The 5 Best Citrus Juicers Just For An Energetic Day

What could be more exciting than starting a brand new day with a cup of juice? Citrus juice is even healthier because it brings various nutrients to our body and helps children thrive strongly.

One cup of grapefruit or orange contains more vitamin B, C, potassium, phosphorus, and copper than other types, such as pineapple, apple, or prune juice. Therefore, having citrus juice everyday can help to maintain your eyesight, reduce the risks of Alzheimer’s disease, cancer, and cardiovascular diseases.

Besides, due to low calories, citrus juice is also a great beverage for those who want to lose weight and increase skin health. That’s why you should drink it daily.

However, which one to choose between processed and fresh juice? And how to find the best citrus juicers? You will find the answers in the following content.


3 Reasons to Make Citrus Beverage Yourself Rather than Buying Processed Products

Guarantee Nutritional Values

In comparison with processed juices which can be bought from any supermarket or grocery store, a fresh extract made by a citrus juicer always has a greater number of nutrients. Moreover, you cannot be 100% sure about the origin of the fruits that they use to create processed juices. Therefore, any food made by yourself is always better than the things you buy.

Enhance Your Digestion

It could be surprising that your stomach takes more effort and time to digest all the foods you eat than you might think. That’s why juice (in the form of liquid) bring comfort to your digestive system while securing all the nutrients.

This way, your body won’t have to give too much effort to digest the food and transform it into absorbable nutrients

Improve Your Eating Habits

Finally, you would love to have a citrus juicer if you have little kids who hate citrus fruits. When my son was five years old, he completely disliked oranges and grapefruits. I did not know why but he always refused when I gave him those fruits and even claimed that he would hate them forever.

Nevertheless, he enjoys the juice made from them. It was an odd situation when I saw him drink a mixed beverage from oranges and grapefruits, which he despised one minute before. Therefore, you can apply my method and buy a juicer if your kid or even you don’t like citrus fruits.

How to choose an appropriate citrus juicer for your family

From my experiences, there are three criteria that you need to notice:


First, you need to consider how much space you have. I have a relatively small kitchen with all types of kitchenware. Besides, my son was the only picky person about eating in my family so that there was no need to by a large-sized citrus juicer.

Another thing that you need to take control is the size of the juice container. Identifying the number of people that you need to serve is an initial task to do when looking for it. If you have a family with numerous members living together or a spacious kitchen, you may need to contemplate a juicer having a sizeable container.

Pulp Controller

It is one of the most modern features of almost all citrus juicers in the market. The secrete lies in the flexible juicer body and hopper, which allow you to pulsate as you wish. You can regulate the pulpy level of your drinks by choosing a juicer having that function.


What I mean by safety here is the guarantee for your dish washer. Using it to clean your citrus juicer is the most excellent way to maintain its quality and save your time. I used to buy some products not having that feature so hand-washing them was a disaster.

The clamp thumbscrew and juicer hopper were the hardest ones to clean up and I even had to buy a whole new kit to do the washing. Since having greater pieces of knowledge about the best citrus juicers, I never had to work so exhausted like that anymore.

The 5 Best Citrus Juicers in 2017 That You Need to Know​

One of the first best citrus juicers that you should know is this Cuisinart. It has a special feature that receives numerous compliments from users, which is the Final Spin. It means that the motor installed inside the extractor cone will always work at the maximum rate to eliminate the final sections of the citrus fruits.

Your fruits can be fully squeezed, and the taste of the juice is completely straight. Add some more rosemaries or blueberries will be nice. I think if you have toddlers or your parents live with you, Cuisinart will be a perfect option.

Although some customers had warned of the noise, it was actually not that serious. Besides, you can choose whatever methods to clean this device. It is safe to wash either by hands or in a dishwasher.

All the parts are very easy to disassemble for cleaning, and the process takes less than a minute. However, you should be careful with the spout when taking the items apart. It is a little flimsy; therefore, if you push it up and down hard, it may fall out and affect other pieces.

One thing that can make you feel completely comfortable when juicing is that the machine allows you to squeeze a great number of citrus fruits at once. Despite a long time it takes to do that, you will still feel comfortable with hands-free juicing.


  • Efficient final spin function
  • Works quietly
  • Plain to clean
  • Various fruits can be squeezed in one time


  • Unstable structure
  • Takes time to juice

This product comes from Eurolux, a prestigious brand in manufacturing the best citrus juicers. One of its prominent features over the previous product is the spout, which is incredibly sturdy. You will find no items falling apart while adjusting it. Also, it can seal the juicer very well and prevent water from dropping or spilling to your kitchen.

Moreover, the machine is built with firm materials both on the inside and on the outside. Stainless steel is the primary one, making the whole system look shiny and anti-scratches. The interior structure has four layers, including extractor cone, pulp tray, extractor funnel, and bracket.

After the fruits are squeezed and go through those layers, you will have the most delicious cup of juice ever. And the particular thing is that there is very small amount of pulp when you make citrus juice with this product.

Because I don’t like to have pulp in my drinks, this Eurolux is quite suitable for me. Nevertheless, if you would like to have some pulp, you can lift the cone up and pour the pulp on the tray under that into your drink. It’s easy to make juice with this machine.

If there is anything that you should notice, it is probably the difficulty when using the handle and the heat of the juicer while being used. Although they are not serious problems because you can still squeeze the fruits by pushing the handle hard and stop using the machine to cool it down, you should be careful.

Better safe than sorry.


  • Convenient spout
  • Strong interior structure
  • Little pulp in juice
  • Solid


  • A bit difficult to use the handle
  • Get hot while working

3. Tribest CitriStar CS-1000 Citrus Juicer


Another product that can be considered one of the best citrus juicers is this Tribest. And the most well-known feature of it is durability. Its expiry date can reach up to 3 or 5 years and the product still receive various users’ compliments.

If you are looking for something to use for long-term, Tribest will be the most appropriate product. Besides, the cord wrap, which is installed under it and very easy to adjust, is also a favorite of a great number of customers. I like it as well due to its organization.

Furthermore, you have to do almost nothing when having this product. Just cut your citrus fruit a half, put it on the cone, and let the juicer do everything else. Its precise molding helps the juice come out of the machine sweet and pure.

What people like most about this machine lies in its structure as well. You will find two reamers, the larger of which is used for oranges and grapefruits and the smaller one is for limes and lemons. Therefore, you will have no difficulties while juicing any type of citrus fruits.

I think that is a brilliant feature that not many products in the market are having. However, before assembling those reamers and other parts with one another, you should read the directions carefully and take a look at several instructions online for reference.

That will make everything massively more obvious. Also, the pulp filter inside this product is not entirely efficient and leaves guck. So, you may need to unplug the tray at the top regularly to remove the pulp. Consider that feature before buying if you hate pulp.


  • Durable
  • Comfortable cord wrap
  • Efficient design
  • Appropriate for all citrus fruits


  • Unclear directions of use
  • Guck may get the spout stuck

Black+Decker may be quite familiar to you if you already know some basic information about the best citrus juicers. Unlike the third machine, this one does not retain any guck. All the juice goes through the filter tray and pulp is left on it.

That makes it incredibly easier to clean every part of the product. However, that tray does not work with baby seeds, which still fall into the juice sometimes. It’s not hard to solve this problem with a spoon. If you extremely dislike seeds, you should pay attention to find them after using this product.

It also has a unique system, which is the reverse rotation. It means that the cone always turns in two directions; and that is why, the juice will be extracted harder than when there is only one direction.

Furthermore, its container is just convenient. It has 32 ounces of capacity, which is sufficient for four members in your family to drink juice at one time. Nevertheless, by optimizing interior space and minimizing size, the manufacturer was successful in making the machine plain to store.

With only about 8 inches in both length and width, the juicer can be put almost anywhere in your kitchen. The only thing that you should pay attention when using Black+Decker is its cord. It is a little short and may require to be placed nearby a socket.


  • No guck retains
  • Smart reversing technology
  • Spacious container
  • Easy to store


  • Short cord
  • Does not separate baby seeds

The final best citrus juicer is original from Gourmia. It is enumerated in this list due to various excellent characteristics. If you hate having baby seeds in your drink, it will be a great option. The filter tray of the product works very well in remaining the juice running down the pitcher and holding the redundant portion.

Also, it does not matter if you squeeze a large number of fruits at once. Unlike the Cusinart machine, Gourmia takes very little time to consume all of those fruits and will give you the result in less than 3 minutes.

The handle of the product is tremendously practical as well, which is light to push and never leaves your hands dirty or wet. I think this feature is totally upgraded from the Eurolux’s handle and comforts numerous users.

Unfortunately, there are quite many fake products in the market. Therefore, looking for ones having the brand’s trademark is the best way to purchase a good product. And to prepare for your examination, fake machines are not durable and can last only a couple of months.

Another issue that may occur to you when receiving the product is the broken items. In most cases, it is due to the method of delivery and not from the producer. The task you should do when the situation happens is to call the service center and ask for replacements.

It’s lucky for you that the brand has a massively good service and they will implement solutions instantly when you complain.


  • Excellent separating system
  • Works fast
  • Satisfied service
  • Expedient handle


  • Several fake products in the market
  • Some broken items when arrived


Have you found out the best citrus juicer for your family?I have. I like the Tribest most because I can accept baby seeds and its short cord has no meaning to me. Its size also fits my little kitchen perfectly so I will purchase it right away. You can get yours now before the prices may increase.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to send me. Besides, do share this article to anyone who cares. They will love it. Lastly, thank you for reading my article and see you.

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