The Best Oven Mitts For Maximal Protection!

Cooking is one of the most meaningful tasks, especially when you cook for your family and friends, but sometimes, it’s difficult and dangerous due to exposing the high temperature. It means your safety can be threatened. For some people who neglect safe standards and precautions, the risk is higher. So, in this case, using the best oven mitts is truly important.


Why are Oven Mitts Essential?

Even if cooking is your daily or just occasional task, the oven mitts are your must-have tools. As we know, heat-resistant metals, such as cast iron, aluminum and copper, and are usually used in cookware as they’re very good at transmitting the heat. However, high heat is the harm to your hands.

How can we insulate and guard our hands against burns? An extra layer of defense is the answer. For some reasons, many people use some dish towels instead of oven mitts. However, those towels are too thin, don’t offer right grip, and, especially can cause a fire when they contact to the heat. They’re often in the shape that restricts the flexible movement of your hands, whereas the cloth catches fire easily.

In a traditional way, many home-chefs prefer a thick fabric to handle hot pans or dishes without providing any protection to their forearms or wrists. These exposed parts can be easily burned by the hot or the rack of the oven.

In fact, unpleasant and painful burns aren’t all you have to suffer. You can be infectious and need medical treatment. Every year, over 40,000 Americans come to the emergency room for burns suffered. Many of them contacted directly with a hot object in their kitchen.

Till you read this information, do you still want to cook without the oven mitts? Though it means you’re willing to have a hand with many burns? I suppose that isn’t a good idea at all!

Check a look at the Life Quintessentials – Black Silicone Professional Oven Mitts which I’ll review later to see how important a pair of oven mitts is:

How to Buy the Best Oven Mitts

Here are important factors that you need to keep in mind when purchasing a pair of oven mitts:

Heat Resistance

This is the most important priority because you will work with heat most of the time. Heat is the biggest enemy of our skin. So, if you choose a product which can’t suffer the temperature, it just likes a useless towel. The ideal heat resistant is 425'F and more.


The material used in oven mitts has a great effect on the degree of temperature-block. Fabric typically suffer the temperature of 200'F, whereas silicone can protect our hands from the heat of up to 500'F. Moreover, silicone can offer a long lifetime of oven mitts without being burned, scorched and melted. It provides more secure grips, too.

Cotton is also a considerable material. It’s often used to make the interior part of oven mitts. Not only does it increase the thermal protection, but it also absorbs the sweat caused by the heat.


Many people prefer cheap mitts. Though they’re also good, they do not last long. Purchasing a good quality of fabrics mitts will save your money rather than buying many cheap mitts. Just keep in mind that, in some cases, the cheap is expensive.

Double Oven Mitts

It’s a useful and popular variation of the best oven mitts. The term ‘’double’’ doesn’t simply refer to the oven mitts that can protect both hands of users at the same time. Instead, it’s a single oven mitt that is long enough to provide the full coverage to both hands and forearms, as well as the distance between fingers. Normally, double oven mitts are designed not to have any separate room for the thumbs of our hands.

Size and Shape

For the most effective oven mitts, you should choose the ones which have extra length and give your hand a great comfort. This means that they can cover your hand entirely. Besides, there should be room for your thumb and four rest fingers.

Nowadays, more and more products are designed as a mitten. By this way, our fingers are detached from the thumb. As a result, this style provides a premium safeguarding for heavier loads.


Best oven mitts aren’t only a kitchen charm but also an aestheticism. This means aside from providing protection, they have to be nice appearance. Some oven mitts featuring vintage style pictures, floral patterns or bright colors are ideal for your kitchen. For those customers finding the coordination, pretty-looking oven mitts make the cooking process much more interesting.

Easy to Clean

Oven mitts have to work in the kitchen, so they can come dirty in a moment due to oil steam, smell or some left piece of food. It’s better for you to buy the product that is waterproof and oil-proof, which will help you save plenty of time.

Our Reviews of Top 5 Best Oven Mitts

#1. Life Quintessentials – Black Silicone Professional Oven Mitts

Effectiveness: 95/100
Easy To Use: 85/100
Durability: 93/100
Price: 90/100

At first, these oven mitts pleased me with their silicone outer. They are BPA-free and 100% FDA food grade silicone, which guards you against diseases from plastic. While the soft inner layer is made of 50% cotton blended with 50% polyester, the 100% cotton outer provides you with superior protection.

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  • Well-heat resistant and waterproof
  • Beautifully made and high-quality silicone
  • Easy to care
  • Suitable length


  • Some customers are disappointed because of the fit.

#2. Elbee – 641 Silicone & Quilted Cotton Oven Mitts with Trivet

Effectiveness: 90/100
Easy To Use: 95/100
Durability: 85/100
Price: 90/100

These mitts are functional and easy to use. The heat level that this product can suffer is 450'F/232'C, and they’re waterproof, too. So, they can handle many different high-temp activities without making you contact to any heat rash, boiling water, hot utensils or steam burns.

Elbee also meet your safe need – BPA free. The silicone, which is very durable and waterproof, plays the main part in it, whereas the inner lining is mixed very soft quilted fabric and polyester blend. This means these items can resist your sweat as much as possible. Between the silicone and fabric, there is a thin layer of insulating batting, so extra insulating is added.

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  • Heat resistant
  • Bonus trivets
  • Special construction
  • Easy to put on or remove
  • Easy to wash


  • No loop to hang them

#3. Beaumont Kitchenware – Beaumont Oven Mitts

Effectiveness: 90/100
Easy To Use: 95/100
Durability: 85/100
Price: 90/100

If you are purchasing a good pair of oven mitts for yourself and your family, let have a look at these mitts. They will make you impress by their overall look as well as their quality. Because of their capability to suffer temperature up to 425'F/218'C, you won’t need to worry about steam burns anymore.

Beaumont mitts are made of durable non-toxic silicone. So, there isn’t any worrying problem if the mitts contact to your food. With their extra length, about 14.5”, your forearms are extremely safeguarded while your arms are deep in the mitts. Now, you can put your hands into the oven without hesitating to pull out your hot baking sheet or pans.

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  • Heat resistant up to 425'F/218'C
  • Non-toxic silicone
  • Pretty looking
  • 100% money-back
  • Extra length


  • There is some trouble with the size.

#4. The Triumphant Chef – Super Flex Silicone Oven Mitt

Effectiveness: 90/100
Easy To Use: 95/100
Durability: 85/100
Price: 90/100

This model can put up with the heat up to 450'F/232'C. The silicone outer shell is also 100% FDA approved. They’re made of 100% cotton fabric which will offer you the comfort and great protection from steam burns because silicone is very good at insulating.

Most of these mitts are designed to be slim enough to be actually flexible. There are superb flexible areas spread out in the “O” and ‘’Y” pads (the main palm and the thumb area). These thicker areas help you grasp whatever hot pans, bowl, pots or other hot things when you move them. In addition, they’re interchangeable, so you can wear them on either left of the right hand.

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  • Interchangeable
  • One size fits most
  • Oil-proof outer shell
  • Superb flexible


  • Some super small hands people don’t fit with these mitts.
  • The service department was harassing some customers.
  • The mitts don’t sit deep on your thumb.

#5. The Kitchen Haven – Quilted Cotton Lining Oven Mits

Effectiveness: 90/100
Easy To Use: 95/100
Durability: 85/100
Price: 90/100

With the set of two heat-block mitts, these can withstand the heat of 450'F/232'C. So, you will be protected like a ninja whenever you cook. They’re extremely useful to grip your clay pot, stoneware, BBQ tools or copper dishes without slipping. They stay cool long enough to take hot dishes out of the oven to its resting place.

If you cook more regularly than toast, these items are what you need. Unlike fabric mitts, these won’t stain, scorch, come unraveled or show any signs of warping at all. The silicone outer shell of this product is the combination of 90% polyester with 10% cotton. Like four top items, silicone is 100% FDA approved. It could be the polyester is the cushion and the cotton is the fabric. They are nice and of course, I like them!

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  • Heat-block up to 450'F/232'C
  • Seem well-made
  • Cute color
  • Easy to clean the outside
  • Suitable length


  • Some customers have trouble with the size.
  • A few realize find it not completely heat-resistant


We love cooking and don’t want to burn ourselves while doing the thing that we love. That’s why we’re here. If you use the best oven mitts, I ensure that you won’t get burn anymore. Personally, I prefer the Elbee Silicone & Quilted Cotton Oven Mitts because of their versatility, usefulness and affordable price. 

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Hope that our honest reviews are useful for you! Have a nice day!

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