Can You Freeze Liverwurst? The Ultimate Guide On How To Store Liverwurst

You may, or may not, have heard about liverwurst or what does liverwurst taste like. In case you haven’t known, it is a special type of sausage that is extremely popular in Europe as its meat ingredients come from organs.

Once you have had a bite of liverwurst, its flavor will leave a remark in your cuisine journey.

Like any other food, liverwurst requires careful and decent storage to be freshened all the time. Out of all the storing options, freezing has always been an ideal method, but would it apply to liverwurst effectively?

Can you freeze liverwurst and how to freeze it? Join in this article, and you have all your wonders solved.

Can You Freeze Liverwurst?

Can You Freeze Liverwurst

Yes, liverwurst holds up extremely well in the freezer, up to 2 months, because freezing method can prevent bacterial and mold growth which make the liverwurt rancid. To ensure taste and texture of liverwurst when freezing, please make sure plastic bag is air tight and sealed.

Before getting to know whether we can freeze liverwurst or not, let’s learn a little bit about this kind of sausage.

What is liverwurst? What is liverwurst made of or what are liverwurst ingredients? Well, liverwurst is a sausage made from the liver of mammals, including pigs, calves, etc. 

The other ingredients that can be found in a loaf of liverwurst are meat, fat, and variable spices to elevate the flavor including nutmeg, pepper, or mustard.

Liverwurst is one of the widely-used sausage products across Europe and some North American countries.

Why Should We Use Freezing Method To Store Liverwurst?

We will go deeply to each reason why freezing liverwurst is the best way to keep this sausage fresh more than usual.

1. Freezing is a compatible method to store meat and sausage

Freezing has been proven to be the most efficient method to store meat generally and sausage specifically.

As a proof, freezing meat deli is confirmed to extend the product’s freshness much longer than storing it in a cupboard.

2. Liverwurst is made from ingredients that can be stored at low temperatures without going rancid.

Mainly made from liver, organ meat, and fat, liverwurst can be stored in the freezer without having the appetizer lost.

These ingredients tend to stay longer and fresher when stored at the low temperature.

3. Liverwurst usually comes in large portion

In case you make the liverwurst by yourself or buy from the store, the sausage will normally arrive in a big portion, maybe a loaf or a big batch.

For this shape, it is even more ideal for storing liverwurst in the freezer for fresh-retained future consumption. 

For all of those reasons, we can confidently answer the question“Can liverwurst be frozen” with a firm “Yes”.

How Long Can Liverwurst Be Refrigerated?

Compared to other sausages, liverwurst has a shorter lifespan due to its ingredients. Out of all the factors deciding how long is liverwurst good for, the main decisive component depends on how you store it. 

As we have mentioned in the previous part, freezing liverwurst is a good way to keep this product fresh for a long time.

But the question is, how long can a loaf of liverwurst sustain in the low temperature yet still be edible, or how long does unopened liverwurst last in refrigerator?

The answer is a loaf of liverwurst can stay fresh in the freezer for 3-5 days only if you store it properly.

This fact implies that, even if you perform every instruction correctly about how to freeze liverwurst in the freezer, the product must be consumed within five days for the best quality. 

If you store liverwurst in the freezer for too long, you will notice a change in its flavor and texture once you get it out of the freezer. 

There are chances that your liverwurst can be frozen for more than 5 days and still be edible. However, its appearance may deceive you.

That’s when you need to know how to tell if liverwurst has gone bad. Hence, it would be best if you consumed the liverwurst before the expiry date. 

How To Freeze Liverwurst?

How to freeze liverwurst

Well then, you have learned that liverwurst is freezable. Make sure to follow our instructions carefully to understand the best way to freeze liverwurst:

Step 1. Identify The Ingredients

Other than the main ingredients such as beef/pork, fat, livers’ components, each liverwurst will have additional seasonings to support its flavors, such as herbs or spices.

Other than that, if you purchase liverwurst from the grocery store, there might be some preservatives in it. 

As for crude meat’s short shelf life, having different fixings that don’t freeze or have shorter cooler lives, similar to nuts and spices, will eventually influence how effectively the liverwurst can freeze.

With preservatives, they can last longer than usual, but the level of freshness is not well guaranteed.

So, the best thing to do is to study your liverwurst well before putting it in the freezer. If there are too many ingredients involved, you must beware that the result will be less effective than normal.

Step 2. Wrap The Liverwurst In Plastic

The liverwurst’s form will tell you the best way to wrap it. In this step, you need to cling-wrap the log by plastic wrap, which can be purchased easily in any grocery store. 

If you have cut liverwurst, it is ideal for stacking them in order, isolating the cuts with non-stick paper to keep them from consolidating when defrosting. Wrap the log with cling wrap as you would do a whole loaf. 

If your liverwurst log comes without its packaging, wrap it by wax or material paper before enclosing the log by plastic to keep the log in its shape.

Step 3. Foil-cover the Log

The next step is to wrap the log with aluminum foil. In any circumstances, do not use ink and directly note on the wrap.

This action can cause the ink to leak into the sausage, making it inedible yet bearing a horrible chemical smell. 

Step 4. Mark Your Liverwurst

Most people usually neglect this step when they freeze liverwurst. However, it is a fundamental thing to do to keep track of the product’s current status.

Here is the list of the information you should provide on your liverwurst before storing it in the freezer while preventing accidentally eating expired liverwurst in the future

  • The ingredients contained in the liverwurst
  • The date when it was manufactured
  • The date when it was frozen
  • The expiry date

Step 5. Store In An Airtight Container 

Put the wrapped product in an airtight container for the best freezing result.

And that’s how you can freeze liverwurst effectively. By strictly following this guideline, your liverwurst product is guaranteed to be reheatable. 

Like any other meat product that gets frozen, for example, reheating a meatloaf, the final result after freezing can only be successfully brought out if you have stored it properly in the first place. The same rule will apply to liverwurst.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can you freeze liverwurst pate? 

If you can freeze liverwurst, there is no reason why you can’t freeze liverwurst pate. The pate, which is usually the star of liverwurst sandwich, lasts longer when put in the freezer than a loaf of unsliced liverwurst.

2. Is there a difference between liverwurst and Braunschweiger?

Liverwurst and Braunschweiger can be both recognized as a certain type of pork cushion meatloaf due to their characteristics of being pork-made.

Talking about how they contrast, it can be pointed out as Braunschweiger is typically smoked during cooking while liverwurst isn’t.

To make up the smoky flavor for Liverwurst, the manufacturers usually add bacon to it. The other contrast between the two sausage lays back to the meats’ origin. 

For more details about this differentiation, you can try several liverwurst recipes and replace them with Braunschweiger to see the contrasting flavors.

The recommended recipes and dishes are smoked liverwurst recipe, chicken liverwurst recipe, or beef liverwurst.

So, Can you freeze Braunschweiger? Yes, you can do it. Make sure that tight wrapping it and vacuum packing before put it into the icebox of the refrigerator. It will be Okay to use within 3 months of storing but it will be changed a little taste and texture.


And that’s our answer to the question of “Can you freeze liverwurst?” You have known that you can freeze this kind of liver sausage to store them for future use, along with how to keep it properly.

We hope that you can generate several great recipes using this one-of-a-kind sausage. Thank you for reading our article, and we will catch up with you soon.

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