17 Essential Kitchen Supplies for the Home Cook

More often than not, people say that it is more affordable to cook at the comforts of your own home than to dine out. If you love to cook at home not only because you find it affordable but also because it is your hobby, then you have to stock your kitchen with certain kitchen supplies.

If you complete all the essential kitchen supplies for the home cook, then you will definitely find cooking enjoyable and achievable. You will instantly feel like you can accomplish a lot of things while you are in the kitchen.


Here are just some of the essential kitchen supplies that a home cook like you should gather:

Essential Kitchen Supplies 

1, Measuring Spoons and Cups

The majority of your cooking tasks require measurement, so it is a must for you to invest in a basic set composed of measuring spoons and cups. These are necessary if you want to stick to the recipes that you wish to make.

You do not need to go for the most expensive and attractive pieces. Go for the purely functional measuring spoons and cups available at reasonable prices.

2, Chef’s Knife

As a home cook, you would want to invest in a high-quality chef’s knife. It is because this kitchen essential is useful in almost all kitchen tasks that you will encounter, including boning a chicken, mincing parsley, and chopping carrots. If possible, choose a chef’s knife made of forged steel.

It should also be long-lasting while boasting a balanced and durable handle. Another feature that your chef’s knife must have is a full tang. It means that it is constructed from one piece of metal running directly through the handle. In addition, it should come with a solid riveted construction.

3, Cutting Board

If you have enough cash, then you can always pick that beautifully designed and fancy cutting board made of wood. However, if what you want is a reasonably priced and functional tool, then consider looking for one constructed from heavy-duty plastic.

If possible, it should have rubberized grips, too. Another thing that you have to look for in a cutting board is space. It should be spacious enough that using it to cook for more than just one person will not be that hard to do.

4, Skillet

As for the skillet, there are three options currently available for you – non-stick, cast iron, and stainless steel. If it is your first pan, then consider going for the stainless steel one, which is around ten inches. A skillet made of stainless steel won’t chip or stain while also showcasing its versatility. Or you can try with a omelette pan instead of :).

5, Large and Heavy Pot

The best pot that you can use for cooking, particularly to blanch veggies and prepare pasta, is that which comes with an optimal heavy bottom that can evenly distribute heat. You can go for pots that are usually triple-ply. These can distribute heat with just one continuous metal layer.

In this case, you can find stainless steel on the pot’s exteriors as well as copper or aluminum material in between the stainless steel sheets. If possible, choose an 8-quart pot available at a reasonable price so you will not have a hard time using it for preparing recipes at large batches.

6, Small Sauce Pot

You also need a small sauce pot to prepare things, such as sauces and soups. It is also a nice kitchen essential, especially when steaming or boiling vegetables. This is an ideal kitchen essential if you only cook small batches for a small group.

7, Aluminum Cookie Sheet

While you can immediately associate an aluminum cookie sheet for baking cookies, you have to take note that it can also perform other functions aside from that. It is also an essential item in your kitchen if you are a home cook as you can use it to roast vegetables and bake other foods, like fish and chicken.

The good thing about using the cookie sheet for roasting is that it can add more textures and flavors to your usual veggie recipe.

8, Rubber Spatula

If you constantly do a lot of mixing, then the rubber spatula will serve as your ultimate friend. In fact, many consider it as the ultimate solution when it comes to mixing things in the kitchen. It is versatile that it can mix almost everything you decide to use it with.

Another advantage of the rubber spatula is that it does not melt on your food, ruining the entire recipe, in case you accidentally left the pan or pot. It is, therefore, safe to use in your kitchen.

9, Kitchen Towel, Oven Mitt, and Hot Pad

All these items are kitchen essentials as they work in offering protection to your hands when you are in the kitchen. Note that most of the injuries home cooks incur are cuts and burns. You can use these items to ensure that your hands have more than enough protection once you start to pull foods out of your oven.

They also serve as protection in case you need to touch the handle of your metal skillet. Avoid using a wet oven mitt or towel when touching a hot surface though, as the liquid that comes from inside the fabric will most likely evaporate and boil. Such will cause your hand to be steam burned.

10, Whisk

It might just be a basic kitchen utensil but it actually serves plenty of purposes. It can perform several functions in the kitchen, including making pancake batter and simple salad dressings, as well as whisking eggs.

11, Tong

Tong is another multifunctional kitchen tool. Many have already realized how useful it is when it comes to performing several of the most important tasks in the kitchen. These include flipping fish, chicken, and meat, creating a gap between you and the foods you are frying, and removing waffles from your waffle maker.

12, Colander

Investing in a small and big colander is also one of the things that you can do to make your life as a home cook more enjoyable. It serves several purposes, too, such as draining noodles, straining broths, and washing vegetables and berries.

Just ensure that you invest in a small and a large one so you can pick one based on the foods you need to prepare for a certain situation.

13, Grater

Another must-have is the grater. It is a vital kitchen tool because it can perform many functions like grating cheese, zesting lemons, and shredding zucchini and carrots. While you can do well with just a single grater if you are still a beginner in the kitchen, you need to invest in several variations as you become adept in cooking.

I suggest getting different graters, shredders, and zesters – with each one being specifically designed for the specific purpose you intend it to perform.

14, Peeler

With a peeler around, removing the skin of fruits and veggies will be a breeze. Choose a peeler, which features a comfy grip. It should come with an eyer, too, as it is useful in removing potato eyes as well as other blemishes present in fruits and veggies.

You can also use the peeler in case you need to make chocolate curls or Parmesan cheese shavings.

15, Instant-read Thermometer

You will find this tool useful in checking meringues, poultry, and meat and ensuring that you cook them at the right temperature. Avoid leaving the thermometer in your oven, though, if you are still cooking. Also, remove it from the foods you are preparing right after you use it for reading the temperature.

16, Kitchen Shoes

Of course, it is also necessary for you to invest in a high-quality pair of kitchen shoes. As a home cook, you need a good pair of shoes that can make you feel comfortable and safe no matter how long you stay in the kitchen.

When choosing a good pair of kitchen shoes, go for one with a slip-resistant nature. Note that being in the kitchen will expose you to a lot of moisture and slippery surfaces, so you need to protect yourself from possible injuries by wearing a slip-resistant footwear.

Ensure that it is comfortable and comes with removable insoles, too. It should offer toe protection while also being easy to clean.

17, Apron

You also need to invest in an apron. It serves as your ultimate protection from stains and spills while you are doing something in the kitchen. The good news is that aprons today are available in different styles and lengths, thereby promoting ease during the selection process.

It is also a must-have kitchen item because of hygienic purposes. Just like what has been mentioned earlier, it can help ensure that your clothes stay free from stains, spills, and other forms of mess so it is a good item to use to improve cleanliness and sanitation.


Mentioned in this article are just some of the many kitchen supplies for the home cook. Consider investing in high-quality supplies and completing your home cooking kit so you will enjoy your experience once you start preparing different recipes. By stocking your kitchen with the mentioned items, cooking will be much easier and faster.

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