How To Choose The Best Manual Coffee Grinder On The Market

For me, it is wonderful to enjoy a cup of hot coffee when getting up in the morning. However, it seems a little expensive to get to a coffee shop every day. So I decided to buy a coffee grinder to save both money and time, but it is not easy to be able to choose a good one.


There are so many types of coffee grinder available on the market and I got confused to choose electric coffee grinder or manual coffee grinder. After having consulted many different reviews, I have made a decision of the best manual coffee grinder because it is compact, quiet and brings about the excellent taste of coffee. One thing special is that it is much cheaper than an electric coffee grinder.

Advantages of Manual Coffee Grinders

It is supposed that electric coffee grinders usually bring you convenience, but a manual coffee grinder with high-quality is worth buying because of some convincing reasons. Below are some enormous benefits a hand coffee grinder can produce.


Everyone may know well that the noise produced by electric coffee grinders is really annoying, especially in the early morning when you just get up. You definitely don’t want to bother others’ sleep with noise, so a manual coffee grinder is really a wonderful choice.

Arguably Better-Tasting Coffee

If you decide to buy a manual coffee grinder, what you can enjoy is not just the flavor from ground coffee beans. Instead of an electric coffee grinder, a hand coffee grinder certainly will be your choice if you truly are an aficionado of coffee.

It Can Work Well Without Electricity

If you want to enjoy a cup of fresh and steaming coffee while you are not at home and have to go on a business trip or a holiday, let a hand coffee grinder solve your problem. With its compact design, you can bring it wherever you go, especially when you intend to go camping or hiking.

A noticeable feature is that it can work without electricity. In addition, it is also useful if you stay at places where coffee making device is unavailable, or it simply doesn’t suit your need.

More Satisfying Coffee Making Experience

For many people, grinding coffee by hand is not merely an action to prepare coffee to drink, but it has become an interesting experience to make them more relaxed and satisfying.

How to Choose The Best Manual Coffee Grinder?

If you are wondering how to make a choice of convenient and quiet manual coffee grinder, then below are some factors you should take into account before making a decision.


In general, most types of hand grinders are produced with compact design because grinding coffee manually requires a lot of time. However, there are many different sizes for you to choose. Thus, you should consider the amount of coffee you usually need to grind so that you can buy a proper hand coffee grinder.

Besides, the dimensions and the weight are also what you should notice if you want to bring it when traveling. With a compact grinder, you can save room for other important things.


Not only can strong steel make your grinder’s appearance more eye-catching and lovely, but such material also makes you feel more secure when you bring with it for camping, picnics or traveling.


Compared to electric coffee grinders, the consistency of hand coffee grinders is worse but a consistent coarseness is possible to obtain when using a manual grinder. Hence, you are advised to consult some customer reviews to check its consistency.

Variable Setting

This product provides you with various settings, so you can choose any hand coffee grinder that has a suitable coarseness to make the type of coffee you want. No matter what it is coarsely ground coffee or finely ground for espresso, you don’t have to worry about anything.


Designed with ceramic burrs that are durable and not easily damaged like metal ones, the best manual coffee grinder doesn’t generate heat and maintain the consistency. Unlike the grinders using metal burrs, heat can be produced and the consistency isn’t stable.

Ease of Cleaning

This hand coffee grinder is convenient for you to dismantle for cleaning. To clean this product effectively, you have to take it apart to clean the inside parts of the grinder and the burrs. Nevertheless, many people give a piece of advice that soapy water isn’t recommended for cleaning because it may do damage to the coffee’s flavor.

Our Reviews of Best Manual Coffee Grinders​

Via: Amazon.com

Hario Small Coffee Grinder is a pretty good-looking hand-operated coffee grinder combining with its handle is ceramic burrs.

Don’t be deceived by its name! The Hario Small Coffee Grinder can hold a considerable amount of 28g ground coffee enough to make a typical cup of coffee.

This product is made of wood and its handle is made of stainless steel. The appearance of this coffee grinder is relatively antique, and it is obviously durable.

In spite of its a little bit old fashioned design, this coffee grinder surely has all modern features which satisfy your expectation from a best hand-operated coffee grinder, such as magnets helping to hold its drawer safely closed while grinding and rubber feet sticking to its counter top.

The Hario small hand-operated coffee grinder has a small size making it really comfortable and easy to hold. It is rather easy for you to walk around your kitchen while you are grinding if you want.

If you are searching for reliable, small hand-operated coffee grinder, the Hario Small Coffee Grinder would be an ideal product for you.


  • Can use for grinding a respectable amount of ground coffee
  • Great design
  • The quality of its brew is excellent
  • Wonderful consistency
  • Having a lot of touches which you would not get in cheaper hand-operated grinders.


  • There might be some spillage while grinding
  • The instruction needs to be better
  • It may be isn’t big enough for some people.

Via: Amazon.com

If you are camping, traveling or for a simple reason is wanting to bring coffee beans which you every time, the Hario would be a perfect choice for your need.

The Hario features many interesting things, such as great storage capacity, the slip-free rubber base, ergonomic design and ceramic burrs for additional grind precision. All these features make it extremely great for people looking for a hand-operated grinder.

That this grinder is really lightweight, small makes it actually an ideal grinder for your travel. Moreover, it is easy to clean the ceramic material; therefore, there’s no need to always access to a kitchen sink after using.

Its features of easily disassembling and reassembling (with its hopper easily attaching to a mason jar and another storage holder). This makes it great for people on the go who like preparing, grinding and enjoying the coffee at a place rather than preparing then saving for later (there is always time to make and enjoy a cup of coffee!).

Pretty easy for you to use and clean, this product will physically bend your favorite coffee beans without losing its taste. This product will be really suitable for those who want to make a cup of coffee easily.


  • It is easy for grinding with Slip-free rubber base
  • Easy to use, clean as well as disassemble
  • Small, portable and lightweight
  • It is an ideal grinder for enthusiastically making coffee
  • Professional experience


  • Elbow grease is required to grind
  • It isn’t the lightest product in the market

Via: Amazon.com

Of all my favorite hand coffee grinders, the JavaPresse manual coffee grinder is definitely a good option that I have experienced.

Equipped with more 18 various settings, the JavaPresse manual coffee grinder can maintain the consistency of the coarseness of every grind.

Although this product is not the grinder with the largest size, its appearance is quite attractive and eye-catching.

In addition, if you are a person who usually travels or goes on business, don’t hesitate to pick this grinder because with its compact design, you can bring with it wherever you go. You also can use it to enjoy a cup of hot ground coffee when going camping because it doesn’t need electricity.

Its material is brushed stainless steel. Thus, it becomes more lovely and beautiful. Besides, you also will have no difficulty in dismantling this grinder for cleaning.

Designed with an appropriate length, its handle is both sturdy and strong, making it easy to grind coffee.A combination between a manual coffee grinder and a French press will certainly give you a wonderful feeling. With a personal coffee grinder, you can enjoy two cups of hot coffee from per grind.

One outstanding feature that may make you satisfied is that its grinding is incredibly smooth and doesn’t make any noise, so you don’t have to worry about bothering others’ sleep in the morning while still being able to enjoy my favorite coffee.


  • It includes 18 grind settings.
  • Applying the hand crank mechanism to limit noise at the lowest level.
  • Its design is eye-catching, compact and neat.
  • Convenient for cleaning
  • This manual coffee grinder is perfect for single use.


  • Its grinds are only enough for about 2 cups at most.
  • It may require a certain time for grinding.
  • There are some reviews that its handle sometimes doesn’t work well.

Via: Amazon.com

If a home coffee grinder that causes no problem during its operation and sold at a very reasonable price is what you are looking for, don’t hesitate to pick up the Most Consistent Hand Coffee Grinder right away. With this product, you can enjoy coffee at any time you want and suffer from no unexpected features.

Considered as a professional hand coffee grinder, it is made of rust free and high-quality stainless steel. Additionally, this grinder is also designed with an additional longhand crank, which makes its useful for many purposes. Therefore, you can enjoy a good flavor of coffee without inconvenience or any problems.

With its compact design and light weight, you can bring the Most Consistent Hand Coffee Grinder with you. Moreover, it also doesn’t need a large place to store so that you can save room for other things.There are many different grind sizes for you to choose simply by using a turn knob. It is very easy to get access, and you won’t take over three seconds to do it.

Applying ceramic conical grinders, this product helps maintain the high consistency of the grind all the time and save a lot of time too. This hand coffee grinder is also highly recommended for a French press or an espresso – you can grind your favorite kinds of spices and herbs with it.


  • It hardly causes a lot of noise.
  • Portable and compact design.
  • Convenient for cleaning.
  • It is very easy to change the grind size.
  • Portable, lightweight, small and quiet features
  • Made of rust-free stainless steel with the best quality.


  • Its capacity is sometimes seen as limited

Via: Amazon.com

If you are a person who has to go on a business trip a lot but still wants to sip a cup of ground coffee, the Porlex Portable coffee grinder that can work with a perfect precision is what you are looking for.The reason why this product is a necessary and important companion during your trips is its convenience. With its design in cylindrical shape, you can easily take it with you or store it in your car when you bike or go hiking.

Furthermore, with only 10.4 ounces in weight, you also don’t have to worry about its packing. One noticeable feature is that it is made from stainless steel, which not only helps cleaning more convenient but maintains the temperature as well.

Besides, such material can protect it from minor damages. To achieve precise grinds, all you have to do is adjust the grinder. It also has a small dial to remind you of your previous perfect grinds.

In addition to its portability, you won’t have difficulty using this hand coffee grinder. Apart from simple functions such as versatility and grind strength, it helps user have a relaxing time when sipping an excellent cup of coffee.


  • It is easy to use for many purposes.
  • Compact design makes it easy to bring with, especially for those who travel a lot or go camping.
  • It is made from stainless steel and makes no static.
  • It is convenient for the ceramic and conical burrs to be cleaned.
  • It fits the Aerobie AeroPress perfectly.


  • Easy-to-use with simple features
  • It only provides 2 cups at most per 11 grinds because of its limited capacity.

Final Thoughts

These are now 5 best manual coffee grinders available on the market. Of course, each is designed with its characteristic and unique features. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on it but still enjoy your favorite flavor of ground coffee, the best manual coffee grinder is a wonderful choice.

With details mentioned above, you may now make your own decision about what type of grinder suits your most. 

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