Can You Freeze Cottage Cheese? Simple And Easy Way To Do

Freezing may be a good way to save your money! It permits you to reserve the items whenever they’re on sale and whenever you need them as well. Thanks to this method, all you need to do is to walk over to the freezer! However, not all of everything freeze in the same way. In fact, there are some things, which cannot be frozen.

But can you freeze cottage cheese? And the answer is YES.
Of course, you can freeze the cottage cheese.


can i freeze cottage cheese

You may think that the cheese is ideal for freezing, but soft cheese is a little bit harder to freeze than the harder cheese (like Gouda or Cheddar). The cottage cheese is a kind of soft cheese, and although you can freeze it, its texture can change when you thaw it.


How To Freeze The Cottage Cheese

Just as other types of soft cheese, the cottage cheese does not freeze well. During the process of freezing, cottage cheese will lose some of its flavor and texture because of its liquid content. Nevertheless, you can still use it to cook dishes such as sauces, cakes, soups, casseroles, and lasagna. To have the best results, you should use the whole fat or large curd cottage cheese instead of using the low-fat or fat-free options, which do not freeze as well.


Store the cottage cheese in the airtight container or its original package. Put this container in a heavy-duty freezer bag, in case you are planning to store the cheese in the freezer for more than two months. By this way, you can prevent the freezer burn.

how to freeze cottage cheese


Use a marker to write the date and time on the cheese’s container to know how long it has been in your freezer.


Let store the yur cottage cheese in the freezer for six months.

Alright, now you have done with freezing cottage cheese. But how to use it after freezing it. Let go next to know the secret 🙂 

How To Thaw The Frozen Cottage Cheese


To thaw the frozen cottage cheese, you just simply need to place it in the fridge. Keep the cheese in a plastic bag.

freezing cottage cheese


After thawing it, you should drain excess liquid.


Stirring the sour cream with the cheese if you want to prevent it from drying. Nevertheless, it’ll be okay if you want to use it to cook.

can you substitute cottage cheese for cream cheese

It’s possible to save your money by buying a large number of cottage cheeses when they are on sale and freezing them. It is just a little bit trickier than freezing others products from dairy, but absolutely, this can be done.

Ideas For Using The Thawed Cottage Cheese

If you freeze the cottage cheese, you are able to use it when removing it from your freezer. The recipes, which require the appearance of cottage cheese, should be appropriate for using the thawed cottage cheese, as the cooking process can help the change in textures less noticeable.

can you freeze cottage cheese and eat it later

Some kinds of quick bread, like loaves or muffins, can include the cottage cheese. You can try the cornbread recipe including the cottage cheese. Some pasta dishes, such as manicotti or lasagna, incorporate the cottage cheese. The change of texture may be unnoticeable in your final product due to the baking process.

Other great ideas for making use of the cottage cheese consist of adding it into the quiche or scrambled eggs. A lot of cheesecake recipes also include it. Moreover, the cottage cheese can also be added to mashed potatoes or tomato sauces for more creaminess. On the other hand, adding this kind of cheese to the macaroni can lower your need for high-fat ingredients.

does cottage cheese freeze well

In case you are having problems with the surplus of the cheese in the refrigerator for any reasons, your best option is to eat it when it is still fresh. You can add drizzle honey and fruit over it for a tasty snack! However, when you run out of choices, freezing the cheese is a safe option if you need to save it for later uses.

Moreover, you had better prepare to use thawed cottage cheese for cooking since its quality is not so good enough for the fresh eating.

Useful Tips From The Expert

1. Does The Cottage Cheese Seem Dry?

In case you are planning to use your cottage cheese in a cake batter or a recipe, it will possibly be great to use as quickly as it’s thawed.If you need to eat your cottage cheese as it is, however, you may find it quite dry after thawing, then what will you do?

Luckily, there is an incredibly easy solution for you! All you need to do is to add half of a tablespoon of the sour cream for a cup of the cottage cheese. By this way, you can help the moisture come back to the cream cheese but not alter it so much.

2. Freeze In The Portions

Are you having a recipe, which needs 4oz or 8oz of the cottage cheese, and realizing that you are wasting the excess? I was frustrated and annoyed with the food wasting, so after freezing and thawing the cottage cheese, I have come up with a fantastic solution!

You need to separate the cheese into airtight, separate freezer bags and containers in distinctive amounts. Then, label those bags with the amount of cottage cheese inside. Next time, if you need to use your frozen cheese, you can thaw those pre-portioned cheeses whenever you want a small amount.

Final Thoughts

The cottage cheese is such a perfect ingredient for cooking, baking, stuffed pasta when you are on a diet. Can you freeze cottage cheese? Yes, for sure. Are you ready to freeze the cottage cheese right now? I think so! I make sure that once you pass this process, you will feel much better and more excited about how to extend the shelf life of your extra cottage cheese and other kinds of items as well.

Have you ever tried freezing your cottage cheese? Please share with us your experience. If you find this article helpful and useful, just share it with your family and friends. By the way, you might concern about can you freeze deli meatcan you freeze egg salad. Enjoy! 🙂

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