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How Long Can Raw Chicken Sit Out Without Being Spoiled? Kitchen Tips For You

Nowadays, people have become more and more concerned about the way they eat. Among many types of food recommended by doctors, chicken meat is the most popular nutritional choice for daily cooking because of its non-toxic dietary components. However, it's not easy to store the chicken for a long period.

So, after buying a portion of raw chicken, what can you do to store this delicious ingredient?

In this post, let's go into detail about how external forces influence raw chicken and the right way to store it. As a result, in the end, we can answer the question: How long can raw chicken sit out?

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Can You Freeze Liverwurst? The Ultimate Guide On How To Store Liverwurst

You may, or may not, have heard about liverwurst or what does liverwurst taste like. In case you haven't known, it is a special type of sausage that is extremely popular in Europe as its meat ingredients come from organs.

Once you have had a bite of liverwurst, its flavor will leave a remark in your cuisine journey.

Like any other food, liverwurst requires careful and decent storage to be freshened all the time. Out of all the storing options, freezing has always been an ideal method, but would it apply to liverwurst effectively?

Can you freeze liverwurst and how to freeze it? Join in this article, and you have all your wonders solved.

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Can You Refreeze bread? The Ultimate Key To Keep It Fresh

In some circumstances, it is more preferable to refreeze bread than keeping them in ordinary storage places like pantry and bread box.

However, there may be a lot of problems as the refreezing process can spoil the bread by accident.

So, is it true that a loaf can still be able to refrozen after thawing? And how to refreeze bread without ruining it?

That's the question this article will dig into with a detailed guide on how you can refreeze any type of bread and many relevant, informative hints. So, make sure to stick around!

You are wondering that Can You Refreeze bread? Yes, this one is possible and even safe. 

You can refreeze your bread as long as you do not leave them outside for over 48 hours.

Although the bread after refreezing likely becomes drier and lower-quality, you might still use, instead of leaving them to mold due to overdate.

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Hate Eating Fish? Here Are Some Least Fishy Fish That You Should Know

Fish is an excellent food for your body because of its high nutritional elements. Case in point, fish contains vitamins A, D1, E, K, and minerals such as irons and potassium, making it an all-round food.

Plus, the fat in fish is well-digested with the human metabolism system, so the fish cannot make one obese or raise their cholesterol level.

Some fish types are even on the top food recommendation for daily cooking like salmon, carp, and catfish.

Given the fact above, we can see that fish is such a must-have ingredient in any typical household meal. However, there is a big issue.

Not many people are willing to take a bite of a fish dish because of its stinky smell. 

In this post, we will go through five types of fish for people don't like fish for its stinkiness. Some tips on removing the typical annoying smell of regular fishes will be introduced.
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