How To Fix Too Much Garlic Properly With 11 Detailed Steps

Garlic has always been the most used ingredient in cooking as it can season the dish and give it more aroma. Plus, garlic also possesses a list of health benefits that may surprise you.

You can use garlic in any form: whole clove, mice, or powder to add more flavor to your dish with the tartness pungency taste. Yet, is too much garlic bad for you? We don’t know for sure. Still, if you add too much garlic into the food, it may end up ruining all the flavor.

So, How to fix too much garlic? We will find out below.

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What Can You Use As A Dijon Mustard Substitute?

Moutarde de Dijon, or Dijon Mustard, is a creamy mustard from France that has been widely used worldwide. Like Gochugaru of Korea, Dijon Mustard is a famous spicy sauce to create flavors for different dishes of all kinds of food.

You can use it as a sauce when eating seafood, add it to level up the heat in your steak or roasted chicken, etc.

So, Dijon Mustard is somewhat a “must-have” ingredient in the kitchen. However, what if you happen to run out of the last jar of Dijon Mustard? What ingredients can you use as a Dijon Mustard substitute?

So, what do you know about Moutarde de Dijon?

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How Long Does Homemade Tomato Sauce Last In The Fridge

Tomato is an indispensable spice in many dishes as it provides a delicious taste and necessary vitamins.

However, preserving it is no simple task. Experts don’t recommend refrigerating fresh tomatoes because they will lose their flavors.

Therefore, the tomato sauce recipe is a popular choice for home cooks to storage. But many people wonder, “how long does homemade tomato sauce last in the fridge?”. Don’t worry! We will show you the answer without further delay.

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What Is The Most Suitable Pecan Substitute For Your Dish?

Pecans are such flavorsome and rich-in-nutrient nuts that can be used to create many fantastic dishes, such as pecan pie, pecan sauce, and so on.

Suppose that they are the main ingredient for the dish you’re about to cook, but you run out of them; what can you do in that situation?

In this article, we’re going to consider all angles of pecan substitute so that you will know what the best replacement is no matter what you need.

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How To Clean A Flour Sifter? – The Fastest Way To Remove Flour From The Sifter!

If baking is one of your favorite activities, you must be aware of how important a flour sifter is during the process. This wonderful kitchen boutique helps separate flour from lump-concentrating, making the flour lightweight and usable.

We all know how necessary it is, but how to clean a flour sifter so that its life usage gets prolonged? This article is where you can find the answer to that question!

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