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Is Mango a Citrus Fruit? – A Matter That You Need to Discover


Mangoes are definitely one of the most favorite fruits all over the world thanks to its amazing flavor. You can make a number of things such as eating raw, making juice, mixing with the homemade salsa as well as the ice cream. However, I am sure that many of you cannot answer " Is mango a citrus fruit? ". As a result, I am going to give you an accurate and simple explanation right now.

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How Long Does Iced Tea Last? What Everyone Wants to Know

These days, a number of people are showing their interest in drinking brewed green tea every day. With no doubt, I am not an exception as I love enjoying the iced tea at home. However, I know that many people do not know the maximum time to store the iced tea. This will affect the taste as well as the quality of your iced tea. Thus, I am going to help you answer ‘how long does iced tea last?’ now. The answer may vary according to the storage conditions. As a result, by understanding this issue thoroughly, you can have a tasty cup of iced tea for sure.


How Long Does Iced Tea Last?

I am always addicted to drinking brewed tea since I love its taste and its smell. It is very comfortable to have either a teapot or a tea kettle when reading books on weekends. Thus, I spend much time on choosing the best tea kettle for my gas stove.


I know that a number of people are sharing the same interest as me. However, taking care of the tea properly is one of the biggest problems for them. I know that many people always have to struggle with drinking flat or stale tea.

I used to experience these situations before, which made me feel irritated for a while. And well, I want to help those who are going through the same problems as me. Iced tea offers you a diversity of health benefit so that you have to make good use.

There is a variety of maximum time for storing tea since it depends on the condition of your storage. If you store the tea in the temperature of the room, it is different from storing in the fridge. Furthermore, storing the tea in the sealed container can give you more time than in the open glass.

In my opinion, it is very important to care about the maximum time to store the brewed tea. If you store it in the room temperature, I highly recommend the maximum of eight hours. On the other hand, many people prefer putting the tea in the fridge to have the iced tea.

With this condition, you can store the iced tea for about 48 hours. However, if you go over this ideal time, the tea may absorb the flavors of the other food in the fridge. And this is not a good signal! Similar to the other products, the tea tends to decrease its quality when it ages.

Put Iced Tea In The Glass


As an iced tea lover, I spend much time learning about this drink such as the iced tea recipe. Therefore, I have figured out how to store it in the best way to retain the best quality. Storing your iced tea in either the plastic or the pitcher is not a perfect solution. The tea cannot keep its neutral flavor and then acquire the odor.

Hence, it is better to put your iced tea in the glass inside the fridge. But remember, your iced tea can only last for about 12 hours when being stored in an open glass. If you want to extend the storage time, you can put a lid on the glass. By doing this, you can keep the flavor of the tea for a double time.

Bottled Iced Tea

Well, bottled iced tea is not the best choice when talking about perfect flavor and natural taste. However, it can be the ultimate solution for busy people. You can still have a good cup of iced tea to avoid the heat of the sun.


During my busy season with my customers, I always go with this store-bought iced tea at home. Once you have already opened the bottle, you can keep the tea for about 7-10 days in the fridge. Otherwise, if you still keep it tightly sealed, you can store it until the expiry date.

However, I suggest that you should drink the bottled iced tea before the expiry date. As I mentioned before, the tea will lose its peak flavor as it ages. Also, even if the expiry date has not come, when you discover the strange smell or the odor, you should discard the bottle immediately.

The reason is that the bottled iced tea might be leaking and then absorbing the flavors of the other things in your fridge. Besides, the food poisoning inside the fridge might be a harmful element that you might not know. Due to these factors, you cannot wait until the expired date.


In general, I wish that all of the information in this article will help you gain more knowledge about your favorite drink. At this moment, you can answer ‘how long does iced tea last?’ for sure. However, in case you want to have any discussion or queries, please feel free to keep in touch with me anytime.

What Everyone Wants to Know About Tea Kettle vs Teapot

First Words

Since tea has become a popular drink, not only owing to its obvious benefits for our health, but also the divine taste, pleasant aroma, and convenience, teapots, and tea kettles are an indispensable part of the kitchenware. Most families have a teapot, or a tea kettle, or both, for daily use.

Although tea pots and tea kettles look somehow similar, they have different functions and specific designs. Usually, the kettles are used on the stovetop, allowing users to boil water with tea leaves inside or for other purposes. On the other hand, a teapot is thinner, cannot be used on a stove. People often put dried tea leaves or tea bags in the vessel, pour hot water into to make an aromatic pot of beautiful drink.

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How Long Does Lasagna Last? What You Need to Know is Here

A couple days ago, I learned made lasagna, an old kind of pasta. As usual, I did a large portion and left a bit for the future. And right away, I wondered “how long does lasagna last” and “how can I store it so that I still taste the best flavor after reheating”.

Similar to previous times, especially when making feta cheese, I searched for information on the Internet to find an answer. Therefore, if you’re in my case, down here now since I will show you what I’ve done.​

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What Is Pork Cushion Meat? Know It Immediately

Pork is one of the most popular consumed meats in the world, except a lot of Muslim nations. People usually cook many great pork diets; however, there are various cuts to choose from. Some persons know while others could not distinguish the cuts, and they probably do not know what is pork cushion meat or the difference between a cushion meat and a Boston butt. Thus, this is the time to recognize cuts of a pork to create many delicious recipes.

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