How Long Does Soup Last In The Fridge? Kitchen Guidance For New Cooks

Soup is easy to cook and store. To add-in, it is tasty, healthful, and cheap so that soup is widely preferred in daily cooking or even on special occasions.

However, one of the biggest questions in cooking soup is “How long can you keep soup in the fridge?”. Sometimes, soup can last for just a day, or a maximum of 3 – 4 days, despite being stored in the fridge

So, how long does soup last in the fridge? Depend on storage condition and dish ingredients; the storage duration will be different. Still, generally, the properly packed soup can be good for 3 ~ 4 days in the cooling area and max 6 months in a freezer that is still keeping texture and flavor.

How Long Does Soup Last In The Fridge?

How Long Does Soup Last In The Fridge


Well, the soup’s longevity strongly depends on the storing temperature. Like other food, the soup can last longer if stored at a lower temperature, especially when frozen. However, what is the specific heat range that will start extending the soup’s expiry date?

Typically, the built-in, standard heat range of a fridge is 35 – 40 Fahrenheit degrees (1,7 to 4 Celsius degrees). Within this temperature, the soup can last for 3 to 4 days.

However, suppose that you need to store refrigerated soup for a longer period; what should you do? We advise you to freeze the soup then. In fact, freezing is the best method that you can do to any food to lengthen its longevity.

You may wonder “How long can soup be frozen?”, then the answer is: from 6 months to years if stored properly. After being frozen, the food can last for an incredibly long time. For instance, from 1 or 2 days lasting in the fridge, the raw chicken can be fresh after six months of being frozen. Such a dramatic change, right?

Therefore, it would be better to freeze the soup for longer storage. Just pour soup into containers, wrap them with plastic covers to ensure airtightly, then put them into the freezer. 

With this method, the soup can remain the best quality after 4 to 6 months. However, the soup is still edible after this expiry date; the only problem is that it will gradually taste less delicious over time. Please note that you must always keep the freezer at 0 Fahrenheit degrees.

Finally, after defrosting the soup, how long can soup last? Well, if you defrost the soup but still keep it in the refrigerator, then it can last for 3 to 4 days. When kept at room temperature, the food will turn spoiled after only 2 hours.


Besides temperature range, the ingredients making the soup also affect its expiry date. It is a reasonable fact as each food will have a specific composition that influences the soup’s general taste. So, it is impossible for us to confirm “How long can soup stay in the fridge?” for you concisely.

As mentioned above, soup kept in the fridge with a standard, built-in heat range can last for 3 to 4 days. This figure applies to vegetables, chicken, pork, and beef refrigerated soups. Soups with sour, acidic seasoning can last for the same range, either.

For cream-based ones, the longevity is a bit shorter – about 1 to 2 days. The cream, made from milk and eggs, contains a high level of active microorganisms. Given that fact, cream-based food can be easily spoiled than others for the multiplication of microbes.

For those who love eating seafood soup, we have to inform you that this dish is even more “difficult” to deal with. The seafood soup usually lasts for just one day in the standard heat range of the refrigerator.


How To Store Soup For A Longer Period?

As it was stated in the “How long does soup stay good?” above, if you want to store soup for a longer period, freeze it. The procedure is simple: put the soup in a container, cover it with plastic wrap or lid, then put it in a freezer or the freeze box in your refrigerator.

There are two points to be aware of: the soup, when frozen, must be airtight and kept at 0 Fahrenheit degree. 

Can I Eat Soup Stored In The Fridge For A Week? 

It depends on the temperature range of the fridge, though. If you set the temperature at the standard range: 35 – 40 Fahrenheit degrees (1,7 to 4 Celsius degrees), then you cannot eat after a week as the soup is spoiled already. 

So, drop the heat to a lower range, or better freeze it, to keep the soup edible after a week. Even though each soup type has slightly different longevity, the longest-lasting time available when kept in the fridge is four days.

How To Know If The Soup Is Inedible?

There are three main features you need to check to ensure that it is still edible before eating the soup: its odor, flavor, and appearance.

First, it’s a must to visually inspect the soup. Here are some signs of spoilage: appearing mold, changing color, dense fat coagulating. Even if the soup is fatty, there should be no “cloudy effects” on the surface. If you see any signs mentioned above, please discard the soup.

The second sign is to smell the soup carefully. Typically, soup offers a pleasant aroma that provokes the hungry “stomachs.” Hence, if you find that the soup gives out a weird and unpleasant odor, then that soup will likely be spoiled.

Finally, you can find the signs of spoilage through the taste. Most of the time, if the food is spoiled, it will taste abnormally acidic or bitter. Sometimes, the soup may not be sour, but it loses the original flavor, and you can realize such a case through a few tastes.

However, we don’t advise you to taste the food but rather visually inspecting or smelling. Even if you only taste a little amount of soup, that food is still the spoiled one, and you can get stomach ache or diarrhea later.

Final Thoughts

We have discussed how long does soup last in the fridge and how long does frozen soup last if you choose to freeze it. The article also provides some tips on soup storing more effectively. 

However, the time mentioned above is just for reference. The expiry date of a soup can be extended or shortened based on many external factors.

Hope this guide provides you helpful information on food storage in the fridge. Enjoy your meal!

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