How To Crumble Sausage? The Best Way To Smash A Sausage!

Sausages come in many forms, and one easy-to-see sausage content is crumbled sausage. Rather than buying pre-made crumble sausages, you can do the task by yourself at home.

How to crumble sausage so that the flavor stays the same and makes your dish more exquisite? Everything you need to know about crumbling sausage will be in this article! Check it to find out!

How To Crumble Sausage?

how to crumble sausage

Step 1: Remove Sausage Meat From Casings

Every sausage has a component called casings on the outside. It is used to wrap the sausage in shape so that it can be executed and cooked properly.

Despite how plastic it may look, this casings layer is completely edible if you are wondering, “Can you eat sausage casing?”.

Sausage casings work to hold and shape the filling inside of the sausage. It is reasonable to remove the casings to access the sausage’s original flavor fully.

So, how to remove sausage casing? The most straightforward way to do so is by removing the casing before getting to cook the sausage. 

You can cut a small tip on the sausage tip with a knife and remove the layers easily. The cut should not be too deep to prevent the risk of cutting through the sausage.

Step 2: Freeze The Sausage Temporarily

One tip to make this stripping process easier is temporarily putting the sausage into the freezer 15 minutes before removing the casings.

All you have to do is put the sausage in the freezer before stripping the casings component.

If you worry that the sausage will be too hard to thaw once you take it out from the refrigerator, the result will be fine, the same as when you freeze seafood like salmon.

Since the freezing time is just temporary, the sausage will be in the perfect condition to crumble later.

Step 3: Cook And Crumble The Sausage

Before adding the sausage to the pan to cook it, crumbling the product manually is the first step. Once you put in the heat, as input the sausage in the oven for cooking, use a wooden spoon to make the sausage spread out evenly.

This work may seem to be too overwhelming initially, but according to famous Italian chefs, you will indeed get to control the crumble’s size efficiently and exactly. 

Moreover, you can additionally add in some white wine to retain the moisture inside sausages. This technique can do you wonders, especially for the dish that requires your crumbly sausage to be moist like Polish sausage.

If you want to break down the sausage for your meal, don’t hurry to cut them under the cooking sausages process. 

The thing to do here is to move the cooked sausage to a food processor and pulse a few times to make sure you get the most crumbles.

Step 4: Handle The Final Product.

Once you have your crumbled sausages done, it’s time to serve them well on the plate along with a side dish.

To remove the extra fat, place the final product on a paper tissue for 10 seconds, and take it out. And there you go, a meal with stunning homemade crumbled sausage!

In case when you don’t want to use the product instantly, you must notice a few things before storing them. One fact about sausage is that it can be ill quickly unless it is kept refrigerated or solidified despite whether it is crumbled or not.

Uncooked sausage can be put away in the fridge for 1 to 2 days, which means you can only store crumbled sausage at low temperature for less than 24 hours.

Hence, if you have crumbled your sausage ready, it is best to consume them in the meantime.

What Are The Crumbled Sausage Recipes?

There are a lot of dishes you can cook using crumbled Italian sausage recipes. Here a few highlight dishes of exquisite hot sausage recipes:

Smoking Turkey Italian Style Casserole

This dish is one of the best recipes with crumbled sausage to serve. With the smoking, Turkey/Italian flavor, and freshly crumbled grilled sausage, this dish is worth expecting if you have a luxury dinner.

Tortiglioni In Ragu Sauce

If you are tired of authentic pasta with meatball and ketchup, then a dish with Tortiglioni pasta and crumbled sausage will change your perspective about pasta. 

Along with Ragu sauce and mushroom’s heavy spices, ground sausage will be the star of this cuisine combination!

Italian Sausage Lasagna

You may have been familiar with ordinary lasagna, but have you ever considered fitting recipes with ground sausage into this dish? 

Well, once you have switched the ingredients from sausage pieces to crumbled sausage, the flavor change will drive you to real excitement.

Pizza Garlic Bread

If you want to spice up the garlic bread pizza, included in some sausage meat pizza is not a bad idea. The harmony between pizza sausage crumbles and those Italian foods will create a wonderful-tasting dish!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Is My Sausage Dry And Crumbly?

If you make the sausage by yourself, the condition when it crumbles is easy to see as it results from water or fat lacking during the making process.

As sausage mostly contains fat, meat, and water, all of these components play a huge role in deciding whether the sausage is qualified enough to be crumbled.

When cooked properly, these ingredients will get bonded together to create a bond, resulting in the sausage’s stiffness as you frequently see. This shape supports cutting and shaping afterward.

Having the proper balance is very important. In case of making sausage out of just wild game, you can add ¼ or 1/3 ~ 50 -70 percent of trim beef or pork to your meat game, yet bring the essential fat volume into the sausage mix.

Can You Cut Up Sausage Before Cooking?

The answer to this question is a confirmative yes. Cutting up the sausage before cooking helps extract the extra fat, retaining the freshness, and boosting the seasoning flavor.

Moreover, you can control the cooking temperature easily once you cut up the sausage before cooking. So yes, feel free to split the sausage out before you add flavor to it! 

How to brown sausage or how to fry sausage, these questions can be executed easily once you cut up the sausage before cooking.

The Final Words

pizza sausage crumbles

And that’s everything we can cover about how to crumble sausage. After reading this article, we hope you can master the art of crumbling sausage to finesse. 

Have fun cooking and smashing sausage, and we will catch up with you soon!

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