Chinese Ginger Candy Recipe – Children & Adult Will Love

Honestly, we all love sweet treats. It is not exaggerated to say that candies sometimes are the best gifts you can give out to people. A piece of candy can light up the day if you are feeling down.

Although many said candies are bad for health, some specific types have proven to benefit the immune system, like Chinese candied ginger lead. If you want to have the authentic Chinese ginger candy recipe, follow our instructions below.

What Is Ginger Candy Good For?

chinese ginger candy recipe

Ginger has long been a common ingredient in various forms of traditional medicine and cooking recipes. People use ginger in fresh, powdered, dried, juiced, or even oil form.

Ginger tea is the most typical product in using ginger to ease or cure diseases. However, it is sometimes not very convenient to be carried around as the tea can spill out if you are not careful in placing the bottle in the bag.

So, people have come up with an alternative to fix this problem, which is candied ginger lead. It has all the benefits of ginger tea and ginger, but it is easier to bring along.

  • You can use crystalized ginger to ease digestive disturbances or motion sickness, as it can quickly help you get rid of nausea.
  • Suppose you are a woman suffering from menstrual cramping. In that case, Asian ginger candy is a match for you due to its ability to relieve the spasms.
  • As it can ease many kinds of pains, those with rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis can also use the candy in treatment.
  • At the beginning stages of a fever, Chinese ginger candy can act as ginger tea to warm up your body when you are shivering from the cold.
  • Since it was made of ginger, crystallized ginger candy can break the thick, congested mucous lungs and sinuses to cure congestion.
  • Sucking on a piece of ginger candy can also wipe away the cough and ease your sore throat.
  • As the ginger itself contains magnesium, chromium, and zinc, Chinese ginger candy can enhance blood flow.
  • Many types of research have shown that it also helps with asthma since it can coat the airways.

Chinese Ginger Candy Recipe – Easiest DIY Recipe

What you need: 

  • 5 cups of water
  • 1 pound of fresh ginger
  • 1.3 pounds of sugar or 2 cups of cane syrup ( you can look for syrup substitute if you don’t have the cane one)
  • Parchment Paper
  • A Sheet pan
  • A Cooling rack

Now, let’s get started to work on the Chinese preserved ginger recipe.

Prepare The Ginger

Step 1: Choose the best ginger roots for making the candies.

When buying the gingers, you should look for some young and fresh roots to give the candies the best quality. When touching, those roots give a nice firm, and tender feeling are the ones you should put in the basket.

Remember to avoid buying the roots that give papery sense, as those are all old ones.

Step 2: Wash those fresh ginger roots and peel them with a spoon or knife. 

Wash those roots under cool, running water to completely remove the excess dirt. Next, you use a spoon or a small knife and peel off the skin with its sharp-edge. Scrape it toward your side with downward and strong strokes.

If you find it hard to scrape off the skin around the joints, break them into pieces and start the peeling.

Step 3: Slice the ginger 

Slice these roots into pieces that are ⅛ in (3.2 mm) thick. You can use a mandoline to get even cuts of ginger. Or else, a paring knife can also be great for slicing the ginger into thin slices.

Step 4: Cook the ginger 

Pour into the pot 5 cups of water and put all the ginger slices into it. Next, please turn on the oven to medium-high heat and cook it for 35 minutes. You only have to cook the ginger till it is tender, not mushy.

Note: You should use a lid to cover the pot as the ginger cooks and a fork to check whether the ginger is tender.

Step 5: Drain the ginger.

After taking the pot off the heat, grab a colander and place it onto a big bowl. Then, you transfer all the things in the pot into it and lift the colander to get all the water out.

Next, use a measuring cup to retain ¼ cup of the ginger liquid. You only need that much liquid for the whole recipe, and the rest can be put away.

Make It To Candies

Step 1: Measure the sugar

You will need sugar in the process of simmering the ginger candy and coating the outside. 

The sugar for coating is only about 0,3 pounds, but if you want your candies to be sweeter, you can add more sugar to the coat.

Step 2: Boil the ginger, sugar, and liquid

Add all the ginger slices, sugar or syrup, and ¼ cup of the liquid into a large saucepan. Then, please turn on the stove to medium-high heat and place the saucepan on it.

Grab your wooden spoon and stir the ingredients until it is well mixed. Keep stirring on the heat until they start boiling. It will take you approximately 20 minutes to bring them to a boil.

Then, you adjust the heat to medium. You can check out the link attached if you don’t know what temperature is medium heat.

Cook it until most of the sugar syrup has vaporized, and then remove the saucepan from the heat. Wait about 20 minutes to let the sugar syrup recrystallize.

Tips: You can add some aroma to the candies by using cinnamon sticks. If you want an alternative to cinnamon sticks, you can look for cinnamon sticks substitute.

Step 3: Coating

Pick the ginger out with tongs and place it on the sheet pan. Then, you start to sprinkle sugar on top of it to make the coat. Try to flip the ginger pieces around with tongs to get it fully coated.

Next, you transfer the final product to the cooling rack and leave it to cool down for 2 hours. It would help if you used a fork or tongs to spread the pieces out, avoid them sticking to each other, and have better-coated ginger.

Step 4: Store the candies

Check the candies to see if they are completely cooled down and hardened before storing them. Put all those pieces into an airtight container and keep the container in a dark, cool place like a pantry.


Prepare the ginger

We hope you can successfully make those candies yourself based on our Chinese ginger candy recipe post after reading.

Plus, it would be more beneficial to know more about the advantages of the ginger candy mentioned above and use it as an additional treatment for several diseases. 

Good luck with your work. Thank you for reading.

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