How Long To Simmer Chili? Secrets To Make The Best Chili

What goes good in chili when you simmer it?

Simmered chili! It is such a fantastic thing in the kitchen. The dish brings a rich and complex flavor that combines perfectly with sweet, hot, and bitter elements.  But the question is “How long to simmer chili?” for the best flavor harmony.

Briefly, chili cook time ideally ranges from 15 to 20 minutes. Still, can you overcook chili? Yes, it is not a big deal to overcook it.

The longer you simmer the chili, the more consistent it will be. Hence, your desired food consistency somehow decides how long to cook chili. Are you tempted to know how to simmer chili and numerous chili tips with us? Let’s get the ball rolling!

How Long To Simmer Chili?

As mentioned above, it often takes 15 -20 minutes on average. Plus, this process requires you to stir the mixture evenly. Plus, it is ideal to pay extra time for simmering when making recipes for turkey chili, chili with beef and sausage, to name a few.

On the cold winter days, how welcoming it is to have a hot bowl of simmered chili! The mouthwatering aroma of the dish will surely make anyone near you feel hungry.

Should you simmer chili covered or uncovered? It does not matter whether you cook chili with lid on or off.

Still, we highly suggest keeping the pot uncovered and cooking for 20 -30 minutes. This tip helps to thicken up the liquid to get the desired texture, like thickened hummus.

How To Simmer Chili On A Stovetop?

How To Simmer Chili On A Stovetop

Cooking chili in a Dutch oven on the stovetop, even brown chili vs red chili, can bring some benefits.

Initially, it helps maintain the chili taste and pulls the mouthwatering flavor out from the added ingredients. The simmering process makes the chili beans more tender. The nutrition also stays the same. Now, it’s time to know how to cook chili on the stove.


  • Ingredients: Chili and other ingredients that you love to simmer with chili such as beans, beef, …
  • A Dutch oven
  • A stove

Regarding the ingredients for the simmered chili, it is controversial to decide if chili should not have beans.  Nevertheless, many modern chefs insist that the simmered chili is a creative dish with no rules.

You may ask us some questions like “is there celery in chili”, “can you put cilantro in chili”, “do you put corn in chili”, “can you put chickpeas in chili”, or “chili with ketchup”, “green onions in chili”, …

We would say “just keep being creative and cook an amazing dish!”

How To Do

To get started, how long to cook chili on stove?

You may cook the chili from scratch, seasoning packets, or pre-made products. Whatever it is, the simmering time counts when all ingredients in the pot need to be the same. Another important thing is to set the stove on a low temperature and stir the liquid often.

Step 1: Simmering

During the process, you must keep an eye on the pot. In case of overcooking, the tomatoes will turn into the sauce along with the burnt beans,obviously affecting both the dish’s taste and consistency.

It is better to let the chili gently simmer rather than boil. When the liquid starts boiling, it is time to drop down the stove heat.

Step 2: Finishing

When the simmering gets done, you remove the pot from the stove. Then, we suggest putting the simmered chili in a slow cooker for around 6 hours. The heat inside that cooker can prevent bacteria from growing and allow you to serve the simmered chili for more time.

But, if there is no cooker, is chili better the next day? It is advisable not to keep the chili at room temperature. Rather, you had better store it in the refrigerator for 2 hours.

Should You Cook Chili Too Long?

There is a question that “Can you cook chili too long?” Honestly, we would like to give a big YES for it. If you love an extremely consistent chili in the form of sauce, it does not matter at all.

We, personally, often simmer the chili within a few hours and then refrigerate the liquid quickly. On the next day, we keep simmering it for more hours. Undoubtedly, the taste becomes much better thanks to the second cooking.

For the question, how long should you cook chili?, it depends on the level of heat that you set. With low heat, the simmering should take 7 – 8 hours. Meanwhile, it takes 5 – 6 hours to simmer the chili in high heat.

For a slow cooker, the answer to the question “how long to let chili simmer?” may be different. It allows you to cook overnight (up to 8 hours) at a low temperature.

Are There Tips For Cooking Chili?

Below is a list of tips on what makes a good chili.

  • Making your signature chili spice blend with ingredients including garlic powder, ground cumin, …
  • Adding some sweetness for a balance in flavors.
  • Simmering the chili long enough.
  • Spicing it up with the mild spice for better taste.
  • Blooming the spices by adding them when meat turns brown and onions get softened.
  • Using your secret ingredients like adding cinnamon, lemon extract, …
  • Finishing with the right level of thickness.
  • Draining beans.
  • Browning meat.
  • Garnishing the chili with green onions, avocado, … for serving.


It is all about how long to simmer chili. The cooking time mainly depends on your desired result. A longer time of simmering on a low heat can help all ingredients become perfectly tender and absorb the seasoning well. Instead, the quick simmering process brings the highly consistent liquid in a short time.

And you, how long do you cook chili? We are so eager to hear from you. So, why don’t we share our cooking experience together?

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