How To Clean Silpat – A Step By Step Guide

Baking is never the same without a silicone baking mat. I have been using Silpat baking mats since I first learned how to cook, and it helps a lot with making cookies, cakes, candied nuts, or cooking chicken, vegetables, and fish.

However, as with all kitchen utensils, the Silpat cleaning process needs a little extra effort to maintain quality.

So, how to clean a Silpat baking mat?Let me share with you my ultimate guide on how to clean Silpat mats at home!

What Is A Silpat? And Why Your Silicone Baking Mats Get Dirty?

Silpat cleaning instructions

If you’re a beginner at baking, you might not be familiar with Silpat. Silpat is a France company that is known for its innovative invention: the non-stick baking mat. Having first been introduced in the 1960s, Silpat was invented to avoid creating a mess while baking.

It is claimed that Silpat helps control heat consistency, resulting in even baking patches.

With two main components, fiberglass mesh, and silicone, this baking mat can endure a temperature range from 40 degrees Fahrenheit to 480 degrees Fahrenheit. Besides, Silpat is also super durable as you can use it up to 3000 times.

Right now, Silpat currently has four different types of baking mats for various purposes such as original baking mat, specialist mat with cookie shape outlines, round mat specialized for baking bread, and large pastry mat.

Imagine how many cakes you can make with just one baking mat!

I always use the original perfect cooking mats for baking bread or fudges. I even use it for cooking a smoked turkey on Thanksgiving Day, and the food always tastes delicious.

However, as with all kitchen utensils, your baking mats can get dirty and oily over time, leading to polymerized fats that are too stubborn to remove. The reason why it becomes greasy over time lies in the silicone molecules.

When you put the baking mats in the oven for baking, these molecules will expand their size and absorb some of the fats like butter fats in butter cookies.

As you use it multiple times, these fat and residues would build up over time and appear on the baking mat surface alongside a stinky odor.

Therefore, if your mats start to have an ashy appearance with a greasy surface and awful odors, you need to clean the Silpat urgently. Fortunately, the Silpat cleaning process is not so complex at all.

How To Clean Silpat?

As we have known, dirty Silpat is unhygienic and needs to be cleaned right away. As someone who has experience with Silpat mats, I can say that cleaning Silpat is not complicated. But not all people know how to do it properly.

Before getting to work, you need to learn a game-changing tip:

Heat your Silpat mats before cleaning helps the silicone molecules increase their size and easily release the fat and white residue on silicone bakeware. You can pour boiling water and not just warm water onto the mats, and it is ready for a scrubbing section.

While doing so, don’t forget to wear your dishwashing or kitchen gloves to protect your skin from the hot temperature.

Here are some Silpat cleaning instructions you can use for cleaning the Silpat mat.

1. Using Baking soda

  • Step 1: Prep the baking mat with water
  • Step 2: Spread three tablespoons of baking soda onto the mat surface.
  • Step 3: Use a cleaning brush to rub the surface thoroughly. Then leave it for 10 minutes so it can absorb the baking soda.
  • Step 4: Soak the Silpat mat in warm water to wash away all of the baking soda.
  • Step 5: Air dry your Silpat mat.

2. Using Dishwasher

Many of my friends wonder: “Is Silpat dishwasher safe, and can Silpat go in the dishwasher?”

Let me explain to you quickly how a dishwasher functions. Here’s a fact:

A dishwasher uses the force of water to clean all the dishes. It will heat the water and spray the water with detergent on the dirty dishes and drain them. As Silpat is made of silicone, it is super flexible and durable under the dishwasher’s force.

However, you should only use this method when you have just finished baking as the dishwasher mainly uses water to wash away the dirty spots. If your mat is dirty and greasy for a while now, you might need to scrub it with a brush.

So, how to wash silicone baking mats in the dishwasher?

  • Step 1: Roll the mat and place it in the top rack of the dishwasher.
  • Step 2: Run the dishwasher

Step 3: Take it out and enjoy your clean non-stick baking mat.

Extremely Hot Water And Grease-Fighting Dish Soap

Another way you can use to clean your Silpat is by using grease-fighting dish soap. This is such a convenient way as you can clean the mats while washing your dishes as well.

I always use this method with a bar of strong grease-fighting dish soap. You can use the seventh generation free & clear one for high performance and eco-friendly solution or Mrs. Meyer’s dish soap for a great clean and scent for your mats.

  • Step 1: Heat to hot water and soak the mat with it.
  • Step 2: Add a few drops of dish soap on to the mat
  • Step 3: Use a sponge and start scrubbing it moderately.
  • Step 4: Hang it on the rack and let your mat dry.

Lemon Juice

Using detergent is effective yet harmful to your skin over time. Fortunately, you can wash your Silpat with a more natural solution: Lemon juice. Lemon juice is perhaps the best natural detergent you can have.

As lemon juice is high in citric acid, you can use it to wash clothes, dishes, and pots. For baking mats, here is what you need to do:

  • Step 1: Boil the water.
  • Step 2: Squeeze one lemon into the water.
  • Step 3: Soak the mat in for 10 minutes.
  • Step 4: Scrub the mat with a kitchen sponge.
  • Step 5: Air dry the mat.


Using the oven to clean Silpat is another easy and quick way. Instead of boiling the water, you can put the Silpat in a hot oven for a full hour. Then you can take it out and scrub it with dish soap and water.


Lye is a strong chemical for making soap, unclogging a drain, and curing food. However, as it is a strong cleaning chemical, I recommend that you only use it when your baking mats have extremely stubborn fat residue.

So how do you remove sticky residue from silicone?

  • Step 1: Add one tablespoon of lye water to 4 cups of hot water
  • Step 2: Soak the mat in the water for 10 minutes.
  • Step 3: Remove the mat and rinse it with warm water.
  • Step 4: Air dry your baking mats


Another chemical solution for heavily damaged mats is Alkaline. It is a water-based cleaner for removing greasy dirt. I tend to use a multipurpose Alkaline cleaner to clean dirty mats, and it works amazing.

  • Step 1: Spray the Alkaline on the baking mats
  • Step 2: Use a brush to scrub the mat moderately
  • Step 3: Wash away all the Alkaline with water
  • Step 4: Air dry the baking mat
  • Step 4: Air dry the baking mat


1. How Long Does Silpat Last?

Unlike parchment paper, Silpat baking mats are much durable for long-term usage. A Silpat mat can be used for up to 2 years if you use it properly.

2. How To Store Silicone Baking Mats?

The best way to store Silpat baking mats is by rolling them properly to protect their surface. My Silpat care solution is inserting a paper tube to keep it rolled up.

Then I keep them on a kitchen table. And voila! The baking mat is well reserved for the next baking patch.


Cooking is my favorite hobby, and Silpat has made it easier and quicker to create tasty recipes like fried chicken, fish, or sweet candied nut. As with all kitchen utensils, Silpat will get dirty if you don’t clean it regularly.

Therefore, learning how to clean Silpat can help you prolong the usage time for further baking recipes.

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