How To Clean Peanut Butter Jar? 3 Best Methods To Follow

Have you ever wondered what you could do with the empty peanut butter jars? Whether you have a plastic peanut butter jar or glass peanut butter jars that are used up, you can always make them clean and reuse them for many interesting purposes.

In this blog, we will guide you on how to clean peanut butter jar correctly and give you some suggestions for recycling them!  Scroll down!

How to Clean Peanut Butter Jar? 

How To Clean Peanut Butter Jar
How To Clean Peanut Butter Jar

You need to know some crucial scientific facts before conducting any methods to clean peanut butter jar.

The first thing is that all kinds of butter are mainly made of oil, and oil with its feature of solidity will become more rigid when the temperature cools down. So, there is no way to use cold water as a solution for how to get all the peanut butter out of the jar.

To find out some ultimate methods on how to clean peanut butter jars, scroll down for more detailed information!

 With Hot Water and Dish Detergent

To remove peanut butter in glass jars, one of the most economical and wisest techniques is filling the jars with hot water and dish detergent. This method is also effective in cleaning oil pans.

For how to open a peanut butter jar, use a warm towel wrapping around the jar’s lid and wait for a couple of minutes. The heat transfer from the warm towel to the lid will make butter on the lid’s grip melt, making opening the tight jar lid easier.

After opening the container, fill it with hot water and some drops of the dishwashing liquid, screw the top back on, shake it for a few minutes, and pull the mixture all out.

You can repeat these steps till your jar is completely stainless. Hot water will help to melt the fat in butter while dish detergent breaks its lipid structure.

With Vinegar

Instead of using chemical washing liquid, vinegar is one of the best substitutes for dish detergent. The reason for vinegar’s ability to remove grease is the acetic acid it contains. This chemical in white distilled vinegar can strongly dissolve the lipid acids in butter.

To cleanse a peanut butter container effectively, add ⅓ cup of vinegar into it and fill ½ jar with hot water. Please keep it for about 5 minutes, then open it. You will see all the fatty butter floating on the surface of the vinegar and hot water mixture. Pull the blend out, wash the jar with water, let it dry, and you have an empty jar as a new one! 

Use Up Peanut Butter To Make An Oatmeal

The last method for how to clean peanut butter jar for recycling is to consume all the remaining peanut butter to make oatmeal. This way helps you reduce waste and have a nutritious snack.

You can pour oats, milk, and honey into the jar of leftover peanut butter to have a simple dish with an appropriate quantity according to your interest. Otherwise, go over some recipes using peanut butter for a perfect snack.

Additional Tips For Cleaning Peanut Butter Jar

Tips For Cleaning Peanut Butter Jar
Tips For Cleaning Peanut Butter Jar

As mentioned, the key element for how to get peanut butter out of jars is the special chemical characteristic of the grease in peanut butter.

You need to remember that the hot temperature can liquefy the fat. Once the lipid structure in fatty butter is broken, butter won’t stick to the container’s sides, and peanut pieces will float on the water’s surface.

Another note to remember is that when you pour hot water into the jars, don’t get the water so hot that it can burn out your hand’s skin. Make sure that the water is just warm enough to liquefy the butter. It is measured that fat will melt in the water’s temperature from 40 to 50 degrees Celsius.

Why Should You Clean Peanut Butter Jar? 

There is one most common reason for this – Recycling!

Have you ever asked yourself, “Are peanut butter jars recyclable?” The answer is yes. After being cleaned, you can completely reuse the peanut butter jars for many purposes. So, for the first reason of making them clean, you can show your talent and creation by making crafts from them.

What’s more?

Cleaning a peanut butter jar by using it up to make your meal saves food and helps protect the environment. The items made of plastic or glass as jars would take a considerable amount of time to decompose themselves in the natural world. So, it would be more friendly to the ecosystem when you wash the dirty plastic or glass containers and consume them as new ones.

What Can You Do With A Cleaned Peanut Butter Jar?

Don’t let the thought of how to recycle peanut butter jars bother you! Besides new peanut containers, you can create many peanut butter jar crafts from well-cleaned jars with a few simple available tools, housewares, or stationery items.

If you are a nature lover, making a small terrarium for your plants is not a bad idea at all. You need to put some soil onto the jar and set your little plants on. It is up to you to have some decoration patterns around the terrarium or keep the container’s transparency to look through your mini flora.

One note for you before you start making your first product. If you want your handmade stuff to look more artistic and aesthetic, you should begin with the act of removing the label on the container.

The terrarium is one of many projects that you can conduct from a cleaned peanut butter jar. You can also make a piggy bank, a craft supply storage jar, or any wonderful ideas coming up in your mind.

Final word 

So, how to clean peanut butter jar? – There are three main ways to do it: Hot water & dish detergent, vinegar, and using up the leftover peanut butter.

These ways in this post demonstrated the effectiveness. You can check them by yourself and don’t forget to leave us a comment about your result!

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