How Long Do Tortillas Last? How To Extend Its Shelf Life?

Are tortillas easy to preserve?

After I made the first tortilla in my life, that question has popped out in my head several times.

Therefore, I have done some researches about it and gained quite much information. Tortillas are easy to store when you understand each type’s features.

Let’s go and see how long tortillas do last.

How Long Do Tortillas Last?

Depend on what type of tortillas and storage condition, the expiration duration will be different as below table:

Unopened TortillaRoom TemperatureRefrigeratorFreezer
Corn Tortillas Last ForMax. 10 daysMax. 8 weeksMax. 8 months
Flour Tortillas Last For Max. 7 daysMax. 4 weeksMax. 8 months
Spinach Tortillas Last For Max. 7 daysMax. 4 weeksMax. 8 months
Whole-Wheat Tortillas Last For Max. 7 daysMax. 3 weeksMax. 6 months
Homemade Tortillas Last For Max. 3 daysMax. 1 weekMax. 6 months
Tortillas Expiration Date

Let’s look at all the types one by one by details.

1. Corn Tortillas

how long do tortillas last
Corn Tortillas

This kind of tortillas is mostly made from starch; therefore, it can be stored longer than the other types. At room temperature, it can last for about 7-over ten days.

In the refrigerator, you can keep it for about 6-8 weeks. And it can be maintained in the freezer for about 6-8 months.

2. Flour Tortillas

Flour Tortillas

Flour tortillas can usually last for approximately 7 days in a pantry or cupboard. As long as the environment surrounding it is dry and cool, your tortillas will be entirely maintained.

It can last longer in your refrigerator for about 3-4 weeks and 6-8 months in a freezer.

3. Spinach Tortillas

Spinach Tortillas

It is the one I will choose when it comes to choosing a healthy breakfast or lunch. Similar to flour tortillas, it can be kept about 7 days in a cupboard or pantry, 3-4 weeks in a refrigerator, 6-8 months in a freezer, and remain its flavor.

4. Whole-Wheat Tortillas

Whole-Wheat Tortillas

What I love about whole-wheat tortillas is its benefits to muscles and bodybuilding. I can eat it without being afraid of my weight gain or obesity.

Also, it shares many similarities with spinach tortillas on the expiry date, which is 7 days at room temperature, 2- 3 weeks in a refrigerator, and 5 – 6 months in a freezer.

5. Homemade Tortillas

Homemade Tortillas

Finally, it is your homemade tortillas. Of course, it will have shorter shelf life than the above types because most home cooks do not like using any preservative substances.

It can last for about 2-3 days in a pantry and a week in a refrigerator.

However, if you put the tortillas in a zip-log bag, vacuum seal, and deep freeze it, it can last for 6 months.

Tips of Preserving The Tortillas To Extend Its Shelf Life

I used to have a lot of questions on how to protect the tortillas from getting rancid due to the distinction between my observation and the directions of use.

There was once I purchased about five bags of tortillas and intended to keep them in the fridge just like what the package said.

Nevertheless, the tortillas were still warm, and the moisture condensation was shown clearly on the plastic bag wrapping them.

Feeling a little confused, I had to access Mission Foods website and read some answers in the FAQs. And here is what I discovered

“If you buy tortillas at the store and they are not refrigerated, it is not necessary to keep them in the fridge immediately.

As I mentioned in the first part, tortillas can be maintained some days at room temperature and in a pantry or cupboard”.

Putting the tortillas in the refrigerator can extend the expiry date of the food, and you can keep them until they are well-prepared to be used.

Also, the shelf life of the tortillas depends on the state of them before being refrigerated.

Therefore, you can check their conditions by looking at the pliable level of the tortillas when you buy them.

And one last thing is that keeping your tortillas in the fridge or freezing them does not need any attention to the expiry date.

So, you need to depend on some visual indications to find out the situation of the tortillas after some time they are stored.

How To Tell If The Tortillas Are Rotten Or Gone Bad?

From my experiences, I can assure that it is not difficult to identify when your tortillas have gone rancid. There are signs for that which you can notice with your eyes.

First, it is the stiffness of the food. Ordinary tortillas are often pliable in natural conditions; however, once they have gone bad, you would see them get stiffer every day.

Another sign is the brown spots appearing on the surface of the tortillas.

Similar to other foods, they are evidence of mold. When those indications become visible, you should dispose of them immediately.

How To Choose The Most Appropriate Tortillas For You?

Selecting Brands

Different brands will bring you tortillas with distinct flavors and freshness. Favorite ones that can be enumerated are Mission Foods, Pinata, Cruz, and Don Marcos.

However, if you find those brands inappropriate for your taste, you can look for various other choices in health food, organic food, and Mexican stores.

Consider Your Purpose

Which flavor do you prefer? Corn or whole-wheat? And what do you have tortillas for? Just a typical food for your daily meal or a special healthy treat for your body-building?

You should consider some of those things before choosing the best tortillas.


How many tortillas are you preparing is the question that you should ask yourself in this section. One package of tortillas often contains 8, 9 or up to 12 ones.

Nevertheless, you can find several special packages with 20 or even 30 ones.

Therefore, you should anticipate the number of tortillas before you buy any package. In that way, you will be able to avoid wasting or spoiling the remaining ones.


Have you discovered the answer to the question “how long do tortillas last?”Also, it is not difficult to protect them from getting rancid, is it?

I hope you have achieved what you hope for after reading my article. You might try other useful tips from my blog : How Long Is Pulled Pork Good For, How Long Does Cauliflower Last, Does Buttermilk Smell Sour… . 

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to comment it. I would love to have discussions with you.

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