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Almost all people are addicted to blue cheese and frequently buy large quantities to satisfy their cravings for this fully. Yet, it can be dangerous to buy in bulk without knowing its shelf life. You don’t want to leave your favorite stuffed mushrooms just because of spoiled blue cheese, do you?

You should be now questioning, “how long does blue cheese last?” Keep reading as our article will share the necessary information about this type of cheese, including its lifetime, how to store it, and how to tell if blue cheese is bad.

How Long Does Blue Cheese Last?

Blue Cheese

How long is blue cheese good for? In general, blue cheese shelf time might be from 3 to 4 weeks in proper storing in the refrigerator. On the contrary, it can go bad quickly after a short term.

The harder your blue cheddar, the longer it lasts. That’s why some people often freeze it to remain indefinitely, though frozen cheese will bring a different texture.

For further information, we will go into details about each condition for it to last.

How Long Does Blue Cheese Last At Room Temperature?

Does blue cheese go bad quickly at room temperature?

Yes, it is totally true – after two hours of opening. When you have opened the blue cheese container at the medium room temperature of 40°F to 140°F, bacteria causing poisoning will grow as quickly as possible.

Two hours is the longest time for you to let it outside before serving. Especially, the period is shortened by only one hour when you expose the food to hot weather above 90°F, like a summer picnic.

If you tend to serve blue cheese in meals, let it alone at room temperature for about 30 minutes to get the best flavor. Don’t forget to subtract it from the 2-hour overall time.

How Long Does Blue Cheese Last In The Fridge?

  1. Blue Cheese Wedge

An intact block of blue cheese can last for at least 6 months. It also adjusts depending on the packaging options and even extends to a few extra weeks while retaining the quality.

However, once you start the wedge, this blue cheese only works well for a maximum of four weeks. It is the same with the fresh one from the wheel.

It’s worth mentioning that the shelf life of blue cheese in an airtight package is much longer than that with a cover of cheese paper inside the carton bag.

  1. Blue Cheese Crumbled

Then how long does crumbled blue cheese last? Well, this blue cheese expiration is typically up to half a year and even a few weeks more as long as you do not open the package. You can keep it in the fridge till the date on the label without worrying about its freshness.

Once you open the block, it is better to finish these crumbles in a week while they are still tasty, or else you will end up with not-so-great blue cheese.

How Long Does Blue Cheese Last In The Freezer?

Freezing is the best condition ever to extend the blue cheese shelf life. Of course, you have to put it in the freezer before the expiry date for refrigerator storage on the label.

There is always a double-sided problem when it comes to frozen cheese. Technically, you can eat this blue cheese forever, but a freezing time of over 6 months will not ensure its best quality anymore.

If the cheese gets crumbly and loses its taste, it’s best to use this thawed wedge for cooking soups, casseroles, or sauces.

What happens when some people have accidentally defrosted an original block of blue cheese and cannot use all of it once afterward?

Well, it is safe to refreeze, but remember, both texture and taste will not remain the same with once-frozen blue cheese. We only recommend refreezing when you have no choices.

How To Tell If Blue Cheese Is Bad?

Smell The Cheese

You can quickly notice spoiled cheese when the smell of your blue cheese is nasty.

But what does blue cheese smell like?

Well, a fresh one always comes with a strong and distinct scent that hits you for the first time. If you find that blue cheese smells like ammonia, it is time to throw it away!

Always give your blue cheese a sniff immediately after you have bought it! It will help you figure out when the scent is changing better.

Check Its Texture And Color

Apart from using your senses, you must consider the texture and color of the blue cheese. Yet, what color is blue cheese exactly? We bet that some of you might mistake its color.

Remember that the fresh blue cheese will have some blue or green mold in it, along with some white, yellow, or beige creamy parts. If these parts turn to green, brown, or pink colors, your blue cheese will belong in the trash.

Similarly, you must check the color of fresh ones beforehand to realize any spot changes quickly. Bad blue cheese also has some changes in texture, including a slimy or fuzzy surface.

Try It A Little Bit

As mentioned above, fresh blue cheese includes a strong, sharp scent and taste; that’s why you can easily notice it when it gets bad. To make sure, you can try it a little bit. Spoiled blue cheese will get especially biting and be too strong to eat.

Some people are hesitant while hearing this, and they might ask: What happens if you eat bad blue cheese? Can blue cheese make you sick? Rest assured that only a small amount of spoiled cheese does not affect your health at all.

How To Store Blue Cheese Properly?

Step 1: Cut Blue Cheese Into Small Pieces

The first step on how to store blue cheese is to cut it into many small pieces of half-pound before putting it in the freezer or refrigerator.

This way also works well on such blue cheese that you have served. When it comes to crumbled blue cheese, you can take a food scale and divide cheese into some similar portions or slices.

Step 2: Double Wrap The Blue Cheese

A slice of blue cheese will stay fresh longer as long as you wrap it properly beforehand. Double wrapping is advisable in this case to prevent the cheese from drying out.

You must wrap the first layer with parchment paper or wax and the second with foil or plastic wrap. Do not forget to put the before-wrapped piece of blue cheese in a plastic freezer bag for more protection.

For those worrying that the scent of other foods inside your refrigerator affects blue cheese, let’s use an airtight container more.

Step 3: Store The Blue Cheese In The Refrigerator

Colder temperature allows for further extension of that blue cheese. You can choose either the coldest section of the fridge or the freezer to store blue cheese. However, the freezer is our recommendation to keep it fresh for a long time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Safe To Eat Blue Cheese With Mold On It?

Is blue cheese safe to eat when it appears mold? Yes, if it is a wedge cheese and you have removed the moldy area and 1-inch surrounding. It is a must not to touch your knife with this mold. After that, you can enjoy it and recover in fresh wrap.

However, you had better throw the entire package when there is mold on the sliced, crumbled, or shredded blue cheese.

Can You Use Blue Cheese After The Expiration Date?

The expiration date only indicates the suitable period you should eat blue cheese. Once you have stored it in the freezer, it is safe to use for a longer-term after the “best by date” has expired.

How Long Does Blue Cheese Stay At Its Good Quality After Being Defrosted?

How long can blue cheese be left out after defrosting? Well, it depends on the melting method. For example, you can keep a thawed wedge of blue cheese in the fridge for a maximum of four days before using it. This period is shorter, normally right away, in case of defrosting a cheese in cold water or the microwave.

What Does Blue Cheese Look Like?

What does blue cheese look like? What is blue cheese made from? Hang on, and we will reply to you.

Blue cheese is a cheese taken from sheep, cow, or goat and cultured, molded from Penicillin, with another name of blue vein cheese. It has more than 50 types available in the world. Stilton cheese from England, Gorgonzola Dolce from Italy, and Roquefort from France are among the famous ones.

Blue cheese often comes with a white color outside and different colors of blue, black, or green-grey in veins. These veins appear in it when you spike it for oxygen to form mold.

There are many recipes where you can enjoy your blue cheese, like blue cheese pasta or chicken salad with blue cheese dressing.

To Sum Up

Has our reply to “How long does blue cheese last” satisfied your curiosity yet? We believe that the answer is an absolute yes.

Normally, its shelf time adjusts according to which type and where to store. You can choose the best method that suits your family’s needs. Do not hesitate to leave a comment to let us know if you have any questions.

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