Dill Substitute: Top 10 Best Alternatives You Must Know

Running out of dill makes you worry? It is not a big deal. We have many perfect alternatives available at the supermarket or even right in your home. If this cooking tip sounds new to you, let our article cover every bit and piece of dill substitute. Let’s dive in right now!

What Is Dill?

Dill Substitute
a fresh dill

Dill (Anethum Tombolens) is an annual herb that belongs to the celery family. It has slender stems, soft green leaves, and brown oval seeds.

In culinary, dill leaves, also known as dill weed, often appear in European and Asian dishes. It adds a natural sweetness and mild aroma to salads, salmon, or potatoes. Likewise, dill seeds are a popular spice. It gives the taste buds a citrusy note as caraway seeds.

In medicine, parts of this plant provide many nutrients. Some traditional remedies use it to treat digestive problems and bad breath.

Not having this spice available at home is not a serious problem as you can always use some help from other spices. Scroll down to the next part for a dill alternative.

10 Recommended Best Dill Substitute

What can I use instead of dill? The answer is right in this section. Check it out!

1. Fresh For Dried Dill (Vice Versa)

Fresh and Dried Dill
Fresh and Dried Dill

What is a substitute for dill? The best option you can find is itself. That’s right! There is no mistake! If you are lucky enough to have fresh dill, use it immediately for a dish that requires dried ones. It gives you the exact taste and scent. The same way goes for the reverse condition.

Then, how much dry dill equals fresh dill? Utilize the 1:1 ratio for best results. It means you need a tablespoon of fresh dill to replace a tablespoon of dried spice (and vice versa). However, some people find that dried dill gives a slightly stronger flavor. You’d better consider that for each recipe.

2. Tarragon

What Is Tarragon

When it comes to a good sub for dill, we cannot help but mention tarragon. Previously, it appeared mainly in French cuisine but has expanded worldwide.

Similar to dill, it gives your taste buds an anise note. It also comes in fresh and dried forms, which both work well with recipes that require dill. Once again, you might consider a 1:1 ratio for this herb.

A special feature of tarragon is its good heat resistance. Hence, you can add it to the pot at a slightly earlier stage. We recommend this spice for soups, stews or sauces served with salads and seafood.

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3. Parsley


This herb is the easiest dill weed replacement to find. You can grow plants at home and expect them to thrive year-round.

Parsley serves a similar taste to dill but a milder degree. Its light flavor brings out your recipes without overpowering other ingredients. It appears commonly in Asian cuisine in stuffed dishes, eggs, or salads.

Besides, it may be a wise choice for those who favor soft taste. It is best to use chopped parsley to garnish grilled foods such as lamb, chicken, or steak.

4. Thyme

sprig of thyme

If you want to find a great substitute for fresh dill, do not pass by thyme. Unexpectedly, it can withstand high heat and a long cooking time. That means this spice gives even better outcomes to baked, roasted, grilled, and braised dishes. You can add this spice into your dish early in your process without worrying about flavor loss.

Without a doubt, it never ruined using thyme for Mediterranean recipes. Adding it to a meat or fish marinade is a great idea. Otherwise, it can accentuate dishes that include pasta, tomato salad, or baked potatoes.

Nevertheless, thyme belongs to the mint family. Though its aroma is close to dill, it also has a little more spicy taste. You should use just a handful of this herb to complete your dish.

5. Rosemary


Here is another popular Mediterranean dried dill weed substitute: rosemary. Overall, it has an intense, slightly woody flavor but lacks licorice and anise aromas. It is best to reduce this alternative herb rather than the equivalent ratio of dill to avoid overpowering.

The intense taste makes it perfect for meats prone to fishy odors such as lamb, beef, or fish. It also goes well with many vegetables, including mushrooms, onions, spinach, beans, etc.

Due to its origins, you can never go wrong with rosemary in French, Spanish, and Italian recipes. Another interesting suggestion is to utilize its stem (with the leaves removed) to make barbecue skewers. It brings an explosion of taste from within the finished dish.

6. Chervil


If you fall for the licorice finish of dill, chervil is exactly what you want for a close-up replacement. This herb comes from the parsley family and becomes the “soul” in French cuisine. In fact, the herb is not so easy to find and purchase at local shops or supermarkets.

You can purchase it more easily in the early summer or in the spring, but only in cool places. In detail, chervil can not survive under heat and possibly taste more bitter and bolt.

It provides a gentle blend of dill and parsley flavors to bring out the dish’s main ingredient. In medicine, people normally make use of its juice, flowering parts, and leaves.

Usually, chefs use chervil for egg and poultry recipes. You can also combine it with some other vegetables to make soups, sauces, or garnish salads.

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7. Mint

Mint Leaves
Mint Leaves

Want an alternative to dill with a stronger flavor?  Without a doubt, mint is here to help. It makes a perfect pairing with lemon-lime dipping sauces or yogurt-based sauces. You can also find its appearance often in Middle Eastern recipes.

Still, be careful in seasoning to avoid overpowering other spices. It is best to start little by little. Besides, adding mint to cooked food may sometimes reduce its natural flavor.

8. Cilantro

what is coriander and benefit
Coriander is a herb which most popular in Asia

An unexpected fact is that, apart from celery, dill still has a close relation with cilantro. If you want an alternative from the same family, go for that herb.

On the downside, the two have slightly distinct flavors. Cilantro is easy to overwhelm other flavors when the chef gets greedy. Large amounts can provide a powerful kick to taste buds that are sometimes intimidating for some.

To master this herb, learn to be patient and taste it little by little. If a recipe asks for more than one teaspoon of dill, reduce the substitute a bit for the perfect dish.

9. Fennel

Fennel Seed
Fennel Seed

Fennel comes from the same celery family. It has a broad stem (looks like onions) and feathery leaves that are identical to dill. Due to the similar aesthetic, you can use it to garnish soups or salads. Hardly any people can recognize this alternative.

This herb adds flavor to soups, curries, or stews. It gives the licorice taste and similar texture to dill. It is worth noting that fennel does not leave a slight sweetness behind.

Some cooks either add stems and bulbs to their pots. If you want to try this tip, remember to remove its tough stalks before any further actions.

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10. Sage (Herb Similar To Dill For Salmon Dishes)


Running out of dill for your delicious salmon? Put a little sage into your butter mix and complete your dish. This Mediterranean spice has long, large, and gray-green leaves. It would help if you rubbed them before putting them in the pan for the aroma explosion.

This one has a salty, slightly spicy taste distinct from dill but adds the perfect flavor to your salmon recipe. This refreshing homemade herb butter shows you another interesting side in culinary.

It also serves an appealing taste to a few American and British dishes. Yet, whether sage is the perfect substitute for dill in other cuisines is still uncertain.

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How To Choose A Substitute For Dill

This list above may help you to find a substitution for dill. Sad to say, it is not easy to find a spice that resembles the same taste and scent.

On the bright side, dill replacement becomes a timely savior to make your dishes more flavorful. Depending on the specific situation, you can use the most appropriate dill spice substitute.

For example, tarragon tastes quite similar to dill, although food lovers may notice this slight difference. Meanwhile, the leaves of the fennel have a similar shape that can be used in food garnishes.

There is no best option. Just gain confidence, experiment, and create your own dishes.


Where Can I Get Fresh Dill?

As for fresh dill, it may seem like it takes a little while to shop at farmers’ markets or herb groceries. The good news is that now some stores sell it online on their websites or popular e-commerce platforms. They can ship internationally and still ensure the quality of your item.

Can You Dry Dill?

If you cannot use up a bunch of dill in one go, dry it up to use for the next meal. The most important thing is to wash its leaves and seeds thoroughly. Then, choose one of four methods: drying it with a food dehydrator, oven, or microwave or letting it dry naturally.

Final Thoughts

We hope you have found a good dill substitute for your dish after reading through our article. The top priority often goes to tarragon to recreate the closest taste and aroma. Meanwhile, the others on the list above may sometimes replace dill but in a less perfect way.

You just have to keep in mind that no herb can work exactly like what dill gives your recipes. Once again, they are just a temporary cover-up if needed.

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