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English muffins are a favorite dessert in almost every family. You can serve them as a main dish with frozen cranberry sauce, a side dish, or even an entrée.

However, to retain the deliciousness, the preservation needs some attention. So, how long do English muffins last in different conditions, and should you refrigerate English muffins or not? Let’s check it out.

How Long Do English Muffins Last?

English Muffins

To be clear, the answer to the question “do English muffins expire?” is Yes. However, the shelf life of food mainly depends on where to store English muffins. If the weather is hot and humid, the cake will almost certainly degrade faster. To be specific, English muffins can last up to 3 months in the freezer, while the maximum storage period in the fridge is 4 days.

As in this part, we’ll provide you with an estimated average storage time of frozen English muffin in both conditions for your consideration.

In the freezer

If you are asking yourself, how long do Thomas English muffins last in the freezer? Then, we will recommend you only freeze English muffins for about 2-3 months.

The proper freezer reduces the ambient temperature to a very low temperature, possibly below 0 degrees Celsius. As a result, practically all microbes responsible for food degradation will not be able to reproduce at this temperature. You can also control the surrounding moisture to keep the muffin edible for an extended time.

However, chefs recommend that you should not overuse the freezer because it will cause the English muffin to dry out and make the core fragmented rather than cohesive. Although you can retain the shape of the dish as it was freshly cooked, if the taste is not as good, this is not a worthy trade-off.

In the fridge

How long do English muffins last in the fridge? As said, it can be up to 3-4 days.

Using the refrigerator compartment does not provide a long shelf life like freezing, but it does help to preserve as much of the original flavor as possible.

Because the temperature and humidity are not too low, the cake core can retain some moisture and stickiness. Your baked muffin will undoubtedly taste better than it did when frozen, and you won’t have to worry about how to thaw English muffins.

Why Do English Muffins Last So Long?

English muffins can stay fresh for a long time because of the added preservatives during the manufacturing process. Sodium benzoate and calcium propionate are the most prevalent.

They essentially operate as a preservative by interfering with the growth and reproduction of germs. To protect consumers’ health, the concentration of food additives is always under strict supervision.

But that doesn’t mean you should leave English muffins out for too long without using them. If careless, bacteria will have an easy time multiplying and affect the quality of the muffin and harm your health.

How to Reheat Frozen English Muffins?

The two most popular ways to heat this dish for your breakfast are in the microwave and traditional oven. Microwaves will be a bit faster if you need them urgently.

Using the toaster oven

This method is a huge favorite of ours as it creates a bit of crispy texture to the muffin crust.

  • First, you need to preheat the oven to 177°C (350°F) for 10-15 minutes, depending on the capacity of your home oven
  • Just like when using a microwave, choose a heat-resistant English muffin storage container and cover it with aluminum foil.
  • Set time for about 10 minutes for the cake to heat up completely.
  • Take it off and enjoy.

Using the microwave

  • Please take a small paper towel to cover the muffins and then put it in a heat-resistant glass or porcelain with a baking sheet underneath.
  • For English muffins stored in the refrigerator, you only need to microwave for 30 seconds to use them. If your cake is frozen, leave it for 1-2 more minutes in the oven.
  • Check to see if the cake’s temperature has reached the desired temperature and it is ready to go.

How Do You Keep English Muffins From Getting Soggy?

If you worry about how well leftovers will reheat in the microwave, you should start storing them properly. For spare English muffins, in particular, you should store them in an airtight container to prevent moisture from the outside from penetrating.

In addition, before warming, cover the surface of the cake with a dry paper towel, or sprinkle a little cornstarch on top to absorb any excess water. This could keep your cake from becoming soggy.

When Do English Muffins Go Bad?

This question is basically similar to “how long are English muffins good for”.

As we mentioned above, English muffins have a maximum shelf life of up to 3 months when you store them properly. Longer than this time, they will go bad. However, most chefs will recommend using only for about 3 weeks to keep the best quality.

If you let it sit longer, mold will grow due to over-fermentation in the yeast mixture like sour buttermilk, cream cheese, or baking soda. These molds can cause serious food poisoning, especially for young children. So whenever you notice unusual signs such as a sour smell or green mold, throw your English muffin away immediately.

How To Store English Muffins Properly?

Using sealed container

When preserving food in general and English muffins in particular, you should prioritize choosing glass, porcelain, or sealed plastic containers.

Of the three types of materials above, glass and porcelain are safe for health. You can also use them in the microwave due to their durability and high heat resistance. If you choose to buy a plastic box, choose a PP plastic box, BPA Free. You can easily find these symbols on the body or bottom of the plastic airtight freezer-friendly container.

Set upright temperature and humidity

The standard temperature for English muffins is 3 to 6 degrees Celsius or 4 to 8 degrees Celsius, with humidity not falling below 50%. There are several different types of specialty refrigerators on the market for preserving cakes.

However, they are fairly pricey and are not truly necessary for the family. You only need to set a reasonable temperature to store English muffin sandwiches safely.


Do Thomas English muffins need to be refrigerated?

According to the FDA, before opening and after opening, all English muffins need cooling. This is to prevent the effect of foreign microorganisms on the product.

How to thaw frozen English muffins?

Just like how to thaw a cool whip, you should not defrost frozen English muffins in the microwave.

When the ice melts owing to the heat, the cake core absorbs all of it, resulting in unfavorable outcomes. So, the best advice on how to defrost English muffins is that you should leave them at room temperature.

Can you toast frozen English muffins?

Absolutely yes.

There is no difficulty with toasting bakery muffins. They are, however, likely to be sloppy and wet. In this case, please refer to the section “How do you keep English muffins from getting soggy” above.


English muffins are delicious and nutritious cakes. They can satisfy even the most demanding diners.

As for how long do English muffins last? This depends mainly on the number of preservatives in the product and its packaging. But for the most part, if refrigerated, it will be good for up to 3 months.

We hope you find the info you need here. Thank you for reading and see you soon.

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