An Ultimate Answer: How Long Is Flan Good For?

No matter where you are on Earth, flan is always readily available for you to enjoy. Its softness and wonderful taste are why it is on the top list of almost every dessert menu.

Despite taking this amazing cake for a long time, have you ever wondered, “How long is flan good for?” If you still have trouble with this question, here is your answer!

What Is Flan?

How Long Is Flan Good For

Before getting into the main topic of this post, you should thoroughly know what flan is first. People have different conceptions about the definition of a flan. Therefore, we will build the definition of flan from its ingredients and the processing stage to get the precise answer.

First of all, we can clearly see that flan is a baked custard with its top covered in caramel and a fluid caramelized sugar bottom layer. All the ingredients needed to form a flan dish are eggs, milk or cream, vanilla, and gelatin. Besides, some flavorings are added to bring diverse tastes and aromas to the flan.

How Long Is Flan Good For?

How long does flan last? It depends on where you store it. Under room-temperature conditions, it is good for as long as 48 hours. Whereas keeping it in the refrigerator can keep it fresh for up to 3 days!

The period starts when you finish making the dish. Can you freeze flan? Yes, of course. You can refrigerate flan to keep it well-served for up to 3 days. When putting the flan into the fridge, don’t forget to contain it in the plastic wraps, aka ramekins.

Store bought flan can last about seven to ten days after you have opened the package as it contains preservatives. So, it’s best not to open it unless you’re about to consume it immediately.

Honestly, “Right after it is baked!” is the perfect answer for “When is flan eaten?” Yet, for several reasons, you may want to expand the Leche flan shelf life for later use. Keep in mind that you can only enjoy this dish within the time limit we suggest above.

How To Tell If Flan Is Bad?

Smelling is a noteworthy method to spot “Is flan good to enjoy or not?” Because flan is a custard-like cake, it will become sour when it is expired. Consequently, it will release an unpleasant odor that immediately irritates anyone inhaling it. At the same time, you can easily notice that the flan’s liquidity is thicker, and the top foam no longer sticks to the other parts.

Furthermore, you may detect the flan’s spoil by examining its formation. An unusable one will have the custard layer more watery than its original form.

To put it simply, you will see these possible groups of signs if your flan has deteriorated. The first group consists of these marks: unpleasant smell, thicker liquidity, and separate top foam. Or else, just the over-watery custard layer may be enough to claim a bad flan.

Cream Cheese Flan Cake Recipe

Cream Cheese Flan Cake Recipe
Cream Cheese Flan Cake

Among flan variations, flan made with cream cheese is one of the top-notch versions. If you’re about to make 18 servings of flan, we would like to give you this cream cheese flan cake recipe.

What We’ll Need?

You need to prepare these ingredients and accessories below:

  • 400gr of condensed milk
  • 8 eggs
  • 230gr of softened cream cheese
  • 150g sugar
  • 340gr of evaporated milk
  • Pans
  • An electric mixer
  • Bowls (must be at least a large one)
  • Foil
  • An Oven-safe dish
  • A blender
  • Laneras


Now, follow these steps to process your own cream cheese flan dish.

  1. Melting the sugar by pan-heating it slowly under medium temperature. You need to stir the pan consistently on the heating source.
  2. When the sugar turns golden, you now have a caramel layer. Next, it’s time to pour the recently made caramel into another unheated round pan. Make sure that you fully cover the pan’s surface with caramel by swirling the pan.
  3. Add the cream cheese into a bowl. Then, utilize an electric mixer to beat the cream cheese slowly.
  4. Don’t simultaneously add all the eggs. Instead, apply eggs one by one, and don’t forget to beat the eggs well.
  5. Evenly stir condensed milk and evaporated milk together. After the foam subsides, the liquid mixture is ready to be used.
  6. Put all the processed ingredients, except for the caramel, into a blender and combine them.
  7. Once the mixture is complete, properly transfer it into the laneras
  8. You need to use foil to cover each laneras. Then, place them onto the oven-safe dish. For the water bath stage, you have to apply water to the dish.
  9. 50 or 60-minute of baking under 190 Celsius degrees is enough to form your flan. You can check whether the cake is well-baked or not by piercing a toothpick through it.

Don’t worry in case of an overcooked flan,  you can still enjoy it.

  1.  Take the flan out of the oven and wait for it to cool down, or you can put the cake into a fridge. How long does flan take to set in the fridge? About 8 hours.


Will Expired Flan Make You Get Sick?

Milk and eggs are the indispensable ingredients of a flan. Besides, they are the leading sources of bacteria when the flan gets expired. Of course, bacteria or mold from a deteriorated flan will cause health problems. The seriousness will vary according to your physical status and how long the flan is expired.

Is flan bad for you when it is expired? Yes, it definitely is.

Can You Freeze Flan? How?

If you ever wondered, “Can I freeze flan?” YES. You can freeze flan. But does flan need to be refrigerated? Well, it doesn’t. Just in case you want to store it for longer use. Once it is frozen, you can still use it even after three months!

Here is how you can do it:

  1. Set the fridge’s temperature to 0-Celsius degrees. You need to wait for about 2 hours until the temperature reaches 0.
  2. Check the recently baked flan with the toothpick method we have shown above. If it is well cooked, leave it under the temperature room for natural cooling down.
  3. Once you notice that the flan is completely cool, you should divide it into several slices using a knife.
  4. Use freezer paper to wrap the flan slices. Moreover, apply an additional layer of plastic wrap outside.
  5. Put the wrapped flan slices into the freezer bag and air-seal it.
  6. Put the air-seal bag in the fridge.

Final Thoughts

We bet that you now know, “How long is flan good for?” Though you can still eat it after storing it in the fridge, we recommend consuming it before the recommended time for the best taste and aroma.

Also, do not risk your health by eating expired ones! Better safe than sorry!

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