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5 Excellent Substitutes For Kaffir Lime Leaves You Need To Know

When cooking becomes my own little word, one of my hobbies is trying out different recipes I find on the Internet. Although food experimentation is funny, there would always be times when I get frustrated. Yesterday, I did plan to cook a Thai curry dish. When I checked the ingredient list, I found the name “fresh Kaffir lime leaves” which is not available in my living area.

I bought dried Kaffir lime leaves in a grocery as a replacement, but they had never given the right flavor profile that the recipe requires. So, I went to the Internet and searched for substitutes for Kaffir lime leaves. I found some ideas, and to my surprise, one of them worked really well.

Today, I’m over here to share this experience with you!

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5 Excellent Masa Harina Substitutes – What Are the Secrets?

The majority of us knows that tortillas are vital when saying to Mexican cuisine. Yes, you can serve it as a side or main dish. Correspondingly, not few people are ready to pay for planning to make Mexican food.

Nonetheless, in fact, it is not difficult to get this dish at home. If defined the recipe, you can perform countless tortilla as desired, in particular, flour tortilla, corn tortilla, cactus tortilla,…

And to make tortillas, it cannot be short of masa harina. But, apart from masa harina, you still have other options. Let’s see masa harina substitutes below!

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7 Excellent Rosemary Substitutes You Need To Know

Rosemary (or Rosmarinus officinalis) is a plant species native to the Mediterranean. Also known as “dew of the sea”, it is one of the most widely used culinary herb around the world, and there is clearly a good reason for that . Rosemary has long been known to boast incredible nutritional value. Did you know that a branch of Rosemary is as nutritious as a medium-sized apple? But the main reason the plant is used in almost every kitchen around the world is its complex and distinct flavor that helps improve any dish from soups and stews to roasts or stuffing.

While Rosemary is a popular herb and can be found in most grocery stores, the ingredient may not always be available for use. Some people are also allergic to Rosemary or just straight up dislike the plant’s taste.

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7 Best Ideas For Gochugaru Substitute You’ll Ever Need To Know

Gochugaru – The Iconic Ingredient For Spicy Korean Dishes

If you are a big fan of spicy Korean foods, gochugaru is probably not a strange name to you. In fact, gochugaru has evolved far beyond a critical ingredient for Korean dishes. Many Western recipes have now utilized gochugaru to add that hot punch. However, in many cases, we won’t find this thing accessible to buy. Thus, this will be the list of 7 gochugaru substitute ingredients that do really work.

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