How To Cook Quinoa In A Rice Cooker? Easy and Step-By-Step Guide

Quinoa is a highly nutritious food that has become very popular around the world.

However, cooking them on the stove may be a nuisance due to continuous supervision.

Learning how to cook quinoa in a rice cooker can help you get rid of the burden and create a miracle in a blink.

All about Quinoa

What Is Quinoa?

Quinoa (keen-wah) is a gluten-free seed well-known for its high rate of nutrition. The plant is native to the Andean region in South America.

For the few latest years, quinoa has been increasingly famous and appeared more and more as a side dish or main course in the meals of people around the world.

As for the nutrition value, the seed is extremely rich in protein, amino acids, and dietary fiber. Besides, the number of B vitamins and iron in the food item is considerable.

People start eating quinoa as a meal replacement because a bowl of the seed can substitute much food intake.

You will find the seed smaller than rice, bulgur, and barley. It comes in neutral colors and has a hard exterior.

In fact, quinoa is a relative of the spinach plant. You should consider the portion of the seed each time cooking because when cooked, these small things will expand significantly.

The well-done quinoa is tender and chewy. If you want to cook quinoa in a rice cooker, you should know how to estimate the amount of liquid, or you will make it too stiff or too soft.

What Does Quinoa Taste Like?

The seed is firm when uncooked, but after absorbing the liquid you cook it in, the dish will be light, chewy, and fluffy.

You may find the flavor of quinoa somehow like that of brown rice but a little softer.

The taste is not so incredible, and it is not the reason why we love quinoa. But it is justifiable since the nutrition value is quite high and hard to find in other food items.

You can combine it with some side orders to bring new tastes to the meal.

How To Cook Quinoa In Rice Cooker

how to cook quinoa in a rice cooker

Things To Keep In Mind Before Cooking

Before learning how to cook quinoa in a rice cooker, let’s get some information about the ideal ingredients and helpful tools.

It may seem not so necessary, but a quick look will give you more benefits than you could imagine.

The Quinoa

If your family eats a lot of quinoa, you should consider buying it in bulk. In the long term, you can save a significant amount of money by the buying method.

The Ancient Grains offer its product at the price of $7.99 for 12 ounces. It is reasonable, and the quality is significant.

I often use white quinoa, but it is just my preference. However, remember that if you rinse the seeds for too long, some nutrition may be lost.

The Liquid

Somebody may say that quinoa does not have any flavor. It is not wrong when they eat plain quinoa cooked in water.

To add some taste to the meal, you should use chicken broth to boost the flavor.

Veggie broth also works so that you can choose any of them for your convenience and preference.

The natural flavor from broths will boost your appetite. In other words, the liquid you use in cooking is the foundation of the overall taste.

Just like how you do it with rice, you should estimate the amount of liquid to make sure the dish is not too firm or too mushy.

 The ideal ratio, in my opinion, is 2 cups of liquid to 1 cup of raw quinoa. If you buy chicken broth in the supermarket, you should choose the 14.5-ounce cans.

 The amount works perfectly with 1 cup of dry quinoa, so you don’t have to preserve the leftover broth.

The Miraculous Kick

I mean coconut oil. The sweet, divine aroma of coconut will stimulate the overall quality of the dish.

You should wipe the cooking bowl inside the cooker with the liquid and start cooking as usual.

The trick prevents the seed from sticking on the surface and make it more moist and chewy.

The Rice Cooker

The options are variable when it comes to the tool. I recommend ones made in Japan, which are well-known for their outstanding quality and friendly prices.

To get more information before making the purchase, you may consider looking at the best Japanese rice cooker.

Now Time to Cook Quinoa

All right, now get to the main point, it is the time for us to learn how to make the tastiest quinoa in a simple rice cooker.

  • Prep time: 2 minutes
  • Cook time: 15 minutes
  • Total time: 17 minutes
  • Serves: 4

If you follow the steps, which are extremely simple, there is no way you can mess up the cuisine.

Just after some minutes and you will get a delicious protein-rich side dish. Besides, home cooking quinoa is ways better than ones bought in convenience stores.


  • 1 cup of dry quinoa
  • 2 cups/14.5 ounces of chicken broth (or vegetable broth/water)
  • two teaspoons of coconut oil
  • one pinch of salt (to your preference)
  • your rice cooker

Step-by-Step How To Make It

  • Rinse the quinoa in cold water using a mesh strainer for 15-20 seconds. If you have pre-rinsed quinoa, you can skip the step.
  • Drizzle the coconut oil on a paper towel and use it to wipe on the inside surface of the rice cooker bowl. It will keep your quinoa from sticking.
  • Put the quinoa and broth into the rice cooker
  • Set on cooking. If your cooker offers more options, choose the brown rice one.
  • When hearing the beeps, open the lid and let the seed cool down for 3 or 4 minutes. It is now ready for your meal.

Something that you should care:

If you want to store some quinoa leftover, put it in an airtight container. The dish is safe in the fridge for four days. You can reheat it using the tips for fried rice.

You can cook quinoa without a rice cooker, of course. Using the same ingredients, you put them in a pot over a vigorous flame.

When the liquid vaporizes enough, lower the heat and let it simmer. The cooking continues in the covered pot until you find the texture alright.

However, cooking on the stove means you have to hover over the pot during the time to make sure nothing goes wrong. 

Indeed, a rice cooker is a quicker, more convenient, and safer option.

How To Serve Rice Cooker Cooked Quinoa

You can combine the cooked quinoa with some chopped baby spinach or halved cherry tomatoes.

Those veggies boost the natural, sweet aroma of the seed and make you want to eat more. And, of course, they promote the visual effect.

Another way, you can drizzle some lemon juice and olive oil over the cooked quinoa.

It is an excellent culinary kick that persuades even the pickiest people I have ever seen. In fact, you can serve the dish with many kinds of veggies, up to your preference.


You must have grabbed how to cook quinoa in a rice cooker after reading the article. All you have to own is an excellent rice cooker, and many cuisines will be done in just a blink.

If you have any suggestions to boost the overall quality of cooked quinoa, please let us know right away. We are happy to hear from you and looking forward to your comments.

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