How Long Does Mint Last? An Extra Guidance For Your Cooking

Mint is one of the top common spice seasonings that are preferred worldwide because of its special aroma and signature flavor. Compared to other spices such as coriander, chili, cumin, etc., mint may not be the spiciest.

However, it still becomes the top recommendation by the culinary community in cooking because of the bizarre features that only it can offer.

Hence, in this post, let’s find out the answer to your problem: “ How long does mint last?” and discover what the best way to keep the mint long as desired.

How Long Does Mint Last For Each Types

1. How Long Does Fresh Mint Leaves Keep

how to keep mint fresh

Mint is produced in many different methods, but, based on my experience, most people still prefer using mint when available fresh. I also love using fresh mint leaf in cooking because the fresh mint can retain the minty smell with spicy and authentic taste the most.

So, how long can green mint last?

To learn how to store fresh mint, we should approach it just like maintaining fresh flowers. The first stage is to wash the mint carefully under freshwater, then trim the stems’ end to avoid the mint’s swamping process.

The next move is to put it on a tall vase and add enough cold water to dip just 1/4 of the stem. Consequently, wrap the mint with plastic so as to reduce the water drainage. Last but not least, refill water after 2 or 3 days.

In short, this storing mint leaves fresh technique is quite effective, simple, and versatile, which is also available for storing other fresh herbs like basil, parsley, and thyme.

However, it only works on keeping mint for a maximum of a week. It’d better not last your long storage time because the mint smells will become worse.

2. How Long Do Dried Mints Good For

If there is dried mint, how long the storage time will last? Yes, in case you need storing mint for more than a week but don’t have a freezer at home, we suggest you try to dry mint and then store it in a refrigerator. For dried mint, you can keep them edible for about a one-year maximum.

Now, let me show you how to dry mint and store it appropriately. Firstly, cut the stem down to ⅓, and extract some side branches to reduce the dehydration process.

Next, spread them on a fresh paper towel, ensuring that no green foliages overlap. Consequently, turn on the microwave to dry the leaves for about 2 – 3 minutes. After that, take out the dried green foliages of mint and store them in sealed containers to last the use time.

We also advise you to check the mint daily to ensure that the green foliages haven’t turned to brown yet, otherwise, remove the brown ones and put the remains into the microwave, and repeat the drying process as mentioned above.

Please note that you should keep the dried mint in a cool, dry environment and avoid air exposure.

3. How Long Does Frozen Mint Stay At Good

Among the many different techniques of mint storage, freezing has always been the most effective method to extend its shelf life. If you frost it properly, the freezing mint can be stored in the freezer for more than a year without being spoiled.

Understanding that the frozen mint lasts for so long, now let’s learn how to freeze mint and store it for a long time appropriately.

The first step is to discharge all the leaves out of its stem. Please note that the green foliage of mint is fragile, which means it can be torn down if not handled properly.

Consequently, wash sprigs of mint leaf carefully, and dry them with a sterile paper towels or tissue. Then you stretch them out on a baking tray and freeze them for about 2 hours.

The final stage is to take the frozen leaves out of the baking tray and put them all in big sealed freezer bags. Returning the bag into the freezer after ensuring no air can get inside the bag.

How To Know If Mint Turns Bad

1. Color

Typically, a mint leaf has a distinctive greenish color. So, if you see the leaf has changed color from the verdant one to other colors like brown, yellow, or worse, black, then there may be some problems with that mint.

According to science, the natural leaf color is green, indicating the plant’s verdant, flourishing status. Given that fact, when the plant isn’t in the “good” status anymore, the chlorophyll will disappear, and leaves will change its color to brown.

If that plant has died, then the color will turn to dark brown. As a result, if you see your mint turn color, it must be the indicator for its spoiling.

2. Smell

The mint leaf always has a very strong, “signature” odor that only it has. The minty aroma, in fact, comes from the mint oil, which only appears when the mint is flourishing. Thus, if you cannot smell the strong minty fragrance, it’s likely that your mint has already died.

There are many types of mint to add-in, and each kind will give off a slightly different minty aroma. Some can extract a very strong smell, but some just expose a slight fragrance.

However, there is always a minty smell from the mint leaves if it is still alive; otherwise, your mint is dead and needs to be thrown away.

How To Store Fresh Mint For Long Term Use

Are your peppermint leaves turning brown? You may need to learn how to store mint! While harvesting, it is an excellent time of year for enjoying all the benefits of fresh, homegrown mint. If you’re looking for ways to store and preserve it for later in the year or even into the next season, this article has tips on how you can keep your favorite herb around longer.

Drying herbs is a great way to preserve their antioxidant properties, but what if you love mint and want to eat it year-round? Check out this simple tutorial on how to freeze fresh mint leaves for easy access throughout the year!

There are so many benefits of freezing fresh mint leaves. The first is that it’s super quick and easy – you just need two things: your fresh, unwashed leaves (which can be found in the produce section) and an ice cube tray. Second, it will help maintain the flavor of your herbs – they’re usually stronger when they’re frozen! Finally, freezing them will extend their shelf life by up to six months so you can enjoy a taste of summer all year round.

The Bottom Line

how to store fresh mint

Through this article, we have figured out the answer to the question of “how long does mint last?”. We believe that our writing helps provide you with the best method to store the mint properly and effectively.

Please remember that no matter which technique you choose and the type of mint you store (green, dried, or frozen), the key to preserving mint is to avoid dehydration and air exposure.

Finally, we hope you can apply our tips to your cooking so as to optimize the effect. Thank you for reading!

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