How Long Does Sherry Last? Does Sherry Cooking Wine Go Bad?

Sherry is undoubtedly on the list of the top-notch liquor in the world, and wine lovers especially love keeping this wine for many years to get the full flavor. The same goes for cooks as well. However, where to store Sherry? How long does Sherry last? Can Sherry go bad?

These questions seem to be a big matter for those who lack knowledge about Sherry and an adequate way to store it. Do not worry, as this article is for you.

How Long Does Sherry Last?

How Long Does Sherry Last

Does Sherry cooking wine go bad? How long does Sherry last? Sherry can normally last from one to four years in a sealed bottle. Meanwhile, how long does Sherry last once opened? It is around one week if you store it in the fridge or a cool and dry area. Cream Sherry will last longer for up to three weeks in the fridge!

The higher the percentage of alcohol in Sherry, the longer it can last. If you intend to store a Sherry bottle, consider its alcoholic level. Remember that its term will also change once you open the bottle!

Sherry is highly praised as a well-known fortified wine from Spain. Strong liquor combines with lots of sugar to make Sherry, which contributes greatly to its long-term usage. White grapes are the main ingredient to produce Sherry, making it available in many versions, from light to heavy with 15 to 17 percent alcohol.

This wine is quite popular in cooking, including many savory dishes and even desserts. As such, it is a must to know the shelf life of Sherry if storing properly. 

Any fortified wine has a special version for cooking, and Sherry is not an exception. Yet, an expired Sherry loses their aroma and flavors and will affect your food. 

Make sure to seal the opened cooking Sherry bottle tightly with a cork and keep it in the refrigerator. A cooking Sherry is likely to have a longer life than an original version. You can utilize an opened bottle in a few months to one year. 

If you have not unpacked its bottle and always kept it away from sources of heat and sunlight, it will stay in good quality in your fridge for a long time!

Still not assured? Let’s see the best-before date on the label of a Sherry bottle to know if it is a long-lasting wine or not. However, for those with fine contents, you can still use them for cooking purposes even after the expiration date!

How To Tell If Sherry Is Bad?

Does Sherry wine go bad, and how to tell? Absolutely yes, Sherry can go bad no matter how high alcohol and sugar content it has. When you notice there might be a corking bit floating in the drink, or it smells like cardboard, it means that your Sherry has spoiled!

Sherry will keep losing flavor compounds and become bland as long as you keep its bottle opened. A fresh Sherry is only suitable for cooking, instead of drinking at that time. 

This wine changes rapidly in chemical composition after opening due to a high content of alcohol. This oxidation process will either increase more flavors for your wine in a highly controlled manner or damage its quality if the exposure continues. 

How To Store Sherry

The method of storing Sherry is similar to storing any other wine. Does Sherry need to be refrigerated? How to store Sherry wine after opening? 

A cool, dry, and dark place without any temperature changing is the best condition to maintain the good quality of an unpacked bottle of Sherry. Besides, it will be best if you keep the bottle upright!

Regarding the opened bottle, you have to seal it tightly before putting it in the fridge. For example, you can utilize the old cork or a bottle stopper. If the old container can not work well anymore, let’s pour the drink into another decanter.  

Fridge Method

We always emphasize a fridge as an ideal place to store an opened Sherry bottle for longer Sherry shelf life in a few more weeks. Specifically, it prevents the drink from oxidizing quickly and helps enhance the taste of the wine.

Freezing Method

Is it possible to apply the freezing method for Sherry storage? 

Alcohol does not actually benefit from this. Also, frozen and thawed wine tends to taste differently. For this reason, it is not a good idea to store Sherry in a freezer if you want to drink it later. 

Suppose you only aim to use it for cooking, do not hesitate to apply this method!

Still, how to store Sherry by freezing? An ice cube tray definitely works fine in this case. You need to pour the drink into that tray and put it in the freezer. Then, transfer frozen cubes into a freezer bag later to make it convenient to toss directly into the pot whenever necessary. 

What Are Recipes Using Sherry?

Here are several Sherry recipes anyone can try to cook:

  • French onion soup: Sherry helps to bring a sweet flavor and a great color to your dishes.
  • Sautéed chicken: It’s the delicious pan sauce from Sherry that makes this dish a restaurant-quality food. 
  • Sticky chicken wings: Use soy sauce, Sherry, and ginger to make a sauce for cooking salty and sweet wings. 
  • Tend short ribs: You can make a savory liquid of Sherry to braise short ribs. 
  • Mushroom ravioli with the side dishes of peas sautéed in Sherry is no doubt the best dish ever. 
  • Moreover, there are stuffed pork chops with special Sherry sauce, Sherry vinegar roast chicken with grain salad, baked potatoes, etc. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Old Sherry Make You Sick?

Sometimes, you want to try the flavor of old wine, but can old Sherry make you sick? The answer is no, as it might give you an unpleasant feeling. After around seven days, the old drink starts to lose flavor and taste flat.

What Does Cream Sherry Taste Like?

Hearing about cream Sherry several times but have you ever wondered: What does cream Sherry taste like? This version is made from Oloroso or Amontillado, which is a completely sweet Sherry with a velvety smooth texture and a mahogany color.

Can You Freeze Sherry?

As mentioned above, it is possible to freeze Sherry. A proper temperature for this process is at least 15°F (or -9°C) or lower because this wine often includes from 15 to 20 percent of alcohol. As such, you must set the freezer to this recommended heat. 


Now that you have found the answer to the question: “How long does sherry last?”. Overall, it is up to the version of Sherry, where and how you choose to store it! The best methods to prolong the lifespan of Sherry are fridge and freezing methods.

It’s time to store your Sherry properly and make use of it in cooking many mouth-watering dishes. Good luck!

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