How To Clean Blanco Sink With 7 Easy Steps And Maintain It

Are you tired of looking at your dirty sink and don’t know where to start? Wondering if there’s a quick and easy way to clean it?

We all know that we can’t go a day without doing dishes, but what about the Blanco sink? It’s not always easy to get that white porcelain sparkly and clean with just soap and water! Here are some tried-and-true tips on how to clean Blanco sinks.

How To Clean Blanco Sink

How To Clean Blanco Sink
Cleaning Blanco Sink

Here are the Blanco sink cleaning instructions that you can follow. You should do these steps in the right order to achieve the best result!

Step-By-Step Guide

Step 1: Prepare Tools And Products

Before Blanco sink cleaning, you will need a few products and tools. These include Blanco sink cleaner, abrasive cleaner, mild dish soap or detergent, scouring pad, and a soft cloth or small soft towel. If you spot some really hard stains on the sink, you might also need some bleach solution (50% water 50% bleach.)

Step 2: Test New Cleaner First

If you just bought a new Blanco granite sink cleaner and are unsure if it is good for your sink, test it on a small area of the sink to see if the cleaner does any damage to the sink’s surface.

Step 3: Clean With Water (Daily)

First, you need to wash away all the remaining food before you learn how to clean Blanco sinks with a stronger cleaner like bleach or sink cleaner. With water, you can get rid of tiny food leftovers and another easy grease to make the next steps easier.

Step 4: Clean All the Stains

Now, you will need to eliminate the remaining stains. After testing Blanco sink cleaning products and picking the best one for your sink, apply some of it on all the stains. Use the scouring pad and rub the stains following the same directions as the polish lines.

Step 5: Clean the Drain

To complete your Blanco sinks cleaning process, you should not forget the drain. In this step, you will use the bleach solution prepared earlier (50% water 50% bleach).

First, you need to close the drain to prevent the bleach solution from flowing away immediately. After that, pour the solution into the sink and leave it there for around one hour.

Next, open the drain so the solution can flow away, and you can use the scouring pad to clean the sink with running water. If there are still some dark stains like coffee or tea stains, use hot water to get rid of them.

Step 6: Give The Shiny Look Back To Your Sink

Cleaning Blanco sinks cannot be perfect if the sinks do not look shiny. If your sink has any color but black or darker colors, you can choose Blanco’s product named Blancoclean for this step.

If your sink has a dark color, you can use mineral oil – a Blanco black sink cleaner that ranks among the best and most effective ones.

Step 7: Dry the Sink

Use the cloth you’ve prepared, dry your sink to finish up our cleaning process. Even when you do not use any cleaner, it is also important to dry off your sink after every wash.

How To Remove Stubborn Limescale?

If you see stubborn limescale on your sink or drain, you can use acid-based ingredients like vinegar, lime, or lemon to get rid of it. In case you use aggressive cleaners, you should be careful because they might cause Blanco sink discoloration.

More Tips For Cleaning Blanco Sinks

Now that you know how to clean a Blanco silgranit sink with the right cleaning products and process, there are still some useful tips to keep in mind:

Tip #1: Use Baking Soda To Get Rid Of Marks

Dropping metal utensils on a Blanco sink won’t leave it with scratches. When you drop a spoon on the sink, for example, and see some marks, you can apply some baking soda paste on it to get rid of the mark.

Tip #2: Say No To Steel Wool

Steel wools can remove stains much faster than software scouring pads, but they can cause damage to your sink. Thus, it’s not an ideal solution for your sinks.

How To Maintain And Care For Blanco Sink

How To Maintain And Care For Blanco Sink
Maintain And Care For Blanco Sink

After learning how to clean a Blanco sink, you should also pay attention to silgranit sink care to ensure your sink is clean and protected in the long term. Here are a few things you can do to maintain it!

Clean Your Sink Everyday

Even though you do not need to deep clean your sink every day with a cleaner, it is still crucial to clean your sink every day or every time you use it. Normally, cleaning with a little bit of water and mild dishwashing soap is enough. After cleaning, you should dry the sink right away.

Do Not Leave Food Leftover Or Dark-Colored Liquid On The Sink

To care of Blanco sinks in the long run, do not leave food leftovers and dark-colored liquid like coffee on your sink for too long. Stubborn stains will form if you do so, and it will be more annoying to wash later on.


Are Silgranite And Granite The Same Material?

Yes, they are the same material.

Is Blanco Silgranit Stainless?

Blanco sink is stainless, but you should research how to clean silgranit sink with silgranit-friendly cleaners.

What Cleaners Should I Avoid Using On My Blanco Sink?

For tools, you should avoid steel wools or strong and hard metal pads. For cleaners, say no to straight bleach or ammonia.

Can I Pour Paint In My Blanco Sink? 

No. After a maximum of 24 hours, the paint stains will be permanently unremovable.


Blanco sinks can look shiny and beautiful when they are perfectly clean. Yet, after using them for a while, we might see stubborn stains or grease if we do not clean them properly.

Some types of stains are not so easy to clean with just water or mild dish soap.With the proven tips we have provided on this blog, we are confident you already understand how to clean Blanco sink and care for it.

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