The Ultimate Guide on How to Cook Eye Of Round Roast in Convection Oven

Beef tenderloin is the most delicious and most expensive part of a cow due to its modest meat proportion. It can be cooked into many different dishes, but the roasted beef fillet dish is chosen by many chefs worldwide because of its amazing flavor.

So, if you want to create such a delicious dish, check out this Ultimate Guide on How to Cook Eye Of Round Roast in Convection Oven.

How to Choose a Perfect Eye Round Beef?

To have a delicious roast beef dish, first, you must pay attention to how to choose the ingredient.

When choosing a beef, the first step is to observe its color. Fresh beef will be dark red, shiny, attractive, and uniform in color. If the cut surface is shiny, the beef has probably been stored for more than one day.

You should choose to buy small, soft beef fibers, not big hard ones. During beef selection, it’s better to touch the meat. If it is fresh beef, the meat will not stick to your hands because there is a dry film on the fibers. 

Home cooks should choose beef from a reputable supermarket and check the date and origin of the meat before using it. 

How To Cook Eye Of Round Roast In Convection Oven

how to cook eye of round roast in convection oven

1. Preprocessing The Beef

preprocessing the beef

For the quality, soft and delicious dish, preparing is very important. It would be best to place the sharp knife perpendicular to the line along the grain and cut. The eye of the round roast should be about 8-12 mm thick.

Then, you need to rinse the beef fillet with warm water and salt. Note that this process should be done carefully to remove all blood clots or any remaining dirt and liquid. Rub the meat gently with bare hands to avoid damaging the texture of the eye round beef.

2. Season The Eye Round Beef

Season the eye round beef

Depending on the cooking method, each chef will have his way of marinating the beef. It would be best if you used a damp washcloth or paper towels to dry the meat before marinating it with dry ingredients.

You need to prepare onions, 2 garlic cloves, vegetable oil or peanut oil, sugar, and some other spices. Onions and garlic need to be washed and crushed.

For 500 grams of beef, you should use one teaspoon of olive oil, one teaspoon of lemon juice, black pepper, sugar, along onions and garlic. 

To flavor, the eye round, sprinkle a pinch of kosher salt and black pepper over it. Then, use your hand and rub gently over the surface of the meat a few time.

This is the testimony of restaurant chefs to keep the beef from drying out and make it taste great. Last but not least, put the fillet in a bowl and wrap it, then put it in the refrigerator for about 40 minutes before cooking.

If you want to add more flavor to your roast beef recipe, you can add a little wine. Red wine, bourbon, and martini are all good options due to the acrid taste that matches well with red fillets’ taste. Furthermore, they make the color more appealing and the overall dish more fragrant.

3. Cook The Beef

Cook the beef

To get the best eye round roast beef, you first need to fry it quickly. This step will cause all the fat in the beef to melt and seep into each fiber, not thickening on the surface.

All you need to do is place a cast iron saucepan on the stove, add a little olive oil, let it be very hot, then let the beef sauté for about 5-10 minutes. Note that it should not be left on the stove for too long to make the beef cooked.

Preheat the oven temp to 220 degrees C for about 10 minutes. Keep in mind to close the oven door to prevent heat from coming out. Meanwhile, you put the beef in the tray and then put the rosemary or thyme leaves on top to create the fragrance.

When the preheated oven reaches 240 ° C, place the prepared roast beef tray on a baking sheet, then turn the heat down immediately to 200 ° C.

So, how long do you cook a roast in a convection oven?

The cooking time will depend on the meat’s thickness and whether you like to eat beef cooked more or less. Usually, to ensure deliciousness and succulents, you should leave it in the oven for about 30 minutes on the oven rack for a rare eye round for roast beef. Otherwise, if you want the internal temperature to be medium-rare, let the hot oven cook for about 50 minutes per pound.

When the meat reaches your desired level of doneness, remove the roast beef from the oven, then cover with aluminum foil to rest for 15 minutes.

4. Serve The Eye Round Roast Beef.

Serve the eye round roast beef

Roast beef fillets are usually served with a bechamel sauce. This French-sourced sauce is beautiful and very fragrant.

Making bechamel sauce is not as difficult as you think. First, put the pot on the stove and add 25g of butter to melt it completely. Next, you add 25g of flour, adjust low heat, and beat by hand to make a white roux.

At this point, you slowly add 500ml of warm milk and beef broth to the pot. To add flavor to the dish, drop some fresh rosemary, laurel leaves, or mushroom into the pot, continue stirring and boil the mixture for 20-30 minutes. Finally, filter the sauce through the sieve to make the sauce smoother.

Now, all you have to do is put the roast beef onto a plate with sweet potatoes, Brussels, or green beans, sprinkle the sauce, and enjoy.

How to Preserve Leftover Eye Round Roast

You can store the leftover roast beef in the refrigerator and reheat it whenever you want to eat. It can be edible for a couple of days. However, this method should be limited because the taste and the protein of the beef will be ruined. Ideally, it would be best to leave it at room temperature for a maximum of about 1 to 2 hours.

If you do not use Béchamel sauce right after cooking, you can cover it with a wrap or rub a piece of butter over the sauce’s surface.


There you go, the full instructions on how to cook eye of round roast in convection oven. This is the best way to cook eye of round roast. Enjoying this medium-rare juicy roast beef with a glass of wine is a journey to discover the delicate and luxurious culinary flavors. Thank you for reading, and don’t forget to share this cookbook recipe with your friends and family.

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