Review Of The Best Boning Knife For Kitchen

Seeing unwanted bones in meat or fish is not a rare picture, and it requires you a suitable boning knife in the kitchen in the case of carving meat from bones. Removing meat like that is not an easy knife skill, and hence, you need to consider different factors to choose the right fit for you.

As you might find it overwhelming to know what is the best boning knife in the market, our post would provide you an understanding of the importance, the tips for buying and using as well as our reviews and verdict for five best boning knives in 2017. That information could be useful when you need to purchase a boning knife for yourself.


What Is A Boning Knife?

Being a kind of kitchen knife, a boning knife has some specific features such as a narrow blade and a sharp point as well. This kind of kitchen knife is used to remove bones from meat, fish (remove skin) or poultry when you prepare food for your meals.

You could use boning knives for two main categories of meat as follows:

  • Thick: Stiff Boning knives that are thin and sharp are the choice for tough meat with thick skin. You need to take this information into the account as the wrong choice could lead to the ruined cuts or massive injuries.
  • Tender: The poultry or fish need to be cut with boning knives having a thin blade since they are fairly easy to remove from bones before being cooked.

Here is a video that gives you more information about boning knives:​

The Benefits Of Boning Knives

  • De-boning the meat with as less waste as possible:

Unlike typical chef knives, boning knives having thin and flexible blades could work efficiently around the bones. In addition to maximizing the meat that you could remove from bones, such knives could help you to leave the cut intact as well.

  • De-boning the meat faster and easier:

It is possible when you use the knives that are designed for specific tasks instead of general tasks. You could access to hard-to-reach parts of meat behind the ribs. Besides, it could glide easily during the cutting, and hence reduce the strain on your arms.

  • Prevent your arms and fingers from getting hurt while working on meat:

It is true when you cut the meat from bones, using proper boning knives in your kitchen.

The Features Of The Best Boning Knife

Choosing the best boning knife is not an easy task. Thus, we would help you with the information about the features of the best boning knife. We hope this information would help you to have a deeper insight into that.


Regarding the types of the best boning knife, we would consider the purpose or the kinds of meat you would use the knife for.

  • Stiff knives: They are suitable for you to cut thick meat as they provide very little flexibility. If you use flexible knives, in this case, they could break when they could not withstand the tension
  • Flexible knives: As they are usually thin and provide good flexibility as well as control, they could be used for cutting fish or poultry. In contrast, stiff knives could tear the soft meat when they are used for fish or poultry.


The size of a boning knife could range from 3 to 10 inches. This feature could be considered the fact that the smaller blade is, the flexible knife is.

If you want only one boning knife for several kinds of meat, a 6-inch knife might be for you. However, to maximize the use of boning knives, you could opt for other sizes. For instance, it could be ideal when you use the smaller knife for a delicate cut while it might be better when you choose 7-9 inch ones for thicker meat.


There are different kinds of handle you could look for. However, we prefer the knives with comfortable and non-slip handle. To meet such requirements, the handle made of synthetic materials is the best choice.

You might consider the wood choice, but it could be ruined if you forget the knife in the water for long. Besides, the plastic handle is not good for you as well since it could not provide you with good grip.


Full tang feature, which makes the tang extend through the handle, could give you full control and balance when using the knife. Besides, it could give the knives more durability.


The blade of the best boning knife would be made of stainless steel. Thus, you only need to notice and make sure that the knife you purchase have the blade made of high carbon forged stainless steel as it makes the knife last for long.

In addition to this, stainless steel blades are beneficial for you as your knife could be rust resistant as well.

Tips For Using The Best Boning Knife

Regarding cleaning the knife, you should take into account that it should not be washed in the dishwasher. It is because that the blade of the knife washed like that would be scratched or be dull quickly.

For the cutting board that is used with the knife, you should use plastic ones rather than boards made of ceramic or granite to ensure the durability of the knife.

Finally, to keep the best boning knife sharp, you should sharpen it regularly. Sharpening it would ensure you to use the knife to cut meat from bones without encountering the knife slipping.

Top Best Boning Knife​

Victorinox Cutlery 6-Inch Semi-Stiff Boning Knife is one of the best-selling boning knives in the market as well as the renowned global brands. Thus, you could choose this product to use in your kitchen without worry about its quality.

The first positive feature of this product we need to look at is its construction which could provide you the convenience when you cut meat from bones. In fact, curved blade provides the flexibility that allows you to work efficiently at several angles to cut the meat perfectly.

Regarding its size, the 6-inch blade is ideal for versatility, so you could use it to trim different kinds of meat, fish or poultry. Besides, you could benefit from the slip-resistant handle and lightweight as well since you could feel it comfortable to slice meat with such a knife.

For the blade, this knife possesses a stamped blade and a bolsterless edge which is good for convenient sharpening. Additionally, high-carbon stainless-steel blade gives the knife maximum sharpness and edge retention as well.

It is recommended that you should wash the knife by hand though it is possible to use your dishwasher. By doing that, you could protect the durability of your boning life.

Besides several compliments, this product could also be claimed due to some features. Firstly, some people say that they need to sharpen the knife before using each time. Moreover, it is not suitable to trim some certain kinds of meat, fish or poultry.


  • Trusted global brand
  • Curved blade
  • Suitable size for many purposes
  • A stamped blade and a bolsterless edge


  • Not very good sharpness

Mercer Culinary Curved Millennia 6-Inch Boning Knife, Blue is one of the best boning knives that belong to Mercer brand.

The first positive feature we need to mention is that this product could provide a great deal of flexibility as it has a curved blade. Besides, another plus point of this knife is that it is made with an ideal size to serve many purposes.

Regarding its handle, Mercer Culinary Millennia 6-Inch Curved Boning Knife, Blue has an ergonomic handle that is the combination of Santoprene for comfort and polypropylene for durability. Also, there are textured finger points which could give you slip resistance, grip as well as safety.

For the blade, it is made of one-piece high-carbon stainless Japanese steel, which allows you to have easy and quick maintenance as well as sharpening.

Turning into the negative reviews, we could encounter some comments about the sharpness that might not satisfy some users. Besides, some people say that their boning knife becomes dull quickly, compared to those they used to use before.


  • Popular knife brand
  • Great flexibility
  • Ideal size for many purposes
  • Good handle and blade


  • Not very good sharpness for some people
  • Being dull quickly in some cases

Mercer Culinary Genesis 6-Inch Forged Flexible Boning Knife is another boning knife made by Mercer.

Firstly, it has a 6-inch blade that is ideal to serve several purposes. Besides, the blade is made of high-carbon, no-stain German stainless steel that helps to protect the durability of the knife. Moreover, related to the ability to increase efficiency when cutting and chopping, the knife is designed with a taper-ground edge.

Another positive feature of this product is the handle, which provides a non-slip grip, even with wet hands. In addition to this, the handle could withstand hot and cold temperature without breaking down.

We would like to emphasize one more thing related to this product. It is that the tang could offer more balance for you when trimming the meat. Furthermore, the balance could also be boosted by bolster that strengthens the knife and adds durability as well.

The negative comments related to this product come from those who do not like its look. Additionally, some people say that they find it a bit difficult to use such knives with short handles.


  • Popular brand
  • Ideal size for many purposes
  • Good blade
  • Non-slip and durable handles
  • Supportive tang


  • Not very good look
  • A bit short handle

Mercer Culinary Renaissance 6-Inch Forged Flexible Boning Knife is the last boning knife of Mercer in this post. As other best boning knives in this list, this product has a 6-inch blade, which could be used to cut several kinds of meat, fish, and poultry.

The significant feature we could notice about this product is its handle. It is a triple-riveted, ergonomically designed Delrin handle that offers you a great grip.

Regarding the blade of this product, shortened bolster exposes full blade edge, allowing you to have easy sharpening. That blade is made of German stainless steel that protects the durability of the product.

This product also possesses full tang, which runs the entire length of the handle to provide a good balance when you trim the meat.

For the negative reviews, we could encounter some comments related to the sharpness of the knife, which could not satisfy some users. Besides, some people also say that this knife does not look really good.


  • Ideal size for several purposes
  • Popular brand
  • Triple-riveted handle
  • Full tang
  • Good blade


  • Not very good sharpness
  • Not look very good

LedgeON 6" Professional Boning Knife - Pro Series - High Carbon Stainless Steel Blade - Wood Handle is made of high-carbon stainless steel, which enhances the efficiency and durability when using the product.

A plus point of this product is that it has a narrow blade that allows you to reach many parts of the meat you could not usually trim from bones. Besides, full tang gives you the balance whenever you chop or cut the meat, fish, and poultry.

Although the wooden handle is not ideal for the best boning knife, the handle of this product still needs your attention and consideration as it is triple-riveted which provides you with a great grip.

Its size is 6-inch as other products on this list. Additionally, it is not offered alone for you, yet accompanied with a gift box that is fairly eye-catching.

The negative comments related to this product mostly come from the flexibility of it as some people think that it is a bit stiff so that they cut their finger when using this knife.


  • Good blade
  • Full tang
  • Triple-riveted handle
  • Good size


  • A bit stiff
  • Wooden handle

Conclusion – which Is The Best Boning Knife

The best boning knife would be the knife that matches with all the features we mentioned above. In my opinion, Victorinox Cutlery 6-Inch Semi-Stiff Boning Knife, Black Fibrox Handle would be the right fit for most of you. If you are looking for another knife, you can try a Santoku Knife 🙂

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