Can You Freeze Cream Of Coconut – Saving The Leftover Of Your Favorite Cream

If you have ever tasted a coconut cream dish, you may fall for the richness and sweet flavor of this cream that it brought to the dish. However, the shelf life of this product is quite limited once you have opened it.

What is the best way of storing coconut cream? Can you freeze cream of coconut? Let’s unveil the secret now!

What Is Coconut Cream?

Can You Freeze Cream Of Coconut

You may not be familiar with the name – coconut cream, yet you will have heard about coconut milk. A cream is a less-water form of coconut milk.

The process of producing coconut cream is similar to the milk version. They are all made by simmering squeezed liquid from ripped brown coconut in a hot pan. Then, the mixture will be left in the refrigerator to cool down. The thicken cream paste that you see formed on the top is the coconut cream, while the milk is the liquid settling at the bottom.

The cream has a thicker, more condensed texture compared to coconut milk. It also has a rich, creamy flavor with higher fat content, which will add more velvety smoothness and richness to any dish using it as an ingredient.

Coconut cream is a great substitution for dairy cream in dairy-free and vegan-friendly recipes. Anything calling for cream, the coconut cream can be used as an alternative.

However, its application is far more than just for baking purposes. You can put this kind of cream in use in thai green curry, soup, using whole grains to thicken and sweeten, parfaits, etc.

How Long Does Cream of Coconut Last?

Store-bought coconut cream often has a small note sentence on the label: “best before (time)” or “best by (date)” to give customers a recommended point of time to use the product for the best quality.

Despite that, it is still fine to use your cream after that day. Your unopened coconut cream can will not magically spoil when it has just passed the best by date.

Unopened carton box coconut cream can stay good after best by day for up to 2-4 weeks in your pantry. This applies the same with canned coconut cream and powdered form.

Still, once you have opened your coconut cream, it would be best to store it in the refrigerator or freezer unless you consume it all as soon as possible.

How long does coconut cream last in the fridge or the freezer? It depends on the type of packaging.

Opened carton pack of coconut cream can last in your fridge for 3 to 10 days, yet you can extend its shelf life to 3 months when putting it in the freezer for storage.

With opened canned coconut cream, you can retain its freshness in the fridge for only 4 to 5 days. Still, its lifespan can be lengthened to 3 months, the same as the carton packaging stored in the freezer.

How To Tell If Coconut Cream Is Bad? 

Does cream of coconut go bad? Yes, yes, yes! To avoid using spoiled coconut cream, what are the signs to identify that the cream has gone bad.

Let’s start with the packaging. When the carton box is swelling or bloating, get rid of it right away; your cream can’t be consumed anymore. Some bacteria may have sneaked in and released a gas that can escape from the box, causing the swelling of the box.

What about canned cream? If you see your can has leaked, badly rusted, swelled, dented, or squirted liquid when you open it, say bye and throw it away immediately.

How to tell if the actual cream product is bad? Coconut cream has creamy, white, shiny paste with a distinct smell belonging to coconut products. If there are any visible molds, discoloration, or changes in smell and taste, they are all the signs of your cream being spoiled. Molds, rancid or sour smell, sour taste, or the color turn from white to yellowish; discard it instantly.

However, if your cream just gets solidified or separated, it may not be that sign of spoiled cream. This situation could happen due to high-fat content or the temperature change. Check for other signs to see whether you have to dump it or not.

Can You Freeze Cream Of Coconut?

“Can I freeze coconut cream? Can coconut cream be frozen?” Sometimes these questions may pop into your mind as the amount needed for the recipe is not much compared to the whole can of coconut cream.

Freezing is a way to keep the cream with you for 2-3 months. Frozen coconut cream may have some small changes in texture, such as grainy, solidify, etc. Still, these would not affect the overall taste of the cream and it may be fixed after you let it defrost and heat it up.

How to freeze coconut cream? What are some methods of coconut cream storage? You will find out in the section below.

How To Store Coconut Cream 

After having done some experiences, there are two ways to store your coconut cream that we think will lengthen its shelf life to best. Here is how to do it.

Storing Coconut Cream In The Fridge

  1. Transfer your coconut cream to an airtight container. Only pour the cream up to a point where the container’s headspace is about ½ inch left.
  2. Seal your container securely. You can even put a layer of plastic wrap on before putting the lid on. 
  3. Place it in the fridge, and you are done with the work.

If you want to use the cream, stir it after removing it from your fridge to ensure its quality and texture right.

Storing Coconut Cream In The Freezer

If you don’t want to thaw the whole container of cream repeatedly, dividing it into small portions with your ice cube tray is a way to go. Pour the cream into the tray and let it freeze to solid.

When those cream cubes have solidified, pop those cubes out of the tray and put them in some airtight containers. Close the lid, and place it back in the freezer.

Still, if you don’t feel like dividing it into small pieces, you just have to do it the same way as storing it in your refrigerator, and voila.

What To Do With Leftover Coconut Cream Instead Of Freezing It? 

The only way left to go with your leftover coconut cream is to use it up right away. You can use it for cooking pumpkin soup to add an Asian twist to a Western dish. Or maybe creating homemade coconut ice cream, tiramisu, milkshakes, or a delicious coconut cream pie. It is all up to you. 


Can You Freeze Canned Coconut Milk?

Yes! You can. As the amount of milk called for in the recipe is far less than what is in the can, you can freeze the leftover portion to avoid food waste.

However, freezing the milk can result in some changes in the texture or even its taste. The solids (the creamy substance) will separate from the liquids and leave the liquid to become grainy. Still, you can fix it by heating and then blending it in the blender.

Can You Freeze Coconut?

Absolutely! Freezing the whole coconut is still okay, yet it would take up a lot of space in your fridge. Therefore, grate the meat out to pulp and store it in your freezer; it would save much more space.

This method is also a good option if you have broken the coconut open since refrigerating the opened coconut will make it dry and may spoil sooner.

Can You Freeze Coconut Cream Pie?

Can coconut cream pie be frozen? Yes, it can. However, coconut cream pie doesn’t freeze well, so we would not recommend you try it to maintain the best quality of the pie.

How long does coconut cream pie last in the fridge? A freshly baked pie can stay in the fridge for 3-4 days when having plastic wrap or aluminum foil covered closely.


All in all, we hope after reading our post about can you freeze cream of coconut, you have had an idea of what to do and what don’t. Moreover, with our provided information, you can know how to store your coconut cream or maybe identify if your cream is spoiled or not.

Best luck to you. Thank you for reading.

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can you freeze the whole unopened can?

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    Sure you can freeze unopened coconut cream can. But can you tell me why do you want to do it? Coz coconut cream will have the best flavor when was bought from store. We don’t recommend to keep the new thing in the your freezer for a long time. Only the opened leftovers one is needed.

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