How Long Does Cheddar Cheese Last? How To Tell It Gone Bad?

Cheddar cheese is a versatile food that can be paired with many types of foods. There’s no greater pleasure than biting into a delicious piece of cheddar cheese, but it can be dangerous to buy too much without knowing the cheese shelf life. You don’t want your favorite snack left behind because of expired cheese, do you?

You might be wondering, “how long does cheddar cheese last?” Don’t worry; we got you covered. This article will share useful information about this type of cheese, including its lifespan, how to store it correctly, and how to tell if cheddar cheese is bad.

How Long Does Cheddar Cheese Last?

How Long Does Cheddar Cheese Last

How long does cheese stay good? Cheddar cheese can last around 2 to 4 months in the fridge. By contrast, it will go bad after a short time. If you desire to make it longer, it would be best to freeze large chunks of cheddar cheese in the freezer for around eight months.

How Long Does Cheddar Cheese Last In The Fridge?

A common question that has been raised is, “how long is unopened cheese good for?” Normally, an unopened package of cheddar cheese can last in the fridge for two to four months after the date on labels.

Once you open your cheddar cheese, it will be fresh for between one and two months if stored properly. It is also important to wrap the cheese in something breathable like wax paper, cheesecloth, or parchment before putting it back into its original packaging. 

How Long Does Cheddar Cheese Last In The Freezer?

Sliced Cheddar Cheese 

As mentioned above, sliced cheddar cheese can maintain great quality for around three months. Still, it should still be safe beyond that time if kept in the freezer at 0° F or below. 

After being thawed and frozen, how long does opened cheddar cheese last? When defrosted, you can keep the sliced cheddar for an extra three to four days in your fridge before using it.  

The best way to use frozen deli cheddar cheese is for cooked dishes. It will not be as flavorful and will crumble easily, so stick with something like a soup, sauce, or casserole instead of eating it on its own.

Chunk Cheddar Cheese 

A chunk of cheddar cheese will maintain high quality for eight months if stored properly. However, it can last beyond that time and remain safe to eat as long as you freeze the item at 0°F or colder.

So, how long can you keep a chunk of cheddar cheese after it has been defrosted? 

You can keep a thawed piece in the refrigerator for around 3-4 days before use. On the other hand, a thawed piece in cold water or the microwave should be used immediately.

How To Tell If Cheddar Cheese Is Spoiled?

Does cheddar cheese go bad? Definitely yes, you can easily tell the cheddar cheese is spoiled when cheddar cheese darkens in color, develops an intense smell, and appears covered with mold.

To determine whether the chunk and sliced cheddar cheeses are still good, look at the color. If they turn a bright red or black color in them, then you should throw away those cheeses. The main reason behind it is that they have developed mold on them, making you get sick when eaten.

In case the cheese mold is green, blue, or white, you will not need to discard them as that is natural.

How To Extend Cheddar Cheese Lifespan? 

Now that you understand how long your cheddar cheese can last and how to check if it gets spoiled, it’s time to learn some methods to extend its lifespan as much as possible.

1. Correct Cheddar Storage

When poorly wrapped, cheddar cheese can easily lose its moisture and become dry. In such cases, the cheese will absorb extra water, making it more susceptible to mold growth.

Noticeably, the changing temperatures inside a package of cheese can cause condensation to form and increase the risk for mold growth. If too much visible mold has penetrated deep into the cheese,  it’s best to discard it immediately to avoid further risk for food poisoning and other health hazards.

The best way to store cheddar cheese is by tightly double-wrapping and sealing the block of cheese in plastic wrap. If you would like to freeze your cheddar, cut it into pieces 8 ounces or smaller and securely wrap each piece with plastic before placing them in containers or airtight bags.

2. Cleanliness Is Essential

To preserve cheddar cheese shelf life for as long as possible, be mindful of washing your hands carefully before touching a chunk of the cheese. When cutting into it with a knife on any surface, make sure that both are clean and free from food contaminants. 

More importantly, never allow bad odors near the cheese because these will affect its flavor – this is especially important if storing in an open refrigerator where other items like fish might end up smelling like old nasty seafood meat.

3. Using Frozen Cheddar

Cheddar cheese is great to add flavor and texture when cooking. However, if you freeze before using it in a dish, its crumbly texture can make slicing difficult. To prevent this issue, thaw the cheddar slowly at room temperature before use so that moisture doesn’t escape during defrosting.


Is Mold Cheddar Cheese Harmful? 

The hard and semi-soft cheeses, such as Colby, Cheddar, Parmesan, Swiss, and, are highly resistant to mold penetration. Thus, you can cut the moldy part and enjoy the rest of the cheddar cheese. Ensure to keep a minimum distance from 1 inch (2.5 centimeters) around and below where you saw any sign of mold so that nothing will grow further in this area.

However, it may not be okay all the time. You should check the mold types because eating any of them can result in symptoms like vomiting and diarrhea. 

It’s also possible for this food poisoning to lead to more severe cases. Dangerous molds produce mycotoxins which range from acute food poisoning problems to immune deficiency and cancerous effects.

Is It Safe To Eat Cheese Left Out Overnight?

Not at all. When cheese is left out for more than four hours, it can become dry and crumbly. Does cheddar cheese need to be refrigerated? Well, it is best to keep cheese in a cooler with ice packs or even the refrigerator.

If you have guests coming over and want it out on display for four hours before serving, make sure there is plenty of airflow around your board so that humidity levels are low enough where bacteria cannot thrive.

Can You Eat Expired Cheddar Cheese? 

The answer is yes, you can, but we do not recommend it. It is still safe to eat moldy cheese as long as the cheese smells good and you need to cut off the mold part.

How Can Long Shred Cheddar Cheese Be Left At Room Temperature?

Well, we must say two hours. Bacteria thrive in conditions that are between 40 and 140 degrees Fahrenheit. Shredded cheddar cheese is not safe to eat after being left out for two hours at room temperature, as the bacteria that cause food poisoning can grow rapidly in this environment. 


Cheddar cheese is a wonderful dairy product to your list of ingredients, but it still needs to stay good for you to make good use of it. So, how long does cheddar cheese last

Depending on how to store cheddar cheeses, it should last for 2 to 4 months. You should pay attention to cheese sell by date and cheese best by date to develop different methods to extend your cheese lifespan. 

With the tips to increase your cheddar cheese lifetime, we hope you can get our points and make your cheese last longer with time as much as possible.

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