How To Cut Lettuce? – The Best Way To Handle Your Lettuce!

We often cook and eat lettuce as they are healthy green ingredients vital to our bodies’ health. However, some people might think that lettuce preparations are straightforward to handle and even neglect some beginning steps, including cutting them properly.

But did you know that cutting lettuce with no rules may affect the final dish’s quality, whereas cutting them nicely will ensure perfectly cooked greens in the end? If you don’t want your family to enjoy a bad lettuce salad, let’s learn the pro way on how to cut lettuce in today’s article! Join in to see how to slice lettuce for salad.

How To Cut Lettuce?


Before stepping into how to slice lettuce, you must know that there are two main kinds of lettuce that we frequently use: Iceberg lettuce and Romaine lettuce.

Iceberg or crisphead lettuce is a US pale green, round-cabbage-like lettuce that grows mostly in cool weather. They have a crunchy, freshly sweet flavor that you can frequently see in hamburgers or salads.

Meanwhile, Romaine lettuce is a long, vibrant green lettuce with a yellow-to-white core. Although being less common, Romaine lettuce can be used in versatile dishes to increase the green content while ensuring your recipe’s flavor.

Now, let’s see how to cut these two lettuces like a pro to make sure you don’t ruin the leaves by cutting them randomly to your preference:

For Iceberg lettuces

For Iceberg lettuces

Wedges cutting

Cutting wedges on Iceberg lettuce is recommended for making salads, soups, or garnishes. It is an easy and fast way to chop your lettuce into fine pieces for cooking and eating. Here are the steps to cut lettuce into wedges – they are easy, just like how to grate an onion!

Step 1: Remove the core.

At the bottom of an Iceberg lettuce, you will see a dark brown circle core with multiple branches. Since this core is inedible and dirty for burying in the ground, it requires cutting a head of lettuce as the first step of cutting lettuce.

Place the core opposite your direction and chop it with a knife in a horizontal direction to remove the core only. The cut should be about 1 inch to the cord so that you won’t accidentally remove too many leaves. Make sure to use a sharp knife to prevent multiple cuttings. That’s how to chop a head of lettuce.

Another way to remove the core is by smacking it to the countertop to break it from the inside. However, you should not use this method if your lettuce is too small. Too much pressure can break the lettuce into pieces.

Step 2: Discard outer leaves

As you may know, Iceberg lettuce contains many layers of leaves. Although all leaves are edible, you should discard several leaves on the outer layer as they are frequently damaged and unsanitized by handling. If you find these outer leaves have minimal flaws, tear the unwanted part and continue using the rest.

Step 3: Half-cut the head.

Hold the lettuce’s head in with your non-dominant hand and face the lettuce leaves to the opposite side to prevent you from cutting yourself. Use a sharp knife and cut the lettuce in half into two parts: the head and the leaves. Make sure to use a sharp knife to chop the lettuce easily in one cut. You don’t want to do multiple cuttings on this part as it will be messy, and you are likely to cut yourself. 

Step 4: Cut into wedges

After having two separate pieces, you should place the flat side down to the cutting board to start the next steps. Depending on how big you want your wedges to be, you can continue cutting the two pieces into 4 or 8 wedges repeating the same cutting method in step 3. If you want four pieces, cut them in half, and if you want 8, continue dividing the newly cut parts, and so on.

And that’s the best way to chop lettuce for salad. Simple and easy, right?


How to chop iceberg lettuce? You need to chop lettuce in dishes that require lightweight veggie garnishing or when you want to toss lettuce in toasted dishes. Chopped lettuces are a great option for beginners, including your kids, to slowly become acquainted with healthy green ingredients. Let’s see how to chop lettuce for salad in the following steps:

Step 1: Remove lettuce’s head and cut the lettuce into wedges.

Follow our steps in the wedges cutting method, and you can easily prepare the initial steps in chopping lettuces. Chop off the root’s head, then remove outer leaves if they have brown spots. Use the dominant hand to cut the lettuce in half while holding the head with the non-dominant hand, and you have two separate pieces of lettuce.

Step 2: Decide your lettuce strips’ size

Before chopping into long strips, you need to determine how big you want these strips to be. If you prefer long, big strips, you won’t have to separate these two cut pieces into four pieces.

On the other hand, if your dish requires finely chopped lettuces, you should take half two cut pieces one more time to have four pieces of lettuce in total.

Under any circumstance, should you not chop the lettuce directly without separating it into halves first. The round texture makes it difficult to chop, and it can surely hurt you if you don’t handle how to chop lettuce for chopped salad.

Step 3: Cutting lettuces into strips

Now that you have 2 or 4 pieces, all you have to do is place the flat side down and use a sharp knife to chop the lettuce into strips. The more strips you want to have, the smaller the thickness you allow your cutting to be. Remember to always watch for your finger as you chop down the head to prevent cutting yourself.

Step 4: Separate the strips

After you are done cutting lettuce for salad into strips, they may tangle to each other. It would help if you untangled them so the strips won’t stick to each other by tossing or throwing in the air and catching.

For Romaine lettuce

For Romaine lettuce

Cutting wedges

Romaine lettuce has a different shape from Iceberg lettuce, so its cutting method will change slightly. Let’s see the steps on cutting romaine lettuce into wedges:

Step 1: Cut the head in half

Locate the Romaine lettuce and cut its head half lengthwise to have two separate pieces of long-shaped lettuce. It would help if you did not separate the head and the leaves like what you did with Iceberg lettuce, as that texture will become useless after cutting. 

Step 2: Cut the core and cut into wedges

Turn the cut up and use a sharp knife to chop out the core by cutting a triangle in that position. After discarding the core, turn the leaves flat-side down and start cutting leaves into three or four long wedges depending on the leaf’s size.

Turn your wedges horizontally, and cut them into small bites from the leaves toward the core end. With our guides on how to cut lettuce for salad, you can enjoy delicious Romaine lettuce pieces!


For chopped romaine lettuce, you need to follow the same instruction on how to chop lettuce above until you have multiple wedges.

Turn the wedges into horizontal positions and chop the leaves depending on how thin you want the strips to be. It would be best if you chopped from the leaves to the head while ensuring that your fingers follow along to prevent self-cutting. And that’s how to chop romaine lettuce for salad.

Tips On How To Cut Lettuce


If you strictly follow our instructions above, you can easily know how to cut up iceberg lettuce or how to cut up romaine lettuce like a pro! However, if you are still not confident about your cutting strategy, follow these tips to ensure a great lettuce cutting result:

  • When picking lettuce in the market, you should choose fresh and vibrant green lettuce. These greens are crunchy, which allows you to cut them easily, and they remain in perfect shapes after cutting. If you choose lettuce that is too old, its texture can be rubbery, making it difficult to cut precisely. That’s the first step of achieving the best way to chop lettuce for chopped salad.
  • Always use a sharp knife to cut lettuce. Since lettuce is tough in texture and big inside, a simple fruit knife won’t handle the problem well. It would be best to have a big and sharp knife for each chop to be precise and neat on how to slice lettuce. Cutting lettuce with a blunt knife will waste your time and cause your lettuce to be a mess, especially if you are trying to chop the lettuce into strips.
  • If you have broccoli or broccoli substitute, you can practice cutting these small veggies first, as they have the same shape and texture as lettuce. Once you succeed in cutting these greens, cutting lettuce for lettuce wraps is as easy as pie.

How To Store Cut lettuce?

If you have leftover cut lettuce, can you store them for future use? The answer is yes if you follow our instructions below:

  • You need to know how long your cut lettuce lasts, similar to knowing how long does cabbage lasts when you store leftover cabbage. Under proper storage in the fridge, cut lettuce can stay fresh for an extra 7-10 days. If you intend to store them for a long time and use them in the future instead, frozen cut lettuce can retain its shape and flavor for three months.
  • In order to store cut lettuce, you need to place them in an airtight container and separate them from odor proteins like pork, fish, etc. Since cut lettuce is fragile, it needs storing in an individual place, especially when choosing long-term storage.
  • After the recommended days of storing cut lettuce, you can still enjoy them if you find no signs of spillage. These indicators include an odd smell, brown leaves, and sour taste.

The Final Word

And that’s all we guide you on how to cut lettuce. We may eat lettuce every day, but not everyone knows how to cut lettuce leaves for salad. After reading this article, we hope you become confident in your cutting lettuce skills while preparing food for you and your loved ones.

Thank you for reading this article, and enjoy the best way to shred lettuce!

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