Foods That Start With N Challenges – 60+ Names For You

We bet you have viewed many results out there to find the name of foods that start with n. There are many names available, but somehow you may have trouble remembering all of them. 

That is why you should read this article. We have the longest list ever of food that begins with n for you. So let’s stop looking for more results and give our writing a look. We are sure our list will help you pass this challenge. 

Foods That Start With N – Fruits

Foods That Start With N


Originating from China, it is one of the sweetest fruits ever. It looks like a small mandarin or orange without seeds.


Nageia (Asian Bayberry) comes from Japan and China. The fruits grow from the Nageia tree, the large evergreen tree.

Nance Fruit

Nance is a little round-shaped tropical fruit but has an intense sweetness and flavor. It has a large amount of vitamin C, which is good for your health.


Naranjilla’s other name is Solanum quitoense. In Spanish, people call it little oranges. However, it does not belong to the citrus family but more like a tomato. It is a tropical fruit from South Africa. 

Nashi Pear

You can find nashi pears in Korea, China, or Japan. It does look like the hybrid of apple and pear. 


Nectacotum is the perfect combination of apricot, plum, and nectarine. They are low in fat, cholesterol-free with a high level of vitamin c. You must try it if you have the chance. 


It seems like a peach but has a smoother skin. Nectarine is a sweet and juicy red or yellow fruit with various nutritions for your health. 


Neem fruits are found in India. It is not only edible but has a lot of advantages to your health. Moreover, the neem leaves are also well-known for their uses. 


Come from the Parkia biglobosa tree, Nere fruits is a famous medicine for treating diarrhea. They can also be used for cooking. 

Nonda Plum

Nonda plum belongs to the Chrysobalanaceae family. It is an edible fruit in the north of Australia.

Nungu Fruit

It is a miracle to prevent chickenpox, improve digestion and eliminate body toxins. With low-calorie and multivitamins, it can contribute to your health conditions.


When it comes to making jam or jelly, nutmeg is one of the most famous ingredients. It can add flavor to your dishes such as sausages, porridge, and so on. 

Foods That Start With N – Vegetables

Napa Cabbage

A big-sized cabbage that you may meet in many areas in the world. It first originated in China and became widespread in Europe, Australia, and America.

New Zealand Spinach

It has another fancy name, which is Tetragonia tetragonioides. It provides a low amount of calories with a high level of vitamin A and C.


Belonging to the Opuntia family, Nopal is an edible cactus in Mexico and the United States. Besides being an edible vegetable, it is also the ingredients for many drugs to treat diabetes, diarrhea, and so on.


Coming from the sea, it is one of the most popular foods in Japan and Korea. They have a strong flavor of the ocean with multivitamins that are essential for your health.  

Foods That Start With N – Snacks


If you love doing the gym, nuts are healthy snacks for your side meals. You can have almonds, macadamias, and so on.


Many people love this food. Nuggets are famous in many restaurants in the world nowadays. What is your favorite nuggets brand?

Nacho Cheese 

Made from nacho and cheese sauce, this is a famous dish in the US, Mexico, and many other countries in the world. 

Foods That Start With N – Mediterranean Foods


It is an Naiyouzhagao. The ingredients include eggs, onions, and spinach with seasonings. The name of this omelet means Narcissus flower. 


A beef stew from Pakistan. Besides beef, people also use lamb, goat meat, and mutton to make this curry. It is one of this nation’s traditional foods. 

Nokhod Polo

It is a rice mix with chickpea and meat. There are many recipes so that you can make it by yourself.

Noon Nokhodichi

Noon Nokhodichi is made from roasted chickpea and seasoned with salt, hot spices, and so on. 

Foods That Start With N – Sweet Food


You must have heard about this sweet jam. Not only children but adults love it so much. It is great to have breakfast with a slide of bread with Nutella. 

Napoleon Cake

Napoleon cake is a multi-layer cake with rich cream in between. The combination of cream and batter is so soft and tender that you can feel it melt in your mouth. 

Neapolitan Ice Cream

Vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry flavors appear in one cup to become  Neapolitan Ice Cream. This is a well-known dessert for ice-cream lovers.

Nectarine Upside-down Cake

Nectarine Upside-down Cake is a delicious cake with batter and nectarine on the top. You can eat it right after making it or mix it with whipping cream for a sweeter taste.  

Nectarine-blueberry Cake

If nectarine is not enough for you, how about mixing it with blueberry? You can also add cream cheese to the top of the cake for decoration.  

New-york Cheesecake

It is a creamy and dense dessert from New York. The cake is robust in flavor compared to regular cheesecake. You are going to love it, right.  


Nougat is so sweet and chewy. It is made of sugar, honey, white egg, and mixed nuts like hazelnut, almonds, etc. 

Nut Bread

Soft inside and crunchy outside, nut bread is our favorite breakfast. It is like typical bread with nuts inside for more flavor and nutrition. 

Norman Tart

Norman Tart is a dessert from Normandy. People like it to serve warm with Crème Fraiche on the top of the pastry. 


As an Indian shortbread biscuit with a buttery texture, Naankhatai can melt in your mouth. People like to have it on their afternoon tea.  

Nutty Brownies

If you are fed up with brownies, add some nuts to the ingredients to boost the cake’s flavor and texture. 

Nesselrode Pudding

Nesselrode Pudding is a Victorian dessert. People can also call it Chestnut Parfait. It is a sweet dessert to eat after meals or with shortbread biscuits.  


It is a combination of caramel and almonds. You can eat it alone or use it for decorating cakes or pastries.    

Nectarine-vanilla Bean Scones

You will get addicted to this scones version when having it with your morning coffee. The nectarine is perfect when mixing with vanilla bean for a unique taste.  

Noisette Chocolate Bar

Made of milk chocolate and almond, this is the sweetest thing you have ever had. This is a favorite product all over the world.

Foods That Start With N – African Food


It is the traditional food of Cameroon. People stew nuts, bitter leaves, fish, and beef to make the dish.


Nkwobi is the spicy cow foot. It came from Eastern Nigeria.


Originated from Eastern Africa, it is known as mealie-meal. The major ingredient of this dish is corn flour. 


Natilla is a cornstarch cake from Puerto Rican. They can eat with butter and cinnamon.

Ninos Envueltos

Dominican people use cabbage leaves to wrap rice and beef and cook with tomato sauce to make ninos envueltos.  

Foods That Start With N – Mexican Food


Natillas is like a custard cake. People love to eat it with cinnamon and nutmegs for additional flavor. 

Navajo Taco

It is like a regular taco but made with fry bread.  You can eat it alone or with honey, jams or meat as your favorite. 


Nopalitos is made from diced nopales. They have a light flavor with a little sour taste. You can see that people sell dried and canned nopalitos. 

Foods That Start With N – Indian Foods


People in India bake it in a clay oven. The Indians can eat naan alone or with meat for their meals.


This light snack is from India. It is a crispy and savory food from pastry and cumin seed. 


Nannaari is an ancient cool drink for summer in India. It is good for your health so you should try it at least once. 


Nankhatai, an Indian shortbread cookie, is famous not only in India but in Pakistan also.


Neyyappam is a Kerala snack. Its name means pancake, but it is not like a pancake at all.

Noon Chai

It is the traditional tea made from tea, milk, and baking soda. You will regret it for the rest of your life if you come to India without enjoying the most impressive drinks.  

Foods That Start With N – Asian Foods


It is a thin Korean noodle. If you have chances to visit Korea, you can find it in many restaurants. 


Natto is great for your health, but not everyone loves it. In Japan, it is a traditional food that every family has at their house. 


The Japanese people stew meat, potatoes, and onions together in soy sauce to make nikujaga. 


It belongs to the sushi family. To make nigiri, the cooks mix rice with vinegar and add fish, shrimps, and so on on the top.

Foods That Start With N – Popular Food


You must have been familiar with this food. Noodle is well-known all over the world with many versions.


It is chocolate covered with tiny colored sugar balls. This is the sweet and easy-to-make dessert. 


That is the end of our list of Foods That Start With N. Remembering hundreds of names seems impossible to almost all of us, so we have this list to help you win this challenge. 

Do you think that we miss something? If you have other names, please leave a comment to share with us.


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