How Long Can Hummus Sit Out in Various Conditions?

Hummus is an Arabian sauce made from chickpeas, tahini (sesame butter), olive oil, lemon juice, salt, and garlic. It has a distinctive salty, fatty, aromatic, and frugal taste. Because of its amazing flavor, hummus has become familiar in the menu of many families. 

If you’re a big fan of this unique sauce, you probably asked yourself the question at least once – How long can hummus sit out exactly? Let’s find out now in this post today.

Can Hummus Go Bad?

How Long Can Hummus Sit Out

If someone asks you, “Does hummus go bad?” or “Does hummus expire?”, don’t hesitate to say yes right away.

Like any other foodstuff, hummus will go bad after a certain time regardless of how well you store it. Not to mention that hummus is a sauce type with a very high water content – this means it’s more prone to get spoiled than other dishes.

Hummus manufacturers will add preservatives, which will allow you to extend the hummus expiration date. Furthermore, commercial production lines frequently incorporate a sterilization phase to minimize any potential contamination, so if you don’t open the can, the hummus will last for a long time. 

With varying storage circumstances, your hummus will have a different shelf life. If you merely leave them at room temperature, they will be edible within 2 hours. For extended storage time, it would be better to place it in the refrigerator. Let’s go into details below!

How Long Can Hummus Sit Out At Room Temperature?

As we can’t always keep the food cold, many people wonder, “does hummus need to be refrigerated all the time?”

So, can hummus be left out? How long can you leave hummus out

Well, you can keep the hummus out of the refrigerator, but this only works for a brief period.

Scientists at the USDA recommend that homemakers should only use food that has been stored at a temperature between 90 and 140 degrees Fahrenheit within 1 hour. If the temperature gets reduced to 40 degrees F to 90 degrees F, it may be safe for up to 2 hours.

As you are surely aware, the surrounding environment has the most strong influence on food degradation. When you leave hummus in your car after purchasing them or on the kitchen table before eating them, you are willing to let environmental influences flourish.

Bacteria in the air will quickly penetrate the unrefrigerated hummus, and the non-freezing temperatures will speed up the spoilage process.

How Long Does Hummus Last In The Fridge?

Refrigeration is an excellent method of preserving any food. Although it will still spoil after a while, homemade hummus shelf life will increase significantly.

Yet, how long is hummus good for in the fridge exactly?

The answer depends on the expiry date that the manufacturer has suggested to you on the package.

Usually, you will see the words hummus best by date or use before date on the packaging. Ensure the opening time matches the best by date or use before date, which is normally one month after the manufacturing date.

In both cases, the hummus will have a shelf life of about 4-7 days in the refrigerator from the date of opening. To safeguard your health, keep a note of the date you opened the can. It’s better to write the date on the lid.

It’s also worth noting that if you make hummus at home and the product does not contain any chemicals to preserve, the edible time will be slightly reduced, probably less than five days. 

How Long Does Homemade Hummus Last In The Freezer?

Do you have to refrigerate hummus, or can you freeze it? The answer is optional.

The freezer is more optimal than just a refrigerator because it lowers the temperature and humidity. Under these conditions, most harmful microorganisms will not be able to grow normally, and as a result, your hummus will stay fresh longer, up to months. 

Many people often make huge batches of hummus and freeze it in ice cube trays to keep it fresh. This is a very clever way of preparing snacks, and you should try it sometimes.

How Do You Know If Hummus Is Bad?

Mold spots or a color change are the first and most evident signs of how to tell if hummus is bad. Take a closer look, and you’ll notice. 

Mold is an indication that harmful bacteria have multiplied too much. Once you can see them with the naked eye, the number of microorganisms in your hummus is already up to billions!

If this is the case, throw out the hummus as soon as you find out! Or else, eating expired hummus can lead to severe diseases such as food poisoning or intestinal infections. Don’t squander your time and effort by removing only the top layer of mold because the bacterium has already spread throughout the area.

In addition, please keep the above-mentioned shelf life and ambient temperature in mind. After this period, or if the food remains in the alarming zone of 40-140 degrees Fahrenheit for around 2 hours, it is very much likely that your food has gone bad, even if there is no visible evidence of it. 

When it comes to food safety in the fridge, the FDA also stated that food that doesn’t smell, looks, or taste bad, can still spoil us, or should I say, make us sick. The reason is that foodborne illnesses stem from pathogenic bacteria, totally different from those that spoil the food.

Therefore, if the food is past its date, do not hesitate to throw it away as soon as possible. If you try to taste it, you will make it simpler for yourself to become infected.

Can Hummus Make You Sick?

In general, hummus is less harmful when spoiled than other foods such as meat, but it is still potent enough to affect your health. In the past, scientists discovered several correlations between hummus and the growth of salmonella and listeria bacteria. 

While everything is still a risk, but other than that, consuming substandard hummus will result in immediate effects such as vomiting, diarrhea, and food poisoning.

How To Store Hummus Properly?

It’s time to learn some simple storage methods to maintain hummus’ quality for later use.

Preparing Hummus For Refrigeration

The first step in ensuring proper refrigerator storage is to find a suitable container. The most common types on the market today are plastic and glass.

We recommend that you use tempered glass with an airtight lid to avoid any harmful decomposition of the plastic. Aside from that, you can use this material in the microwave, very practical for modern homeowners. Glass is also incredibly eco-friendly, which corresponds to the current trend of greener living. 

Plastic can also be an excellent option but choose quality products made to be food-safe and healthful. Avoid using cheap plastic items!

Preparing Hummus For The Freezer

Since the main ingredients of hummus are chickpeas, garbanzo beans, olive oil, and lemon juice, it’s perfectly fine to put in the freezer without much preparation. 

You can use it the same way as when you put it in the refrigerator above, but you should change it a bit if you want to store it longer. It would be best not to let the hummus be too airtight as it will expand when frozen. Leave a little extra space, so this expansion doesn’t crack your container and cause the sauce to run all over the place.


How To Safely Serve Hummus At A Party?

The best way to use it is to place the thicken hummus in a bowl on ice to serve for hours. Plus, prepare a serving spoon.

How To Choose The Best Hummus?

The most important thing to do is to keep an eye on the expiration date, as the hummus will only taste good during this time. You should also check whether the product is still sealed and pay a little attention to the ingredients and additives. 

This way, you can have great hummus to serve with buckwheat groats or chicken salad.


In general, the shelf life of hummus is highly dependent on environmental factors. If not refrigerated, please use them within 2 hours to ensure quality and safety for health.We hope this article has provided you with more information about How Long Can Hummus Sit Out. Thank you for reading.

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