40+ Foods That Start With D You Should Know

As a housewife, you always want to create meals with various dishes so that everyone in your family will not get bored and enjoy the meal in the best way. 

However, sometimes you will find it challenging to create a diverse daily menu. Hence, to make your diet more varied, we have explored and found more than 40 foods that start with D from several culinary cultures.

Are you curious? If yes, you can look at the article below to have an overview of these exciting recipes.

40+ Foods that Start with D

foods that start with d

#1 – Doughboy

Doughboy is a sort of pizza that has the same making as zeppoles or doughnuts. People often flatten, fry, coat with and serve it as a hot dish. 

#2 – Dill

Dill has a grassy flavor with a hint of licorice-like anise. Dill seeds sense like a mild version of caraway. It is one of the spices that enhances the flavor of soups.

#3 – Dodger

The most successful brand of baby sweets in the UK is Dodger. It is a mixture of flour, sugar, and salt. Although this classic meal traditionally has a creamy jam filling, you can enjoy them by adding a buttercream filling.

#4 – Drumstick

The drumstick is a rare plant whose all parts like flowers, seeds, leaves, and stems are edible and exceptionally nutritious. It is beneficial for diabetes, hair, and skin. 

#5 – Dessert

No wonder desserts are what we eat after meals every day. They usually include sweets and add other items such as cookies, ice cream, gelatin, mousses, baked goods, and sweetmeats.

#6 – Dilkush Bread

Dilkush bread is rated a popular Indian dessert snack made from puff pastry with a mixture of Tutti coconut and fruits. Not only children but also teenagers and adults love this kind of snack because of its tasty flavor. 

#7 – Divinity

One of the indispensable traditional candies in the Christmas celebration is divinity. It is billowy in shape, white in color, and it tastes like marshmallows. 

#8 – Dasheen

A starchy tuber in the potato family, along with taro and potato, is Dasheen. However, it needs to be cooked to be edible, as raw dasheen is toxic calcium oxalate. 

#9 – Dolmas

If you are really into fish, you may fall in love with Dolmas. It is a kind of stuffed dish, which is prevalent in some countries such as the Balkans, the Middle East, and Central Asia. The chef cooks Dolmas with olive oil and stuff with rice. 

#10 – Danish

Danish is regarded as a multi-layered Danish pastry that reflects the viennoiserie tradition. It has a similar structure to croissants, but it tastes much sweeter.

#11 – Diet Coke Citrus Zest

If you are a big fan of Coca-Cola, you should try Diet Coke Citrus Zest. When drinking, you can feel both lemon and citrus rind. That is the reason why it has that name. 

#12 – Dolphinfish

Dolphinfish has other names like Dorado and Mahi Mahi. This species possesses beautiful colors, usually bright green, blue and yellow. You can make it into diverse courses, but the most familiar one is Mahi-Mahi Fillet With Lemon-Dill Sauce.

#13 – Duck

One of the most familiar cattle to all of us is duck. It is a versatile meat that allows you to create a wide range of dishes such as boiled, fried, roasted, baked ducks. 

#14 – Duck Roast

The most common recipe for duck is duck roast. It provides a rich source of protein and contributes several vitamins and minerals. However, it is a kind of red meat and can cause some diseases. So you should eat a moderate amount. 

#15 – Dahi Vada

A favorite snack dessert in north Indian or Delhi is Dahi Vada. It tastes of sweet and sour tamarind chili sauce and fragrant, frequently spicy green chili sauce.

#16 – Dripping coffee

Dripping coffee simply indicates a kind of coffee made by an automatic coffee maker. Making coffee in this way is not complicated, but it can help retain a variety of oils that other coffee types like espresso or whipped coffee cannot.

#17 – Deviled Eggs

Deviled eggs belong to hard-boiled eggs in which you can mix the yolk with some spices such as mustard, mayonnaise, salt, vinegar, and pepper. They are nutritious appetizers as they are both high in protein and gluten-free.

#18 – Dim sum

Dim sum includes a series of small plates, often dumplings, that traditional Cantonese people enjoy in restaurants for breakfast and lunch. When using this dish, we often use it with tea.

#19 – Donut

Donuts are usually deep-fried from flour and are typically round or some shape without holes. They are not a good source for health as they are fast processed foods and contain fats, sugars, and refined starches.

#20 – Denmark pastries

Denmark pastries are known as multi-layered crusty with butter slices in the middle. Among these layers, bakers fold with cream, chocolate, or jam and sprinkle nuts or sugar glaze on top. 

#21 – Doner kebab

Doner kebab refers to a kind of triangle bread with brown colored, thinly sliced, spit-roasted meat. When it comes to healthy food, this kind of take-out food is not the right choice as it contains a lot of fats. 

#22 – Daikon Radish

Daikon radish points to a large white vegetable with the same crunchy texture as the white carrot. We can use it to eat raw, cook into various dishes like boiled daikon radish or pickle.

#23 – Dijon mustard 

Dijon mustard purports a prepared condiment or ingredient used in recipes. It has a faded yellow rather than the standard bright yellow. It tastes a strong flavor, sharp, and tangy with a bit of seasoning.

#24 – Doritos

Doritos refers to a type of crunchy cheese snack originated from Mexican flavorings. It contains a massive amount of human-made and artificial chemicals, so it may not be a perfect snack for many of us. 

#25 – Devil’s Food 

Devil’s food is a more prosperous, fluffier, and darker layer cake thanks to using cocoa powder or sometimes coffee and adding a little baking soda. Its flavor is less sweet than usual cakes and devilishly delicious as its name. 

#26 – Dreamsicles

Dreamsicles are light orange filling and topped with orange cheese cream layer cakes that are ideal summertime partries for summer gatherings. Because they are made mainly from orange, they taste a mild citrus scent.

#27 – Digiorno

Among frozen pizza, Digiorno ranks as one of the healthiest ones among frozen pizza because it contains less fat and additives. 

#28 – Double Cheeseburger

A double cheeseburger means a hamburger with two real beef patties with cheese, onion, tomato sauce, pickle, and mustard in one piece of bread. 

#29 – Deviled Ham

A food made from ground ham with flavorings like pepper, hot sauce, cayenne, mustard, and hot peppers is called Deviled ham. It is perfect for relatively serving with some sweet pickle chutney on a slice of bread.

#30 – Dippin Dots

Dippin dots are ice creams made by using liquid nitrogen. Thanks to nitrogen, they differ from regular ice cream and have small sphere shapes. 

#31 – Dole Pineapple

Dole Pineapple is a real canned pineapple juice product. However, you ultimately make it at home as long as you have ingredients such as pineapple, liquid milk, and condensed milk.

#32 – Deer Jerky

Deer Jerky is a slightly healthy and favorite snack for many people. It is high in protein, good fat, sodium, iron, and zinc.

#33 – Dried Fruit in Chocolate

It is merely a snack. People dry a variety of fruits such as strawberries, apricots, or bananas, then dip them into chocolate and let them dry. 

#34 – Deep Dish Pizza

Traditional pizza of Chicago is deep-dish pizza, which is used with a knife and fork. It includes a tall flaky crust, a thick layer of mozzarella cheese, and some toppings like Fennel sausage patties. 

#35 – Dill Pickle pizza

Dill pickle is a recognized perfect mixture between pizza and cheeseburgers with dill pickle juice topping and mayo. It has a large amount of sodium in dill pickle, so you should eat it in moderation.

#36 – Dates

Fruits of the palm trees are called dates, which mostly appear in tropical regions. They are an excellent source for health as they are high in fiber and disease-fighting antioxidants and may improve brain health. 

#37 – Devils Food Cookies 

They are cookies filled in sweet marshmallows and whipped topping. They are fructose-free and less fat than other cooky brands.

#38 – Dill Weed

Dill weed infers a herb-flavored bouquet with a hint of acidity. To get the most intense flavor of dill, sprinkle it in your dish right before serving so that the flavor quickly dissipates under the heat. 

#39 – Dried Squid

Dried squid relates to a dehydrated, shredded, seasoned seafood prepared from squid or cuttlefish, commonly found in coastal nations in Hawaii, Russia, and Asia.

#40 – Dried Shrimp Paste

Dried shrimp paste expresses a spice made from fermented shrimp that Asians often use in cooking. It has a distinctly salty, fishy taste, so you should use it in small quantities to add an extra ingredient to enrich the primary flavors.

#41 – Dried Nuts & Fruits

Dried nuts and fruits involve salubrious and nutritious lunches that are suitable for all of us, even children. They are also handy and convenient for long trips, camping, or hiking.  

#42 – Dragon Beard Noodles

Dragon beard noodle signifies a traditional recipe that originates from Shandong, China. It has got this name because the noodles are so long but thin like dragon’s beards.

#43 – Drunken Prawns

Drunken prawns imply a Singaporean dish where people douse fresh live shrimps with Chinese intense rice wine and then cook with sensible heat. The rich, sweet raw shrimp blended with the alcoholic sauce create a worthwhile experience.

#44 – Deep Fried Yellow Fish

foods that start with letter d

This is a Thai dish and other countries in South Asia. You just need to fry fish until it is yellow and crispy. You can enjoy it with steamed rice and vegetables. 

#45 – Duff

Duff denotes a well-known traditional dessert of Bahamian. It consists of a variety of fruits, mainly guava in a dough hole. After boiling it, you can serve it with a sauce.

Wrapping up 

This list includes a wide range of foods that start with D. Among these dishes, there will be some familiar, but there will also be ones that you have never eaten before.

If you are having trouble thinking about what food to cook for family meals, this diverse food list will be a considerable contribution to your daily menu.


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