Look Back on the Best Potato Ricers That Need for Your Cooking

How to mash potatoes the most effective way? – An ideal answer for you is a potato ricer – a useful tool that works the same as a garlic press. With the design used for unpeeled potatoes, you do not need to peel before boiling, so you will save more time for your cooking process.

So, what is the best potato ricer? Do you want to know? Well, we will tell you. Look at here!!!


The Best for Cooking – More What Can You Know?

What a Potato Ricer Can Do

You ought to know that a potato ricer can help you complete gnocchi quickly, instead of using a mixer because it likely makes the desired gnocchi.

Apart from mashing the potatoes up to a right texture, the ricer still enables the cooked potatoes that can release steam.This one is very important. When not having more water in potatoes, you will not need to utilize a lot of flour to dry them. Thanks to that, your food will have a softer texture.

Watch this video to know about a potato ricer more:

Using a Potato Ricer – Why?

Some people also assume that using a mixer is not different from a potato ricer. No! No! It is not necessary.

In fact, there are the certain reasons in order to convince you to choose to use a potato ricer, in particular,…

  • Easy to clean
  • Handheld
  • Portable
  • Owning the simple features

It is noticed that this tool can help avoid a small trouble – peeling potatoes. You just cook potatoes without peeling after using a ricer to mash them. What simple!

What Should You Consider When Finding the Best Potato Ricer?

Yes, there are plenty of sizes and shapes when you want to buy a potato ricer. Nonetheless, to be able to handle a lot of potatoes, you need a sturdy model.

Aside from the essential features, the most important considerations are the construction and durability of a rice.

#1. Construction

The Component

When choosing to purchase a potato ricer, you will not be able to ignore the component feature. This position is very vital because the potatoes are placed in there before you use the grates to mash.

Consequently, this part must be large enough to be able to contain a variety of the sizes of the potato.

The Number Of The Holes

This feature is more important than the size of holes because they will decide the speed to mash potatoes. For a couple of recipes, many holes will bring more benefits.

The Handle

A good potato ricer must be easy to grip. It would be best to equip a rubber grip without slipping. Like that, you will easily deal with the hot potatoes.

The handle must also be strong. In case you have the problems related to arthritis, it recommends to choosing the ergonomic handles because it provides more effort.

#2. Durability

In general, a plastic potato ricer is cheaper, but you can be going to replace a new one time to time. In comparison with investing a high-grade, buying a plastic model is not necessarily cheaper.

To use for a long period of time, you ought to choose the stainless steel ricers. This steel material is more durable than other metals.

Product Reviews – The Best Potato Ricers with High-Quality & Reasonable Price

Similar to select the best wheatgrass juicer, best manual coffee grinder, and more other kitchen appliances, there are too many options that make you confused.

This is good enough, isn’t it? How is that? This brand is reliable, right? Let’s feel secure! If you are looking the best potato ricer, here are the quality products you can consider selecting one.

Effectiveness: 90/100
Easy To Use: 92/100
Durability: 92/100
Price: 95/100

Mashing the baby food, pierogies, steam cauliflower, or more is no problem if you are using the Top Rate Bellemain potato ricer.With the polished stainless steel material, the potato ricer from Bellemain is durable in comparison with other models.

The grip is designed with the bent shape, so it brings the comfortable feel during the mashing process.It combines with a non-slip knob. Correspondingly, you are easy to hold it in a bowl.

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  • Easy to clean after using
  • The construction is sturdy
  • It provides the fluffy potatoes
  • Perfect size
  • No lumps
  • Very durable


  • It is not actually effective when working with cauliflower
  • Don’t work well for making spaetzle
Effectiveness: 90/100
Easy To Use: 92/100
Durability: 90/100
Price: 95/100

You are looking for a replacement for a potato masher, right? Well, a good suggestion for you is the Potato Ricer Stainless Steel Potato Press.

Apart from the functions such as mashing or milling potatoes, this ricer can still work like a baby food strainer. It allows you to make the different foods for your baby.

Similar to some of other potato ricers, you can skip the peeling step when using this potato ricer. Like that, you will save time and money to invest a potato peeler.

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  • Lightweight
  • Large size
  • Easy to clean, by washing or throwing in the dishwasher
  • It can use for cauliflower
  • No lumps
  • The construction is very sturdy


  • There is a little difficult when pressing the handle
  • The metal on the handle seems thin
Effectiveness: 90/100
Easy To Use: 92/100
Durability: 89/100
Price: 95/100

How to reach a perfect gnocchi recipe quickly and effectively? Why don’t try using the OXO Good potato ricer?

The product promises to bring a fluffy texture when you mash potatoes. Not only that, it also works well when you apply for the baby food and straining greens.

It is important that using is easy and brings a comfortable feeling. The grip does not cause the slipped feeling and has the ability to absorb the pressure when using.

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  • Not difficult to use
  • It is built a solid way
  • It requires peeling potatoes
  • Perfect for making smooth mashed potatoes
  • The handles are sturdy
  • Pretty durable


  • The size seems small
  • It needs to use more effort
Effectiveness: 90/100
Easy To Use: 92/100
Durability: 85/100
Price: 95/100

How to be able to enjoy the mashed potato easily? Here! Here! The Chef’n FreshForce Potato Ricer Press can be one of the right options for you.

This is a multi-purpose product because you can use it for the different needs, except mashed potatoes, in particular, pierogies, shepherd’s pie, colcannon,…

The effect of this ricer is high. If compared to the conventional potato ricers, it is 65 percent more. This is due to being equipped the additional gear mechanism.

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  • Cleaning is easy
  • Sturdy
  • No lumps
  • Works effectively
  • It provides a fluffy texture for mashed potatoes
  • The handle is comfortable


  • It takes more strength from the arm
  • It is hard to use
Effectiveness: 90/100
Easy To Use: 90/100
Durability: 92/100
Price: 95/100

The easy-to-use model comes with the simple construction. Yes, the Norpro Stainless Steel Potato Ricer can meet these criterions.

The large size allows mashing or milling a lot of potatoes. But, it still makes sure that fits bowls/ pots.

Not it only has a large size but the Norpro potato ricer also provides a large capacity. Therefore, it is ideal for the parties.

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  • The construction is heavy
  • Easy to take apart
  • Sturdy
  • Lump-free
  • Easy to clean
  • It does make smooth mashed potatoes


  • The top is too high to press a full way the top part against
  • The edges on the handle is sharp

Final Thoughts

Which one do you like most? Is the Top Rate Bellemain potato ricer with the heavy-duty stainless steel or the Chef’n FreshForce Potato Ricer Press with the plastic handles?

In fact, the best potato ricer must meet what you need – both the demand and preference. The price of the potato ricer is not entirely a problem. It is important that you can use it an easy manner and for a long period of time.

Keep in mind in what we share with you! It believes that you will quickly find a right potato ricer. Happy cooking enjoy!!!

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