How Long Do Pistachios Last in Different Conditions?

If you want to use pistachios, you need to know the most exact answer to the question, "How long do pistachios last?". 

You may hear different answers from many people, but let us tell you the most comprehensive yet detailed knowledge about this topic.

In this article, we will discuss many problems, including the usable duration of pistachios nuts, how to know that this time is expired and how to prolong it to avoid wasting this great food!


How Long Do Pistachios Last in Different Conditions? 

How long do pistachios last in different conditions

Like most food, the lower the temperature is, the more slowly pistachios go bad.
Because the high temperature will allow biochemical reactions to happen more quickly and facilitate bacteria to thrive, storing them in a fridge or a freezer will help to keep them last longer.

Processed pistachios that have less fat content, be sealed in airtight containers, or treated with preservatives will be able to last much longer than raw ones since they are more slowly oxidized.

So what are practically the specific cases? Let's learn about them now!

1. Unshelled Pistachios 

Typically, unshelled pistachios can only last for not more than six months in the average room temperature (approx 25 degrees Celsius), so eat them as soon as possible if you want to serve them freshly.

In the fridge, unshelled pistachios are still usable for up to one year if stored correctly.

Likewise, in the freezer, it is still safe for people to eat unshelled pistachios that have been placed in the freezer for up to 12 months.

2. Shelled Pistachios

Commonly, shelled one can last for five months when properly stored in your pantry.

However, they can be stored in the fridge for as long as twelve months and are best served during the first 24 months inside a freezer.

After 12 months of being frozen, the nutrition quality of pistachios may start to decrease gradually.

3. Roasted Pistachios

For both shelled and unshelled types, roasted ones can last for about 50% longer since they have less fat content and become oxidized more slowly.

4. How long do pistachios last after expiration date?

Here, you need to understand two other sub-issues “how long do pistachios last after opening” (once opened) and “how long do they last if still sealed”.
If you have opened the package before it expires yet store it properly, you can still try to eat the rest within one week after the expiration date.
Nonetheless, if a store-bought bag has never been opened and has always been stored in a freezer, you can still use it after one year of expiration date!

As you can see, in general, shelling pistachios and sealing them in airtight containers are recommended if you want to keep them longer.

What Are The Signs of Spoiled Pistachios? 

What are the signs of spoiled pistachios

Like almost any other nuts, you can tell that a pistachio a nut has gone bad when you see one of the following signs:

The Sign No. 1:  You find weird tasting pistachio such as bitter, sour pistachio, or rancid pistachios

Ordinarily, rancid nuts emit a foul smell that we can compare with the uncomfortable odor of a plastic container that has not been used for a long time or paint.

So if you doubt that the pistachios have gone bad, carefully check whether they smell harsh or not by taking a sniff.

Besides, you can touch the them to see if the nutmeat is dehydrated and becomes extremely dry. These are common signs of rancid.

(Remember that any nuts like cashews or pistachios consist of unsaturated fats and the lipids will become rancid if exposed to the heat for a long time.)

The Sign No. 2: You find insects like bugs inside

These tiny creatures often look dark, brown, green, or black and should continuously run over the surfaces of spoiled nuts.  

The Sign No. 3: There is mold on pistachios. 

Pistachios mold may be green, dark, and white in color. It often appears as a powdery coat on their exterior.

The Sign No. 4: Rotten pistachios usually smell bad, and the green color may look darker than normal. 

Generally, anybody can easily find a weird dark brown color will gradually spread through all over the nuts.

Should you find only one of the above signs, throw your pistachios away because they have become unusable.

Trying to consume them will definitely make you sick.


1. What Happens If  You Eat Bad Pistachios?

Pistachios go bad might bring about severe stomaches if you ingest them. Some other side effects include dizziness and even food poisoning.

Therefore, you should double-check the food before deciding whether it is safe for you to eat or not.

Make the most out of the signs of spoiled pistachios that we have just mentioned above.

2. Do Pistachios Help You Sleep?

Theoretically, eating pistachios can help people sleep better not only directly but also indirectly.

Pistachios are known to reduce inflammation, regulate your blood pressure, keep your body fit, etc.

Thereby, they give everybody a healthier body and indirectly allow them to sleep better.

Plus, the content of pistachios also contains a lot of melatonin - a known hormone that directly helps to regulate our sleep-wake cycle.

Having some pistachios is just like you are taking a few melatonin supplements. In fact, many people even use them as a snack to help with jet lag.

3. Should You Refrigerate Pistachios?

If you love fresh pistachios, you may not want to put them in a refrigerator. 

However, if you cannot eat them before they expire, you still ought to put your pistachio bag in the fridge to preserve them.

As a common sense, the lower the storage temperature is, the longer they can last. Besides, the container should also be as airtight as possible.

4. How Many Pistachios Should I Eat Per Day?

Although eating a suitable amount can make pistachios healthy for you, but scientists have found out that a big enough amount enter your body will be bad for you (e.g., a bag of pistachios per day).

Usually, you had better take in from 1.5 to 3 ounces per day, which is equal to approximately a handful of this nut. 

If you are addicted to this nut, try making some pistachio cookies or find other substitutes such as beans or peanuts to reduce the amount that you can eat.

Final Words

Pistachios have been known as a kind of incredibly beneficial food for humans with a lot of protein, vitamin B6, Thiamine, and many other nutrients.
Hopefully, now you have known how long do pistachios last, how to preserve them, and avoid using bad pistachios accidentally to get the best benefits of the nut.
Thanks for reading!

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