The Best Catfish Substitute – 6 Best Catfish Replacement!

If you love having fish as your entree, you cannot turn a blind eye to catfish – one of the best fish to utilize in high-quality dishes of famous restaurants or a simple three-course fish meal at home.

Although catfish come in various plates, it is sometimes not easy to find them in the market. In this case, what fish can be used as the catfish substitute? If that’s what you want to know, follow us to this article to find out!

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How To Heat Milk On Stove Without Accidentally Scalding It

Typically, the milk can be stored in the fridge for a long period without being spoiled. The common practice is that any type of milk, from plant-based like buttermilk to animal-originated like cow milk, can still retain its flavor even after being frozen.

However, reheating frost milk is not an easy case, like storing it. Without proper technique, this milk can be boiled, be scalded, and, worse, be spoiled. So, let’s read this article to learn how to heat milk on stove.

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