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This module is about all questions of cooking that most of housewife want to know about it.


Why Are Green Beans Slimy? The Reason Behind

Green beans or snap beans are no stranger to our kitchen and cooking recipes. As green beans are such a great source of protein and fiber, we use them in most of our daily meals, especially for those on a diet. They are so tasty and easy to combine with different types of food, such as bacon and thyme.

However, as with all vegetables, they won’t stay fresh for a long time. Normally, you can tell from the signs such as limpness and dryness with black spots. But green beans slimy? Maybe it is the first time you encounter this sign.

So, why are green beans slimy? Is slimy green bean safe to eat?

Let’s find out your answer in our article now!

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Everything You Need To Know About Frozen Egg Rolls

Eggs must probably be one of the most used ingredients because of their high utility in any dish. From egg noodles to cakes made with eggs, every dish containing this specific ingredient can turn out to be delicious.

Eggs also represent in numbers of Asian dishes as the highlight, including egg rolls. You may have probably used egg rolls before, love them, wanted to recreate them, but didn’t know how to deal with the frozen version of them since the beginning. That’s what we are going to help you today, answering all questions regarding frozen egg rolls!

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Why Do My Cookies Taste Like Flour?

Baking is one of the most enjoyable hobbies voted by many people. It can help release stress and boost creativity. Plus, the finished products can be given to others as a gift, especially cookies. Awesome, right?

Yet, why do my cookies taste like flour? That question has been asked many times by new bakers all around. What are the reasons behind that issue? Keep reading to know.

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Why Do Carrots Taste Like Soap?

Carrots are fantastic root vegetables to cook in your daily meal. It is tasty to eat with weight-loss impacts and health benefits such as cancer prevention, eyesight improvement, and lower cholesterol level.

As a home cook, I love having carrots in my fridge as I can use them as a side dish, main dish, or even dessert.

When buying fresh vegetables, you never know what you’re getting. They might look bright and tasty outside, but they can have awful taste inside.

I have bought carrots many times, but they don’t taste similar to each other. Sometimes, carrots taste like soap or bitter.

So, why do they have such chemical taste, and how to avoid buying them?Let’s find out your answer!

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