Best Herb Grinders – Top 5 Options to Consider 2019

If you are looking for the best herb grinders to use by your own, you could be overwhelmed due to a variety of grinders in the market. Hence, this post would help you to find out the one that suits you best.

We would give you information about what a herb grinder is , how to use it, the features of a grinder you need to notice when decide to buy it and the reviews for five best herb grinders in early 2017.


What Is A Herb Grinder?

A herb grinder, also known as a weed grinder, is a device thatlooks like a yo-yo to be used for grinding herb, weed or other small plant materials. It could be used instead of scissors so that people would find it more convenient and their hands would not smell like herb or weed.

Each herb grinder has two halves which are a top and a bottom that could be separated by twisting. Those halves of the herb grinder include teeth to grind up plant materials you put inside.

How To Use A Herb Grinder

  • Step1: Put your plant material in the top piece
  • Step 2:Twist two halves until you do not feel that the herb is still crunchy
  • Step 3:Tap it on the side to loosen up the stuck material
  • Step 4: Hold the bottom halve of the grinder and open the top part of it
  • Step 5:Turn over the bottom part of the grinder and pour out the herb
  • Step 6:Tap the bottom halve to pour the excess material out totally

Here is a video that demonstrates how to use a herb grinder:

How To Choose The Best Berb Grinder

There are several factors you need to take a look when choosing the best herb grinders. However, in this post, we would try to have a deep insight into some of the most important characteristics the best herb grinders should possess.

The Number Of Compartments Of A Grinder

The grinders could have one, two or three compartments. They are called two-piece, three-piece and four-piece grinder respectively. This difference in the number of compartments could result in the difference in the price. It is obvious that four-piece grinders would be more expensive than the two-piece and three-piece ones.

The above feature could also lead to the difference in how the grinders work:

#1. One-compartment herb grinders (two-piece herb grinders)

There would be only one compartment to place, grind and retrieve the herb if you choose this type of grinders. As a result, you could find your herb not consistent after being grinding. Besides, it might be a bit difficult for you to pour out the herb because it is easy for it to be stuck in the teeth.

#2. Two-compartment herb grinders (three-piece herb grinders)

In addition to a compartment like two-piece herb grinders, there is another compartment with small holes that allow ground herb in certain size could fall through.

You could benefit from this kind of grinders because it brings you more evenly ground material and pouring it out could be easier, compared to using one-compartment herb grinders.

#3. Three-compartment herb grinders (four-piece herb grinders)

Compared to two-compartment herb grinders, this type of grinders has one more compartment with a fine screen to separate it from the other two compartments. It is beneficial when you want to grind marijuana or kief.

We advise you to choose four-piece herb grinders because you could make use of them to serve more purpose with your herb.

The Material Of The Best Herb Grinders

The grinders could be made of different materials:

Acrylic Grinders

Via aliexpress

They are the cheapest grinders, and their quality would match with their price. To buy them, you usually have to pay a small amount of money for each one and, then, you could only use them for a short time before their teeth break.

Not only some acrylic might appear in your herb when the teeth break, but you could find this kind of grinders not beneficial when it comes to kief. This makes us think that you should stay away from acrylic grinders when you have a wide range of alternatives.

Wood Grinders

Via: Amazon.com

We feel that wood grinders would be a good-looking choice. However, you need to consider before making a decision to buy them because you could not benefit from them when want to get kief. It is because wood grinders are usually two-piece grinders.

One more thing you need to notice when purchasing wood grinders is that you need to make sure you do not buy grinders with finished inside. Paint, polish or varnish in such grinders could appear in your herb, which is not good for your smoking.

Metal Grinders


Most of the grinders are made of aluminum, including four-piece grinders. They are the right fit for you because you could find it beneficial when it comes to aluminum is safe for you.

Best Herb Grinder Teeth

Via: Amazon.com

You could benefit the most from the grinders with about fifty 2.5-inch-diameter teeth. Having more teeth, your grinders could produce more evenly ground herb, and they could be thebest herb grinders.

Although some companies designed their herb grinders with different shapes of teeth, we recommend you choose the ones having teeth with a diamond shape to enhance the ability to grind plant materials.

Best Herb Grinder Magnets

Purchasing the best herb grinders with strong magnets is of importance because it could make sure that two pieces of your grinders stick to each other at all the time. As a result, the material inside could not be spilled when you grind them.

Top best herb grinders reviews :

#1.Platinum Grinders Herb Grinder

Effectiveness: 90/100
Easy To Use: 85/100
Durability: 85/100
Price: 92/100

Platinum Grinders Herb Grinder is a kind of decent grinders at a reasonable price. It is a standard four-piece herb grinder, including two pieces with diamond-shaped teeth, one piece for the ground herb to fall into and a filter screen with pollen catcher compartment for kief.

As we mentioned, the best herb grinders need diamond-shaped teeth, and this kind of grinders meet this condition. This feature allows you to produce quite evenly ground herb.

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  •  Good performance at an affordable price
  • A lifetime warranty


  • Two pieces of aluminum could affect the durability of the grinder
  • No extras

#2. Zip Grinders - Large Spice & Herb Grinder (Gold)

Effectiveness: 95/100
Easy To Use: 88/100
Durability: 93/100
Price: 85/100

The most important feature of Zip Grinders - Large Spice & Herb Grinder (Gold) is a giant clear chamber that could store up to 6 tablespoons of herb. This feature could allow you to use the grinder as a container to hold a great deal of plant material.

If you are wondering if this grinder is convenient for you to carry as a pocket grinder, we could note that the clear chamber could be removed to make a more portable product that you could take anywhere.

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  • Large size with a clear giant chamber that could hold up to 6 tablespoons of herb
  • Clear window allows the users to monitor the progress
  • Could be transferred to be a pocket one
  • Good performance for a long time


  • A lack of the number of teeth compare to the standard of 50 teeth. Limited warranty time
  • Limited warranty time

#3. K-brand Black & Gold Spice Tobacco & Herb Grinder

Effectiveness: 90/100
Easy To Use: 85/100
Durability: 95/100
Price: 90/100

As other best herb grinders, K-brand Black & Gold Spice Tobacco & Herb Grinder is a four-piece grinder. Using this kind of grinders, you could produce ground dried spices as well as a ground fresh herb.

A significant feature of this grinder is its clear storage compartment, which allows you to monitor how your herb is processed. Moreover, the generous compartment could hold up six tablespoons of herb, which could benefit you as well.

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  • Serving several purposes
  • A clear and large storage compartment
  • Durable


  • A bit small
  • Difficult to get the stuck herb out of the teeth

#4. Formax420 Zinc Alloy Herb Grinder

Via: Amazon.com

Effectiveness: 85/100
Easy To Use: 90/100
Durability: 85/100
Price: 85/100

It can be clear to see that Formax420 Zinc Alloy Herb Grinder possess its unique design with a beautiful leaf on the top half. The gray color also highlights the beauty of this kind of grinders.

Made of zinc alloy, Formax420 Zinc Alloy Herb Grinder has its power to make the grinding smoothly. Its teeth are quite sharp to serve this purpose.However, the material also leads to the disadvantage of the weight of the grinder. It is heavy at 120g, compared to other grinders made of aluminum.

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  • Unique and beautiful design with its symbol
  • Strong teeth to grind the herb smoothly
  • Easy to be a pocket grinder


  • A bit heavy
  • A bit hard to twist
  • Processing a small amount of herb at a time

#5. Masterdam Grinders 4-Piece Anodized Aluminum Herb Grinder

Effectiveness: 90/100
Easy To Use: 93/100
Durability: 95/100
Price: 80/100

Masterdam Grinders 4-Piece Anodized Aluminum Herb Grinder is one of the best herb grinders with four pieces and made of aluminum. Moreover, the design using one single piece of aluminum material enhance the durability of the grinder.

In addition to the standard of the best herb grinder, this kind of grinder highlights its power by adding a significant feature of sharp teeth. Imitated lion’s tooth, the teeth of this grinder are stronger to allow you to have smoother ground herb.

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  • Great device with good durability and performance
  • Having extras


  • Expensive
  • Limited warranty time

Conclusion – Which Is The Best Herb Grinder

I believe that the best product would meet all the important condition of best herb grinders and be offered at an affordable price. In my opinion, Platinum Grinders Herb Grinder would be the best choice for your grinding.

However, if you could purchase at a higher price, Masterdam Grinders Herb Grinder would be a perfect choice. Besides, if you want to have a grinder with a unique look, Formax420 Zinc Alloy Herb Grinder would suit you best.

Finally, if you are looking for a grinder having a giant storage chamber, you could choose your Zip Grinders - Large Spice & Herb Grinder (Gold) or K-brand Black & Gold Spice Tobacco & Herb Grinder.

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