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How Long Does Mint Last? An Extra Guidance For Your Cooking

Mint is one of the top common spice seasonings that are preferred worldwide because of its special aroma and signature flavor. Compared to other spices such as coriander, chili, cumin, etc., mint may not be the spiciest.

However, it still becomes the top recommendation by the culinary community in cooking because of the bizarre features that only it can offer.

Hence, in this post, let’s find out the answer to your problem: “ How long does mint last?” and discover what the best way to keep the mint long as desired.

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How Long Do Chia Seeds Last? How To Keep It Last Longer

One of the most popular organic products nowadays is chia seeds. It has been added to numerous food products to elevate the dishes with its nutritiously healthy minerals.

Like coriander or mint, they are implemented in drinks and desserts too. With its special health benefits on food such as high protein, omega 3 and fiber, it’s crucial to keep them intact for as long as possible.

The question is, how long do chia seeds last? If that’s what you want to find out, join this article for the detailed answer!

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How Long Does Cabbage Last? – Know About Cabbage Storage Inside Out!

When the cold seasons come, we all want a bowl of winter vegetable soup. From cauliflower to cabbage, each vegetable spices off a unique taste and flavor. Contrary to how popular it is in our daily meals, only a few people know the best storing cabbage strategies to extend its shelf life. 

To answer that question, first, we will need to recognize, “How long does cabbage last?” This article will cover everything you need to learn about storage that is sure to be helpful and informative! Check it out now!

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How Long Does Celery Last? Tips To Know When Celery Expires!

Celery, a close-relative to asparagus, is one of the most healthy vegetables of all time. It has been used numerous for many purposes, from dinings flavoring to juice making, etc.

As for its nutritional benefits, celery receives a large consumption every day.

So, the question is, how long does celery last, and how should we store it? We will present all of the information regarding celery storage in this article!

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How Long Can Raw Chicken Sit Out Without Being Spoiled? Kitchen Tips For You

Nowadays, people have become more and more concerned about the way they eat. Among many types of food recommended by doctors, chicken meat is the most popular nutritional choice for daily cooking because of its non-toxic dietary components. However, it’s not easy to store the chicken for a long period.

So, after buying a portion of raw chicken, what can you do to store this delicious ingredient?

In this post, let’s go into detail about how external forces influence raw chicken and the right way to store it. As a result, in the end, we can answer the question: How long can raw chicken sit out?

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Hate Eating Fish? Here Are Some Least Fishy Fish That You Should Know

Fish is an excellent food for your body because of its high nutritional elements. Case in point, fish contains vitamins A, D1, E, K, and minerals such as irons and potassium, making it an all-round food.

Plus, the fat in fish is well-digested with the human metabolism system, so the fish cannot make one obese or raise their cholesterol level.

Some fish types are even on the top food recommendation for daily cooking like salmon, carp, and catfish.

Given the fact above, we can see that fish is such a must-have ingredient in any typical household meal. However, there is a big issue.

Not many people are willing to take a bite of a fish dish because of its stinky smell. Is there any least fishy fish in the market now?

In this post, we will go through five types of fish for people don’t like fish for its stinkiness. Some tips on removing the typical annoying smell of regular fishes will be introduced.

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What Does Brie Cheese Taste Like? Finding out the secret Behind Brie Cheese’s Flavor

Brie is one of the most exquisite and sophisticated cheeses of various kinds. If you are new to this golden, milky treat, you must be wondering “What does Brie taste like?”

Don’t worry, we are here to give you a full Brie cheese walkthrough covering everything you need to know about this marvelous dairy product before having a bite of it. Let’s go!

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What Does Haddock Fish Taste Like? Difference Between Cod and Haddock?

What is haddock fish? Haddock is a saltwater fish that primarily lives in the North Atlantic Ocean.

With distinct flavors, it has been making its way into seafood lovers’ everyday meals, as well as several top restaurants’ menus in the last few years.

So what does haddock fish taste like? How should you cook it? Is it really as good as the culinary world label it?

Let’s find the answers to all of the above questions in this post, and see for yourself whether the fish can have a part in your new recipe!

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How Many Ounces In A Box Of Powdered Sugar – Answer here

Have you ever asked yourself that question above: how many ounces in a box of powdered sugar?

We are sure that not everyone knows the exact information about this ingredient though we all use it a couple of times.

But after reading this article, you will have some essential facts about powdered sugar and can answer the title question. 

What is powdered sugar? How much powdered sugar is there in a regular box? How do we measure powdered sugar? Let’s find out now in the below article.

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How Long To Cook Something At 350 Instead Of 400

How long to cook something at 350 instead of 400? Can I cook fries at 350 instead of 400? Can I cook something at 400 instead of 350?

I received tons of the same questions as above from my friends and they was easily found on various forums. 

If you are seeking the answers to these queries, you come to the right place. In the article, we will show you how to select proper cooking temperatures.

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How Long Do Peanuts Last in Various Conditions?

Do you like all foods made of peanut such as oil, butter, etc. Don’t you lack this perennial vegetable in the kitchen? 

So, it would be best to know how long do peanuts last, how to preserve them, and how to tell that they have gone spoiled to avoid wasting your favorite nut and consuming unhealthy food.

To know the most feasible solution for all of those problems, just spend a few minutes reading the following helpful information and knowledge! 

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How Long Do Pistachios Last in Different Conditions?

If you want to use pistachios, you need to know the most exact answer to the question, “How long do pistachios last?”.

You may hear different answers from many people, but let us tell you the most comprehensive yet detailed knowledge about this topic.

In this article, we will discuss many problems, pistachio nuts shelf life, how to know that this time is expired and how to prolong it to avoid wasting this great food!

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What Do Scallops Taste Like? Fifty Shades Of Scallops

When the word “scallops” pops up, we imagine luxurious Masterchef level or Michelin-starred dishes, so we can agree they are not the cheapest thing on earth. And It’s quite safe to say, opening your wallet for a Coquille St. Jacques for the first time is rather brave and thrilling at the same time!


Because the price is bloody high when you don’t even know what the exact taste of scallops is. What do scallops taste like when they’re freshly bought from the fishmonger? What do they taste like when they are cooked, right?

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What Does Taro Taste Like? Grab A Bite Of Earth and Starch!

There’s no standardized description of how taro actually tastes, but it has a popular nickname through word of mouth: potato of the tropics.

Do you still recall seeing bizarre tubers lining along drain ditches or bayous throughout your childhood? We bet you must have stopped by to pick up one to play as toys for once.

Or when your mom asked you to run an errand on her behalf, you must have come across taro displays in your neighborhood’s grocery stores. Upon seeing it, have you ever pondered on What does taro taste like and wanna grab a bite?

This piece would represent our insights and real takes on the original taste of taro, how taro flavors vary among different dishes and the health benefits of taro as a reference for you.

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