Corn Syrup Solids Substitute – The 6 Best Alternative For Corn Syrup!

If you love baking, you must have been familiar with the ingredients to make delicious baking desserts. Besides any cake’s crucial ingredients such as flour and butter, we need an extra sweet natural material to create stunning taste in our desserts – corn syrup solids!

With a mild yet aromatic flavor, corn syrup plays an important role in any dessert that calls for sweetness.

Yet, what should you do if corn syrup solids are out of stock? Can you use other ingredients to replace them? Let’s have a look at the best corn syrup solids substitute you can find in the market to replace this syrup!

What Are Corn Syrup Solids?

What Are Corn Syrup Solids

So, what are corn syrup solids? This is a dry form of corn syrup. They are made by extracting water from corn syrup, making their ingredients contain more than 90% of glucose – the smallest formation of sugar, and less than 10% of water.

As some manufacturers include fructose in corn syrup solids to make the substance more flavorful, sweeter, and denser in texture, corn syrup solids are often called fructose corn syrup.

People use this product in various processed foods, such as desserts, drinks, snacks, etc. Despite their deliciousness, you should not digest them too much due to their high sugar content that can cause obesity and heart disease.

What Is The Difference Between Corn Syrup Solids And Corn Syrup?

Corn syrup solid and corn syrup are the same things but different textures, ingredients, and usage.

More specifically, corn syrup solids are another version of corn syrup with less water. Manufacturing corn syrup solids requires decreasing water from corn syrup and adding fructose to densify the texture of corn syrup solids and increase their sweetness level.

In contrast with corn syrup that can be used directly, you cannot put corn syrup solids or corn syrup powder directly on the food due to their dense texture. For that reason, manufacturers often include corn syrup solids in ingredients as a powerful sweetener in beverages, cakes, ketchup, etc.

What Are Corn Syrup Solids Substitutes?

1. Brown Rice Syrup Solids

Brown rice syrup solids are one of the easiest options to go for. In making hard candies or caramelized dessert recipes, brown rice syrup solids with a lighter, gentler taste will make your dishes obtain a nutty and aromatic flavor. This nutty taste won’t be a match in certain dishes, but it is a cool brown rice syrup substitute to try.

Although brown rice syrup is not as sweet as corn syrup, it has a lightweight sweetness from brown rice that is healthier and more enjoyable.

Moreover, this product is similar to corn syrup regarding dense texture, stickiness, and preventing crystallization. Suppose you want to level down the sweetness in your recipes without losing its thick texture; selecting brown rice syrup solids is a great idea!

2. Golden Syrup Solid 

Suppose you are in the UK, then congratulations! You can easily get a golden syrup solid – a pantry staple syrup that can be used as a corn syrup solid substitute. With the same golden color and thick, sticky texture, no one can deny that golden syrup solid can replace dried corn syrup well. Vice versa, corn syrup can substitute for golden syrup as well.

In case you focus on the flavor only, you will easily spot a difference between golden and corn syrup. If corn syrup is extracted mostly from glucose, natural sugar, golden syrup comes from sugar cane, making its sweetness bolder and more toasty. The golden syrup has a more distinct flavor that is sweeter and roasted.

Therefore, we suggest you consider this aspect carefully before replacing corn syrup solid with golden syrup solid.

3. Cane Syrup Solid

If you seek a Southern flavor to substitute corn syrup solids, look for cane syrup solid! Since cane has much more sugariness than corn, cane syrup solid is undoubtedly much sweeter with a bolder taste than corn syrup solid.

Still, it can still substitute corn syrup solids if you reduce the amount of cane syrup. You can also use corn syrup to substitute for cane syrup if you increase the used amount.

Though this product has a sugar background like molasses, its texture is not as thick as corn syrup. As a result, you cannot use cane syrup solids for making candy because they won’t prevent them from crystallizing.

In other recipes such as pies or beverages, cane syrup solids can do a great job substituting powdered corn syrup by giving an aromatic, vibrant sweetness without overpowering other ingredients.

4. Maple Syrup Solid

We all love to toss some maple syrup on our pancakes for a yummy breakfast, right? If you love maple syrup that much, then let us tell you the good news that you can use maple syrup solids to substitute corn syrup solids! However, maple syrup has a much more earthy taste, which can be too overpowering in some recipe.

You should substitute corn syrup powder with half the amount of maple syrup first, then increase the syrup if you still need more sugariness.

Remember that you cannot use maple syrup solid to make candies because of its non-crystallize characteristic! But with other sweet treats, especially with pies and cakes, maple syrup solid can replace corn syrup solid perfectly with its mild, neutral sweetness with a unique earthy tone. Indeed, it is a worth-to-try corn syrup solid alternative.

5. Demerara Sugar Syrup Solid

Demerara syrup solid may sound unfamiliar to you, so let’s learn about this cool corn syrup dextrose substitute in more detail! Demerara syrup is a lightweight caramelized syrup that is mostly used in beverages extracted from can sugar. The warm caramel plus coffee sense makes it popular among the beverages in the bar’s menu.

If you are looking for a substitute for corn syrup solids in drinks and beverages, you should not miss out on this ingredient! The unique creaminess and rich coffee taste, brown caramel, and toffee will put your drinks to another level while maintaining the required sweetness.

Adding demerara syrup solid instead of corn syrup solids will add a more flavorful layer to your drinks, instead of adding only sugar content. Apart from drinks, you can use demerara in certain sweet or savory dishes to engage the subtle coffee flavor.

6. Honey Granulated

You can find an easy option to substitute corn syrup solid in your kitchen: granulated honey. We all know how sugary and tasty honey is, so substituting corn syrup with granulated honey will help maintain your recipes’ sweetness and flavor fullness! Like other kinds of sugar, honey does not crystallize, which is why you cannot use honey to substitute corn syrup solids in making candy.

Moreover, you can use honey to cover up syrup solids in drinks and desserts if you don’t mind the flavor difference. If you are concerned that honey is too thin for corn syrup solids, freeze it 24 hours before using it to let the honey texture become dense and thick enough for your substitution!

6. Agave Nectar

Last but not least, we have agave nectar or agave syrup. If you happen to find this special syrup solid in the market, don’t hesitate to purchase it, as it can be used as a good organic corn syrup solids substitute.

As agave nectar has a milder sweetness than corn syrup, it is best to decrease the sugariness in the dish! You can purchase this product easily in local markets or bakeries. Thus, all you have to do is find it and use it as a corn syrup solids substitute for enjoying its lovely mild flavor.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Omit Corn Syrup From A Recipe?

You can decide whether to omit corn syrup or not, depending on the recipe. For example, if you are making candies, omitting corn syrup can make the candies’ texture grainy since corn syrup is the main ingredient that supports crystallization.

For other recipes like drinks or sweet treats, if making an alternative for omitting corn syrup means you have found other better options, feel free to make a switch!

What Can I Use In Place Of Syrup?

Instead of using syrup, you can use honey or sugar with water. However, beware of how these substitutes can change your recipe’s texture and flavor. The syrup has a much more dense and impactful flavor, so these alternatives must reflect the same characteristics.

The Final Word

Cane syrup solid

And that’s everything we can list on the best corn syrup solids substitute. Among all these options of corn syrup substitute, we hope you can find the most suitable one to use in your recipes! But please be mindful of the amount of corn syrup solids, or you will end up obese!

Thank you for reading this article, and enjoy your corn syrup solids substitute!

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