8 Best Ziti Substitute To Use Instead of Run Out of Ziti

Ziti is a popular baked pasta. The long ziti noodles form a delightful meal for people who want their pasta thick or baked.

While it is a relatively popular pasta, it isn’t always available in many countries. Perhaps you don’t even have any in the kitchen, and all available are other types of pasta noodle that you do not know which one can replace the ziti.

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4 Great Ham Hock Substitute That Will Make Surprised

Ham hock is one of the most popular used servings of pork. You can find it in dishes like ham hock terrine or ham hock risotto, or it is used to flavor stocks.

Although many people agree that the best pork serving is the pork chop, the ham hock is still used widely in cooking. If pork chop is used as a main course, ham hocks are often used to flavor dishes. 

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