15 Excellent Goat Cheese Substitutes Will Make You Surprised

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Goat cheese is a flavorful ingredient and the soul of many dishes, both sweet and savory dishes.

There is a lot of recipes that call for good quality goat cheese, whether it is a creamy cheesecake or a quick pasta salad.

Moreover, goat cheese is an excellent choice to be paired with green vegetables such as spinach.

But at the same time goat cheese is not always readily available. Unlike regular cheese made from cow milk, goat cheese can be surprisingly difficult to obtain in certain areas.

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How To Reheat Your Fried Chicken In Oven? New Guide

Nowadays, almost fan of chicken might like some recipes such as Pollo Tropical recipes or Mall Chicken Teriyaki.

But one truth you don’t know that since the 19th century, fried chicken – the favorite food of many people, has transitioned from a dish that was reserved for holidays to a daily dish with many variations.

Most of the home chefs or even professional ones are usually in trouble when trying to find how to reheat fried chicken. So today we introduce to you the best way to do it by using an oven.

The solution couldn’t be easier after you read this article.

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How To Reheat A Smoked Turkey And Keep It Tender

Turkey was known as a unique food on Thanksgiving day since 1621 by William Bradford’s note. At that time, turkey is big enough for a meal with full members in a family (6 ~ 10 persons).

Nowadays a family only include 3 ~ 4 people, so the leftover turkey after Thanksgiving day will be a headache for all housewife. So how to deal with it? 

However, not everyone knows how to reheat a smoked turkey without drying it out. Reheating smoked turkey is to process it with heat a second time. It is easy to overcook it and take away all the tenderness and juiciness of a delicious turkey.

After a few failures, I gain some experience when warming smoked turkey, especially a whole one. I can tell you that it is not difficult to reheat a turkey and keep it tender. Here is how I do it.

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Cumin Substitute – 9 Best Herbs You Need To Know About

Cumin is widely used in numerous dishes around the world. In many cuisines, cumin is undoubtedly the key to make them become excellent.

However, there are many people who want to look for another option in their recipes. Why do many people want to replace cumin? And what type of spice is the best cumin substitute? Let us find out more in this article.

Cumin is the seed of a plant called Cuminum Cyminum, a flowering herb in the Parsley family (also known as Apiaceae). It is known as a condiment having an earthy and spicy flavor, which is created by the oil the seeds contain.

Apart from having a unique taste, cumin holds many nutritional values. It is a copious source of fiber, protein, vitamin B and minerals.

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How To Take Skin Off Salmon? Easy and Simple Way

It’s widely claimed that salmon is one of the most delicious and healthiest fishes in the sea. Its taste is mild, creamy and very soft.

The Omega-3 fatty acid found in its meat is great for bones, joints, eyes, brain and heart. Also, salmon is low in calories, which makes it a great ingredient in low-fat diets.

For some reasons, people want to know how to take skin off salmon. If you’re one of them, this step-by-step guide is just for you!

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Coriander Substitute – 11 Best Herbs I Bet You Did Not Know

Coriander is a leafy annual type of herb. It belongs to the same family with caraway, fennel, and celery. The term “coriander” usually refers to the seeds, while coriander leaves and stems are called cilantro in North America (or Dhaniya Powder in India).

Many people don’t like eating coriander because it has a rank smell and an unpleasant soapy taste. So, they look for alternatives that are more gentle in flavor but offer the same health benefits. Today we’d like to share with you our list of coriander substitutes. Let’s explore it now!

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What Does Asparagus Taste Like? Know it Immediately!

Yesterday, my son asked me ” Daddy, What does asparagus taste like?”. I get rough for a while to find the answer.

These days, more and more people are interested in keeping fit and stay healthy because health is one of the most important factors for their entire life.

As a result, people seem to focus on designing a better eating plan, which consists of some generic vegetables including broccoli, tomatoes, spinach as well as the others.

Today, I am going to introduce you to the great vegetables, which are called asparagus with a ton of health benefits. Benefits of asparagus are various nutrients but a little Calories, upgrade digestive health, lower blood pressure, weight loss, Vitamin E, Vitamin K, etc.

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What Does Octopus Taste Like? And How To Make It Awesome

The octopus is known as one of the oldest creatures in the world, and since the very old days, it has become a favorite food of human beings. There are various ways to turn octopus into wonderful dishes, and each one has a distinct taste and flavor.

What does octopus taste like​? Well, the answer depends on what ingredients you use and how you combine them. As I said, there are plenty of ways to cook octopus, and this post will share with you some of them.

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How To Reheat Shrimp? Simple and Effective Ways

As a food lover and cooking enthusiast, I always find myself mesmerized by endless ways to turn fresh ingredients into delicious meals.

Being a rather imaginative cook, I am particularly keen on creating new exotic dishes, and shrimp is one of my favorite ones. Keep scrolling down and you will learn how to reheat shrimp properly.

Shrimp is a portion of delicious food that is packed with nutrition and can be combined with many options.

There are a wide variety of shrimp recipes. You can steam them, grill them or fry them in different styles be it Asian or Italian.

But once the party is over, you have faced with a problem: the leftovers. Thanks to whoever invented refrigerators, you can easily keep the leftovers or untouched shrimp and reheat them to eat later.

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How To Thicken Alfredo Without Affecting The Flavor (Updated)

Many of us are Fettuccine Alfredo big fans, and the biggest problem of making this dish at home is always about the sauce.

There are thousands of recipes for how to thicken Alfredo sauce. However, it seems to me that they just make the sauce has a milky consistency and gets cold.

So, what we want is a creamy sauce serving with piping hot pasta. This writing will thus offer 5 simple and proven ways to thicken the Alfredo sauce. And the best part is, they do not have any alteration to the taste.

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What Does Sushi Taste Like? Facts Will Make You Surprised

Have you ever tried eating sushi? If you have never eaten sushi then you might wonder what does sushi taste like.

If you are to ask this question to different people, you might as well receive different answers.

There are people who may not have a clear understanding of whether what items would really qualify as sushi because the category is indeed broad.

You might not get a very consistent answer if you are not to get specific with regards to the types of sushi that you are interested in.

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