Can You Freeze Cream Puffs? The Best Way To Freeze It

Cream puff, or Choux à la crème, is a dessert created around the 14th century by Caterina de’ Medici – the court’s head cook. Over time, the cream puffs have had many variations in their recipe and have become known worldwide as a symbol of sophistication in French cuisine.

They have stringent standards in terms of ingredients and preparation procedures. That’s why the preservation of the cake is also critical in keeping the flavor of the finished product. So, can you freeze cream puffs for preservation? The answer is right in this post!

Can You Freeze Cream Puffs? 

Can You Freeze Cream Puffs

If one day someone asks you, “can cream puffs be frozen” – the answer is YES! You can completely freeze cream puffs profiteroles if you plan to make ahead cream puffs for later. 

Due to the excellent ability of the refrigerator to lower the temperature and prevent the invasion of harmful bacteria, the lifespan of your cream puffs will last a long time. 

How long do cream puffs last? On average, it’s for about two months!

Although the process is rapid and effective, most experts advise against freezing food due to food contamination concerns and considerable texture changes. Of course, you still can use it, but it will not be as tasty as it once was! We still recommend making a modest amount per batch and using it up as soon as possible.

That’s also the answer regarding the problem “can you freeze cream puff shells.” For further information on how to keep cream puffs from getting soggy and how to store them, scroll down to the next sections!

How To Freeze Cream Puffs?

So, now that you know “can you freeze filled cream puffs,” let’s talk about storing cream puffs properly!

  1. While preparing cream puffs, you apply both the hot fudge cream puffs or the ice cream puff recipe
  2. Line a cookie sheet with parchment paper, and arrange the choux on it. Be mindful not to let the choux stick together!
  3. Put the choux in the fridge. It will take about 4 hours for it to set completely.
  4. After freezing the cream puffs, homemakers should prepare storage containers. It would be best to use plastic food containers or airtight zip bags.

How To Thaw Cream Puffs?

One thing to keep in mind for homemakers is that you only need to thaw the baked portion. If the dough is still unbaked, feel free to use it every time you take it out of the freezer.

Many people prefer to leave freezing cream puffs at room temperature or defrost it in the microwave using the automatic defrost mode when defrosting. However, food safety experts have proven in their studies that this can lead to food poisoning due to fast temperature swings. 

The best way to defrost the cream puffs is to leave them in the refrigerator overnight if you have time. The inner ice will melt gradually, your choux will not become soggy, and textural changes will be minimized to the full degree feasible as a result.

At this point, all you need to do is reheat the cake in the oven at 375 degrees for 5 minutes, and your choux is ready to serve!

Other Ways To Store Cream Puffs?

If you don’t want to freeze your cream puffs because you’re concerned about the quality of the cakes, that’s okay; we are here to provide an alternative – Putting the sweet pastry in the fridge!

Preserve your choux this way, and it will be fresh for up to three days after you make them. Your dish may not last as long as frozen, but it’s a worthwhile trade-off to keep the original flavor.

Homemakers must prepare food wrap or specific bowl lids (such as a Pyrex storage bowl). Then, place the cling film or lid directly on the bowl and put it in the fridge. This will help keep the food’s inherent moisture while also preventing bacteria from entering and ruining it.

Specifically, the exterior of the choux remains crispy with a chilled and fresh cream interior each time you reheat. Your sweet cream puff will surely be great to serve as a dessert after dinner or tea time!

How Do You Keep Cream Puffs From Getting Soggy and Collapsing After Thawing? 

The baking stage is critical for retaining the crispiness of the profiterole or cream puff pastry. The only way to ensure the perfect texture of frozen cream puff is to bake it long enough in the oven. A high temperature and sufficient time will make the following preservation process considerably easier and more successful!

Also, if your choux has softened during storage, you can simply fix it by re-baking it at 300°F for 5-8 minutes. Keep the oven door open throughout the heating procedure. 

The temperature differential here is the key to prevent steam from developing and keeps the cake from becoming soggy. However, this is only useful when the surrounding environment is dry. In case you live in a humid area, this is not an advisable option.


Do Cream Puffs Need To Be Refrigerated?

The answer is YES, if your cake has been baked and has a filling inside. This is the same as a substitute for instant pudding; when refrigerated, they will be edible for a longer time. 

Can You Freeze Unfilled Cream Puffs?

If you need to save them for later use, you can do so. The crusts defrost rapidly (5-10 minutes), and you should wait until they are completely cool before adding the filling.

Can I Freeze Choux Pastry Puffs?

You don’t need to refrigerate the unbaked dough before using it, the same as with biscuits. When you’re finished making the outer shells, feel free to stuff the cream and bake!

Final Thoughts

In sum, can you freeze cream puffs? The answer is yes, you can. 

Freezing will make cream puffs last longer, possibly up to several months. Still, this only applies to the baked dough. As for the unbaked dough, you don’t need to refrigerate it.

We hope you understand this thoroughly. Thank you for reading, and hope to see you soon.

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