothie Recipes For Fou


The first recipe we suggest is beet leaves with mango. The beet green is famous for its mildly sweet and juicy texture, while mango is citrusy, tartly sweet. These 2 combinations make the new-but-cool beet green smoothie.

It’s simple to make this drink. First, prepare the beet leaves and a fresh, ripe mango. Then, wash the leaves carefully under tap water and rinse them. For the mango, peel off the skin and cut it into small cubes; the smaller, the better.

Next, put all the beet greens and mango cubes into the high-speed blender and start blending. After 2 or 3 pushes, add ice cubes and blend again. The final step is to take out the beet green smoothie from the blender and enjoy it.


Now, let’s move to another fruit – banana. Unlike mangoes, bananas are mildly tart but strongly sweet when ripe.

To make a banana and beet blending, first, start with washing the beet greens. Then, rinse the beet leaves while removing the bananas’ skins. We recommend you to cut the bananas into small pieces for quicker blending. The next step is to add all the ingredients into the blender and wait.

If the juice extracted from bananas is not enough, you can add water and the tiniest amount of sugar to the mixture. Blending again until the mixture is quite smooth.

Add ice cubes and blend one last time for the final product. After these steps, you have a smooth, healthy, and vitamin-abundant beet green smoothie.


You may wonder if this smoothie’s blending process is the same as the 2 mentioned above, right? Then, the answer is: No. Unlike bananas and mangoes, oranges contain a high amount of citrusy juice, so the blending procedure is different.

First, we need to prepare fresh, ripe oranges and beet leaves. If you have a sweet tooth, you can use condensed milk or almond milk to increase the flavor (but that means this beet green smoothie is no longer a healthy drink). Then, scrape the navel of the orange and store it in a bowl.

Afterward, add all the ingredients: milk, beet leaves, orange pith, and sugar (if any) in the blender. Start blending and wait for about 1 to 2 minutes. You can also supply some ice cubes to make the juice less runny.

The smoothie extracted from oranges and beet greens will have a significant sourness. The acidic from oranges overshadow the mild flavor of beet.

However, the leafy greens are juicy, and so are the oranges, so this smoothie is super refreshing. It sounds like a perfect drink for a hot summer day, right?


Apples are acidic, while beet plants are quite bland. When combining these 2, the juice will be citrusy, sour, and quite tartly. We don’t think that flavor is quite satisfying, which is why we will combine these 2 ingredients with oat milk, yogurt, honey, or all of them

Here is the procedure for making apple and beet greens smoothies. First, we mix the oat milk with yogurt and let them sit in an airtight container at room temperature overnight.

In the following morning, we will trim the beet plants and chop the beet. It’s a must to wash apples carefully and cut them into small pieces. You can peel or keep the apple skin, depending on your preference.

Finally, add all the ingredients, including the oat milk – yogurt mixture, beet plants, and apple pieces, into the blender. Wait until you see everything is blended and the liquid inside the blender turns smooth and frothy.

Then, add honey to the combination for sweetness. Blend again until smooth, and the beet smoothie is ready.

Ginger – Cinnamon Mixture

This smoothie is called an anti-inflammatory drink because of the combination of beets – super healthy and nutritional and ginger and cinnamon – top spicy and anti-inflammatory seasonings. Such a special combination, but does it work well?

In this recipe, we want to make this “super detox” drink as simple and authentic as possible. The process is simple: wash the beet plants, chop them into small pieces, add the beet leaves, ginger and cinnamon to the blender and start blending.

There is no need to add any other supplement. After 2 or 3 pushes, the beet smoothie is ready to taste.

What makes this recipe outstanding is its super spicy and herbal smell and taste. You can feel the fragrance and the heat it makes just from the first sniff. So, this drink might only be suitable for people who can tolerate the spices or need a quick detox.

The Bottom Line

We have learned about some beet leaves smoothie recipes through this article. Beet leaves are benign and easy to mix with any fruit, so please feel free to be creative!

The 5 ingredients mentioned above are our recommendations based on our experiences. We believe that there are plenty of other delicious recipes that we haven’t touched yet, right?

Besides, the beet leaves are healthful and juicy, but it works best when used fresh, so we advise not adding too much condiment to the mixture. The more natural, the better is our motto.

We hope you can apply our tips and guidelines to make the most delicious smoothie recipes for you and your beloved ones. Let’s stay healthy together!

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