Grenadine Substitute – The Ultimate List of 5 Alternatives For Cocktail Lovers!

The hot sun, the beach’s high waves, the wind’s breezing sound – such a picture of summer, right? However, how can this scenery be finished without a glass of fresh, juicy grenadine cocktail?

Many kinds of syrups are available in the summer, but we certainly cannot live without grenadine. But what if one day, you want a different choice rather than grenadine, then what grenadine substitute will take the spot? Check out the list of best grenadine substitutes in this article!

Top 5 Drinks Use As A Grenadine Substitute

grenadine substitute

1. Molasses

If you wonder why bartenders would use grenadine so often in drinks and alcohol or what fruit is traditionally used to make the syrup grenadine, it is because of the unique sweet content from cherry that grenadine imposes on those drinks. 

Grenadine provides a gentle, sweet flavor with a berry tone best used to stimulate the drinking and tone down the alcohol content in some beverages. 

It acts as a syrup to make cocktails and alcohol more drinkable. 

So, when finding a grenadine alternative, the number one factor to notice is to choose a syrup that has a sweet flavor so that it can act like grenadine, and one of the best candidates for that position is molasses. It is a syrup with a lot of sugar and sweetener in a dense, syrupy texture resembling grenadine in many phases. 

Molasses is a sub-product when people try to extract sugarcane or sugar beets for juice. When they boil the juice to get sugar, the same procedure produces molasses at the same time. Since it is a natural product, molasses contain many natural sweeteners good for one’s health once you consume them with a reasonable amount. 

These characteristics allow molasses to sink in drinks, just like grenadine. When you stir and mix molasses with the drink, it will dissolve and make the wine much more drinkable since now it is sweeter and the smell is much less alcohol. 

Molasses is the number one grenadine replacement to go for because of its easy accessibility and affordability. Its sweetness and density are what it takes to make it the right grenadine syrup substitute. The only disadvantage of molasses is that it won’t give you any additional flavor as it is only sugar syrup.

You can use molasses for a drink recipe without any additional flavor or want sugar syrup. If you want an option that offers flavor, then continue to check what we offer below. 

When substituting grenadine with molasses, take one-third of molasses compared to the usual amount you use with grenadine. In that way, your drinks won’t be too heavily sweetened. 

2. Raspberry Syrup

If you are looking for a grenadine syrup replacement that offers the same color, the raspberry syrup will be your ultimate choice. Especially in specific drinks like grenadine substitute Tequila Sunrise, Singapore Sling, etc., where the reddish-pink needs to pop for the drinks to be recognizable, the raspberry syrup will come in and save the day without the help of grenadine. 

Either you buy raspberry syrup or make your own homemade raspberry syrup, you will get the same texture with grenadine cherry syrup. With the same color and texture between grenadine vs cherry syrup, raspberry can replace grenadine in almost any drink where the flavor is not counted. Since raspberry juice is a simple fruit juice, it cannot have the unique tart and harsh grenadine syrup flavor like a cocktail syrup. So, to make the lightweight flavor of raspberry juice reflect grenadine, you will need extra ingredients to spice up the taste, such as lemon juice extract. 

If you want some twists included in your raspberry juice to make it more like grenadine, try to make your raspberry juice, but use brown sugar instead of white sugar to have a substance resembling molasses. In this way, you get a raspberry grenadine substitute with the sweetness and the smokiness coming from roasting brown sugar. It is a fun alternative to try!

3. Orgeat syrup

If you haven’t heard of orgeat syrup before, it is an exotic syrup containing rose water and almond as the main ingredients. The syrup also included sugar syrup and orange blossom extract. From the listed ingredients, it’s easy to notice how fruity and summery orgeat syrup is, which makes it a great substitute for grenadine.

Its nutty content from almonds will also highlight your alcohol drinks rather than the tart sweetness from grenadine only. However, there is something you should notice while submitting these two syrups together. Orgeat syrup seems tasty, but it won’t have the same fruity and tart content as grenadine.

The powerful red color will be missing too. However, you can always change the recipe of orgeat syrup by replacing orange extract with raspberry or cranberry extract. Replacing the fruit extract will change the color of the syrup and make the texture denser as well. In this way, you can have a closer approach to substitute grenadine. 

4. Fruit juice

If you don’t need to create an alcohol drink using grenadine, try using fruit juice as a healthier substitute for grenadine syrup, yet still maintain the sweet level and color of grenadine. There are a lot of fruits you can make juice from that resemble grenadine in texture and color, such as:

Red-fruit juice

  • Beet leaves juice or smoothie will give your drink a hot pink that resembles grenadine’s color with a dense texture. You can make its flavor tarter by using flavor stimulants like honey, lemon extract, etc. It is a healthy choice of dieting but still resembles grenadine in many phases. 
  • Cherry juice is great at substituting grenadine as it offers a light sourness and tartness with the correct color compared to grenadine. 
  • Cranberry, raspberry juice is wonderful at substituting grenadine because of the similarity in texture and color, with only a slight update in flavor required. Cranberry juice detox is perfect to use if you want to keep a healthy diet while enjoying or making a flavor and texture like grenadine substitute for cranberry juice

Pomegranate/lemon juice

Pomegranate juice substitute or lemon juice are options to consider when you want to use grenadine pomegranate substitute as a flavor neutralizer in alcohol drinks. 

Juices are easy to find, but their weakness in submitting grenadine is that they don’t have a syrupy texture. To alter this, you can use original syrup or honey as a base. Mix them up, and you can treat them as a grenadine substitute. 

5. Cassis Liqueur/Crème de cassis

The last grenadine substitute on the list is a famous after-dining wine called cassis liqueur (or known as Creme de cassis). This wine is the result of mashing and dousing black currants – a bold-flavor berry in South America. 

Because of its intensely bold tone, a black current is used as the main ingredient in wine to give a fruity yet aromatic extract. Cassis liqueur is a great grenadine substitute because it offers the syrupy texture, the sweetly tart flavor you are looking for in a grenadine substitute. 

However, overusing Creme de cassis may cause your drink to be too thick or too sweet. To find the correct amount of Cassis Liqueur to use, start with one tablespoon at a time when you are pouring this liquor into your drink. You can use extra fruit flavors like kaffir lime leaves, orange, honey to tone down and neutralize the drink, making it more drinkable and suitable to your preference. 

Be careful that Creme de cassis is extremely rich in alcohol, so substituting grenadine with cassis liqueur will make you drink more liquor than ever. It’s important to stay cautious and adjust the level of cassis used to make sure its flavor does not overwhelm your recipe. 

The Final Word

And that’s our list containing the best grenadine substitute. We hope you find the perfect grenadine substitute to make up space for your favorite drink with all the options above. Thank you for reading this article, and enjoy your tasty cocktail!

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